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Lissis blog for music things

Kieran-Page-Ed Sheeran
Hey guys who wants to hear me talking forever on how page by ed Sheeran is such a Kieran song? (And hop too but Kieran fits it better)

actual lyrics in italics and my talking in normal text. I might skip some lines when I don’t have anything

[verse one] ok so this first verse fits hop actually so well…. But Kieran. *checks notes*
I'm a half-read story, I was fine on the shelf
Why did you take me down as if I needed your help?
No prior warning, no one to catch when I fell
Now that you're not around, I'm not doing so well

that last line is like they went back to blueberry and the player is still there/in paldea

Do I look like a monster underneath all my skin?
ogerpon ogerpon ogerpon
I wanna cut all this open 'til I'm feeling something
Now I'm chasing the cracks, so I can let the light in

Ogerpon lived in a cave??
I'm in love with the ghost of you
ok but Kieran definitely has(had) a crush on the player. And if you’re talking about my player my fave type is ghost so…

Better luck next year, there's nothin' left here
the trip is a yearly thing ig
Why am I constantly searching, feeling unsettled?
The feeling unsettled part is definitely him knowing We’re hiding something from him
Living in Hell, pretending it's Heaven
um yea that just works ig
Head spin, maybe I'm destined to be
Always lonely, alone, a loser, pathetic

kieran no you’re ok (he’s not ok and this line fits him well “WHYD U HIDE THIS ALL FROM MEE”
Maybe tomorrow all will be better

But I'm stuck on the page

remember when I said this song fits hop too. Remember how hop uses a book as a metaphor for himself. He’s stuck on the page of the book of his journey. Yes.
But I'm stuck on the page
for Kieran maybe the truth about ogerpon? I’m not really sure
But I'm stuck on the page

I'm a half-read story, better off in the fire

mudkipz gave me a vivid image of Kieran dumping the book containing ogerpons legend (there’s on in my au I guess) into the fireplace of his living room while carmine and the player sit on the couch
Now I feel like the fool, haunted by design
i thought this line was “haunted by desire” But yea this just fits in a way I can’t explain
For a moment of glory, I would risk all I am
you saw what he did. You saw. You can’t have played the dlc and say this doesn’t fit him.
I look at what we had and I don't understand

this is the chorus again
Do I look like a monster underneath all my skin?
I wanna cut all this open 'til I'm feeling something
Now I'm chasing the cracks 'til I can let the light in
I'm in love with the ghost of you
Better luck next year, there's nothin' left here
Why am I constantly searching, feeling unsettled?
Living in Hell pretending it's Heaven
Head spin, maybe I'm destined to be
Always lonely, alone, a loser, pathetic
Maybe tomorrow all will be better

But I'm stuck on the page
But I'm stuck on the page
But I'm stuck on the page
But I'm stuck on the page

Edit: song link Ed Sheeran - Page (Official Lyric Video)
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Anime Serena-Enchanted-Taylor swift pt. 1
Not gonna go into a whole explanation rn, but enchanted by Taylor swift is such an anime Serena song. Like actually. I can’t explain it properly but it just works. Like her crush on ash y’know? The like, places don’t fit the anime perfectly, but in a slightly diff version it could 100% work

“Here I go again tonight
Forcing laughter faking smiles”

Could be about Serena not wanting to be a ryhorn racer? Idk

“Please don’t be in love with someone else
Please don’t have somebody waiting on you”

Is just… yea

“Your eyes whisper “have we met”
Across the room your silhouette
Starts to make its way to me”

Yes. Just yes
Random Hilda bw-b2w2 lyrics
Random lyrics I associate with Hilda in between bw and b2w2 (oh and it’s my 2 000th post I think. Yay me!)

”all my friends have settled and grown,
and then theres me here dancing alone”
-stoned, ed sheeran

literally day I was born by ed Sheeran is such a Hilda song… AAAAH Ed Sheeran - The Day I Was Born (Official Lyric Video) there’s like, one swear word in it ig so thought I’d put that there. But yea. It fits so well….!!
”everyone I know is hidden away,
trying to make their bodies cleaner again
they dont want to celebrate
nobody cares this is the day I was born”

also also also plastic bag by…. guess who (ed Sheeran)
“Took a job for dad, I think just to please him
So when I quit, I just kept it secret
And I had friends, but no longer see them
And it's just me and, now, all my demons”

”Well, I would pray, but I don't believe it
Oh, woe is me, but I don't care either
Life is not the way that it seems, but
Maybe this will all be a dream”

Wonderland by Taylor swift bridge and Kalos
Ok so I was in the shower and this came to me

“You search the world for something else
To make you feel like what we had
And in the end, in Wonderland, we both went mad”

the first part is definitely diantha and malva. Like it’s not a ship in my verse but they were friends and did their journey together

then the last line, I think everyone. Malva and Lysandre and team flare went crazy searching for their “perfect beautiful“ world, which is what we could take that as

overall, wonderland is a very Kalos lissiverse (tahts what I’m calling it) song
Spring-ed Sheeran-Unova gang post bw2
Ok so guys this song is such a bw kids post bw2 song (especially the second half…)

Ok so the four of them move into an apartment thing together cause when your like 17/18 you’re practically an adult in Pokémon lol (knowing what 10 years olds do..)

So they’re less distant than they were before, but friendships like this don’t mend that quickly. They’re a lot more irritable with eachother. Anyways some lyrics I think fit well

“Homework and canceled holidays
The blame gets passed to save a face
The smell of last night's takeaway
Just tells me I'm a mess
Still watching shows they recommend
That don't get good until the end
I could be unwell, but then again
Maybe I'm just depressed”

“I'm holdin' out for spring
We can't let winter win
That's why I'm holdin' out for spring
Oh, what a state we're in”
The archer-Taylor swift-katniss Everdeen
Hunger games time! I found a bunch of connections between the hunger games and Taylor swifts song the archer, so here’s what I have

Tw: kinda talking a bit about people dying cause hunger games

And yea it got a bit… there’s a lot of hunger games/the archer connections

  • “I jump from the train, I ride off alone” there was a scene in one book where they were riding a train back from the capitol and Katniss gets angry and gets off. The train had stopped though
  • “Help me hold onto you” katniss doesn’t want them to die
  • “I've been the archer
    I've been the prey” this kinda just sums up katniss
  • “Who could ever leave me, darling?
    But who could stay?” Who could ever leave her? She’s the mockingjay! Then the second line is like in the third book when she starts realizing all her flaws and everything
  • “Dark side, I search for your dark side
    But what if I'm alright, right, right, right here?” Who can she trust, really? Who can anyone trust?

  • “The room is on fire, invisible smoke” she’s the girl on fire
  • “I wake in the night, I pace like a ghost” she starts getting really bad nightmares after the first games
  • “And all of my heroes die all alone” this one hits hard from katniss’ pov. Finnick. Rue. Prim. Thresh. Everyone else. Maybe not alone, but it still hits hard.
  • “All the king's horses, all the king's men
    Couldn't put me together again” katniss is not mentally ok. The capitol could make her pretty and “put together” again from the outside, but not on the inside.
  • “'Cause all of my enemies started out friends” em. Betrayal.

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