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Let's discuss jobs!

I currently am a dishwasher at a cafeteria in a hospital. It’s a job, and it’s pretty good.
My main job is a Quality Advisor for Community Integrated Care, one of the biggest social care charities in the UK, having been supported by them for over 11 years, I help to ensure that the people supported by Community Integrated Care are getting the right care and support they need, helping to implement changes

I also work as a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation
i work as a customer service rep and my job is to essentially act as the benefits administrator for a handful of companies that i won't list because some of them may be all too familiar. without going into too much detail, it is absolutely ass and paints a stark, disturbing picture of how complicated the american healthcare system really is and people's struggles with understanding the intricacies of it.

for example, something as simple as choosing the wrong plan can very well backfire for the whole plan year and some, depending on their employer's policies, will likely be stuck with that plan due to not doing their own due diligence and research into whether or not their doctor would take that insurance, or whether they live within close range of a hospital that's in-network... you get the idea. people get upset due to either not being informed enough, or not being informed at all, and take it out on people like me.

not only this, my own company doesn't really give a shit about myself and my colleagues either way. good performance is treated with a pat on the back and not much more. raises are non-existent, and promotions are essentially not worth trying for due to the aforementioned treatment reasons.

anyway, this is far from an ideal job, but a way to get me to save enough money in the meantime while i pursue other options. my ideal job is within network/cybersecurity, but i'm a long way from getting there. in the meantime, at the very least i can pursue freelance writing opportunities since i don't think i'm a half-bad writer? although i'm rusty as hell so i suppose that takes off more than a few points...
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