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Lissis art and things like that!

It's a bit of a small detail, but I LOVE the way you colored her eyes, it gives off a really nice gradient effect and it's one of my favorite parts of the art, despite being such a small part of it. Really great job here!
Thanks! I genuinely wasn’t sure whether her eyes were blue or teal in my verse so I used both hehe… also could be something about the suicune Crystal world or whatever that I might explain later… thanks!
I like hunger games ocs cusse I feel like I can go a bit deeper into stuff than I would with Pokémon ocs.





also my neighbours seem to be playing music at 12:10 am and since we live in townhouses i can hear it

the sing reminds me of TBOSAS so excuse me while I continue to cry cause it did something to me /pos
Haven’t posted art in a bit but

@Itsjustmudkipz i saw your Eeveelution gijinkas and drew a couple of my own
Ah the hands-
one of the writing prompts was “your state/province as a Pokémon region” and i had to draw this

my first thought when i read the prompt was “flat”


I don’t love how it came out but the quote is them
idk if I’ve posted this yet cause it’s from a while ago but here i am. im probably like. Observing Coriolanus‘ notes while dr Gaul goes on this whole monologue to Coriolanus about “what are the hunger games for” and whatever. I bet the rest of the class was getting confused/bored
I Drew these at school today! I took some doodles I did in class and coloured them during lunch, where our art teacher lets us eat and draw :)
Slight hunger games spoilers
It’s meeeee as a mentor in the ballad of songbirds and snakes, the hunger games prequel
Some tribute designs for my hunger games Fic!
tw fir this one: knife if you can even tell what that is
Lucy graaaaay I love her so much
wanted to draw her a bit more book accurate, mixed with bits of her from the movie. I’m going to reread this very soon (like tomorrow) for a school project (I’m not complaining), so I decided to draw her!
@Itsjustmudkipz the nuzlocke….
cordelia and Jamarcus! I messed up jamarcus’ hair a bit but I love it-
Cordelia’s battling gardenia (which btw was the most annoying and unnecessarily dragged out battle ever) and Jamarcus is watching her off to the side with his popcorn
slight spoilers for the thing (the ballad of songbirds and snakes, mention of death in my slight ramble in the spoiler
my self insert cause Im still thinking about the movie (and book) hehe

when I started it i didn’t realize that she wouldve known sol is ok after the arena bombing cause the interviews are in between, but I decided to finish it anyways. In the book, hy (the other district five tribute) died right before the games so maybe they didn’t get told which district five tribute it was right away? And yes I know that sol is iphigenias tribute she’s not important

anyways yea gaussian blur is fun
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