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List all your starter Pokemon in your games

RB: Squirtle, the best starter from Gen1
GS: Chicorita, I love her
RS: really don't know, I ditched the starter after the first gym. (Mudkip)
DP: Turtwig, freakin cute.
BW: Snivy/Oshawott.

If I had the choice, I would pick Squirtle in any game.
FireRed - Charmander
Ruby - Mudkip
Sapphire - Torchic
Diamond - Turtwig
Platinum - Chimchar
HG - Totodile
SS - Totodile
Black - Snivy
Gold- Typhlosion
Ruby- Blaziken
Emerald- Swampert
LeafGreen- Venasaur
Diamond- Torterra
Black- Will be Tepig
LeafGreen: Bulbasaur
Ruby: Treeko
Diamond: Turtwig
HeartGold: Cyndaquil

And finally...

Your Starters

in the pokemon handheld games you are given a choice of 3 starters all of which follow along the patturn of a grass, a fire and a water...
do you tend to pick the same type over the course of the games...
do you try to mix it up a bit...
do you make shure you get all of the types...
do get all of one type but only by chance...
do you just not care

i always tend to pick grass... i love grass types no matter how much GF neglects them (megainum probally being my favourite)

if you forgot heres a list



Re: Your Starters

Usually I just pick he same pokemon all the time. Usually water type. But sometimes I might mix it up and change it for once.
Re: Your Starters

I try all the starters at least once and then pick my favourite the fourth and final time..
My faves are:
unova-still to decide
edit:its snivy
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Re: Your Starters

I mostly use Fire types. I only played Gen IV and V so I only chose 2 starters overall.

Sinnoh - Chimchar (now Infernape)
Unova - Tepig
Re: Your Starters

My only Pokemon Games are Diamond, HeartGold, and White, but I chose Chimchar, Totodile, and Tepig respectivly.
Re: Your Starters

In Kanto games: Charmander,Squirtle
In Johto games: Cyndaqwil,Totodile
In Hoenn games: Treecko,Torchic
In Shin'ou games: Turtwig,Chimchar
In Isshu/Unova games: Snivy,Oshawott

In order of priority
Re: Your Starters

I try to use every starter pokémon but I mostly choose water or grass type starters. In Platinum I bred a Cyndaquil and in Soul Silver I bred a Chimchar both after I defeated the Elite Four and evolved them into Typhlosion and Infernape.
Re: Your Starters

Gen 1- i like all of them, i play through blue every so often and my team varies. Generally squirtle is my choice though

Gen II- ALWAYS cyndaquil, it just rocks :) I'd be tempted with totodile if you could get houndour a bit sooner in the game :/

Gen III- torchic, IMO the other starters just suck

Gen IV- Generally turtwig is my favourate

Gen V- too early to say, but i really enjoyed oshawott.
Re: Your Starters

I don't really like or use any starter. But I like to try out new Pokémon I haven't played before so I try to pick different each time. No specific type really...

Emerald on emulator; Torchic
Emerald game; Treecko
Platinum first run: Turtwig
Platinum second run: Chimchar
Black: Oshawott

Only pattern is that I seem to avoid the water types, except on Black. ;P Oshawott only became a HM-slave and I stopped to use him though.
Re: Your Starters

all ways has been always will be grass (turtwig u rock) but not in shiny
Re: Your Starters

This thread already exists, doesn't it?

but anyway:

(in order of possesion)
Gold: Totodile -Dile
FireRed: Charmander -BlackFire
Emerald: Mudkip -Swampland
Platinum: Piplup -Aquality
HeartGold: Totodile -Dile
White: Tsutaja/Snivy -SalsaVerde

Mainly ever go with water types, but i mixed it up by picking a fire and grass once :p
Re: Your Starters

FireRed: Squirtle, Male. Name: Skwirzz
Ruby: Mudkip, Female. Name: Aquatica
Diamond: Turtwig, Female. Name: Priscilla
Platinum: Chimchar, Male. Name: n/a
SoulSilver: Totodile, Male. Name: Typhoon
White: Snivy, Male. Name: Nefarian.
(Fire)Red/Yellow - Charmander and Pikachu.
Gold/SoulSilver- Cyndaquil.
Sapphire/Emerald - Torchic.
Pearl/Platinum - Piplup.
Black - Tepig.
Re: Your Starters

I use every starter at least once, because I buy every version. Then for the remakes I use my 2 favorites and get all 3 starters on 1 game.

The only starters I have yet to use are Snivy and Tepig (I have yet to buy Black and Grey isn't out yet) and Chimchar and Turtwig (Only just played Pearl version last month and I haven't bought Diamond and Platinum yet)

On the first version I by in each gen (Assuming I don't buy both main games at once) I use the Water starter first since water is my favorite type.
Red/Blue: Squirtle
Yellow: Pikachu
G/S/C: Cyndaquil
R/S: Torchic
FR/LG: Squirtle
Emerald: Torchic
D/P: Piplup
Platinum: Chimchar
HG/SS: Cyndaquil
White: Oshawott
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