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LT's Brainstorming Blog

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Epic Fantasy Pokeworld idea (mainly to celebrate The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but also draws on open world RPGs for inspiration)

In the massive fantastic Pokeworld known as the Brilliant Lands, stories are told of many glittering pearls that lay scattered across the land, waiting to be found. How the pearls reached the Brilliant Lands, and why they were gifted to this land, no one knows for sure, but all agree that the pearls are sacred, and many keep them under heavy guard, or accessible to a chosen few.

But one day, a bowmage named Ash unearthed a potentially valuable clue as to what the pearls were for--in the island land of Galaria, many suffered under a tyrannical king, culminating in the summoning of a primal dragon--and it took the light of the pearls to drive the dragon back. In the land of Kalusienne, the pearls were said to have prevented a mad wizard's plan to remake the world in his own image. In the neighboring land of Pestasol, the pearls sealed four gods of darkness, and on and on. No matter which land's lore he studied, Ash found that the pearls were always there to prevent some calamity or another--so just how many pearls were there to prevent so many calamities?

So he took it upon himself to find out, with the help of some close companions.

Little did Ash know, his epic journey would take him and his companions all across the Brilliant Lands, and that all the calamities were the workings of a fallen sage--so can they use the pearls to finally end the many calamities once and for all, and usher in a new age of light and peace to the Brilliant Lands?
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Group Old Meets New Zelda-like Idea (an idea combining ideas from Zeldas old and new into a group adventure)

Long ago, in the fantastic Pokeworld of Eireta, stories were told of a group of elemental gods who were said to have sang the world into existence. The gods journeyed across the land they created, teaching the mortals all manner of songs, both secular and sacred. Along the way, they left behind a great many treasures for a worthy hero to find. But of all the treasures they left behind, the very songs they used to sing the world into existence, held inside jewels, were the rarest of all. United, the eight jewels formed a brilliant diamond that held the most powerful songs of all--the songs of the rainbow.

As the years have passed, many have tried to find these Aria Jewels, but so far, all have failed. The gods knew well that mortals unworthy to sing these special songs would try to find the Aria Jewels, and so hid them in eight well guarded temples, known as the Great Temples. If anyone wanted to try and find the songs, they had to embark on a long quest that wound through the smallest of shrines, on up to the Great Temples. Only those that passed the many trials would be worthy to create the Brilliant Diamond of Melodies, and sing the Rainbow Songs.

Many years after the gods returned to heaven, a group of best friends--initially on a quest to document all the shrines in the land, end up embarking on the quest to create the Brilliant Diamond of Melodies when rumors begin to fly that a tyrannical king of a neighboring kingdom plots to unleash a primal dragon. So can the Phoenix Wing Clan complete the quest of the Brilliant Diamond, and prevent Eireta from being plunged into an age of eternal darkness?
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Fantastic Sky Explorers idea (inspired by Skies of Arcadia, Final Fantasy XII, and Pokemon Horizons)

In a Pokeworld in the sky named Cerulea, many different airships cross the clouds, exploring the various islands, and documenting Cerulea's history and its treasures--those that do this for a living are known as Windseekers.

Among the many bands of Windseekers that criss-cross the skies of Cerulea every day are the Phoenix Fire clan. Led by the brave young explorer Ash, the clan serves as Windseekers for hire, bringing sky pirates to justice, exploring uncharted islands and lost ruins, and documenting their treasures for the Lunarium, a museum that displays the treasures that Windseekers find, and keep them away from evil hands.

But for Ash, his duties as a Windseeker have another reason--he hopes to be the first to find the Celestial Jewels--valuable crystals that many say are the purest essence of an elemental. However, many in Cerulea believe they are only legend, or a children's bedtime story.

Little do Ash and his companions know, that the Celestial Jewels are very real--and sky pirates and other rogues would go to any lengths to find them. So can these brave Windseekers find what many believe to be legend, and bring them to the Lunarium before they fall into evil hands?
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How Magic in Cerulea Works (worldbuilding for the sky world in my previous post)

As Cerulea is a world made of many floating islands in the sky, magic is drawn from the planets and stars (Pluto is considered a planet in Cerulea).

Each planet plus the sun and moon has an elemental associated with it:

Gaia (nee Earth)--earth as both rocks and crystals and flowers and plants
Saturn--shadow (it is very rare for someone to be attuned to Saturn, but they typically are evil)
Uranus--spirit (no elemental)
Pluto--time (spells like Haste, Slow, Stop, and so on)
Sol (nee the sun)--light
Luna (nee the moon)--cosmic (since Saturn is the evil side of darkness, Luna is the good side of darkness)

The union of all the planets creates Celestia--the rainbow.

Each person that can use magic is said to be attuned to a planet--and may also be able to draw on planets with related powers (so someone attuned to Neptune like Misty can also draw on Mercury magic, for example).

While magic users are usually attuned to anywhere from one to three planets (depending on how many planets your primary planet is related to), with enough time and practice--or the strength of familial, faction, or friendship bonds--a magic user can tap into planets outside of their attunement. However, this will tire out a user at first, although a strong bond with someone that is attuned to the planet you are trying to tap into does help. Magic users can cast magic they are attuned to all they like without any ill effects.

While you can't die from using magic, it IS possible to exhaust yourself to the brink of death. Usually, this happens by trying to cast outside your attunements too often when you're not used to the target planet yet, or by using the Celestia spell Swanna Song as a last ditch desperation move. Bonds and training--as well as support spells--can minimize this risk.

Below are the group (and known allies)--and their known innate attunements:

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Reworked Theatrical Fantasy Idea (revisiting an old idea based on Suikoden 3's theater minigame, with a new Poke-Italy-esque world and accommodating Liko, Roy, and SV into such an idea)

In the fantastic Pokeworld of Veliari, the stage and theater are an important part of culture. Theater actors, crew, and playwrights are considered higher than royalty--and some plays have even changed the course of Veliarian history. Some legendary troupes have moved kings and queens to tears, averted costly wars, and so much more with tales of high adventure, hilarious comedies, and beautiful and sweet romances.

As many troupes criss-cross Veliari every day, what many do not know is that one of them, the Arcoba Company, is working to prevent the release of four god-Pokemon of ruin by a group of wizards known as the Black Star Order. If Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and Chi-Yu were ever released, Veliari would be devastated.

To the eight stars of the Arcoba Company, that makes their mission all the more urgent--find and defeat the eight High Black Stars of the Black Star Order before they can release the ruinous gods. Their status as a theater troupe allows them to freely move across the land, performing their plays and doing what they can to stop the Black Star Order before they can commence their plot.

With eight stars of light facing off against eight stars of darkness, the curtain goes up on the quest for Veliari's fate...
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New Zelda Cartoon Based on Ocarina of Time Idea (since 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of Ocarina of Time)

What stays from the game:

--Link still has to travel through time to defeat Ganondorf
--We still get to see dungeons, characters, items, songs, and locations from the game
--Link does NOT speak

What changes:

--We actually see how Link was brought to Kokiri Forest and befriended Saria
--We see a little of Ganondorf's backstory
--Navi is a WHOLE lot less annoying
--Link's quest to save the Deku Tree is not futile, so the Deku Tree doesn't die
--There are more medallions for Link to find, both as a kid and an adult--some of them all new for the show
--There are more songs for Link to learn and play--and some all new for the show
--There are more dungeons for Link to explore--some all new for the show
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 25th Anniversary Idea (with some inspiration from early prototypes of OoT that show that the medallions once had spellcasting ability, and Pokemon XY)

In the fantastic Pokeworld of Trecolore, legends are told of médailles--enchanted medallions said to grant magical powers to the worthy. But these médailles are more than just prizes to the victors in a competition--they grant magical powers to the worthy--and that's if you can brave the many dungeons the médailles are hidden in. Should you be lucky enough to find a médaille, it can grant you a variety of powers--with the médaille's name being a clue as to what powers it gives.

Our story concerns a pair of best friends--the bowmage Ash and the runeblade Serena--and their search for the possibility of Great Médailles--médailles that draw their elemental abilities from the primal forces of the world itself.

Their search only intensifies when they hear of the wizard Lysandre's plot to unleash the oblivion bird Yveltal--after befriending some like-minded allies on their adventure, the pair grows to a group of eight, all seeking the Great Médailles--and potentially awakening the Guardian of Creation Xerneas.

What wonders and terrors await Ash, Serena, and their friends on their journey? Can they find the Great Médailles, and awaken Xerneas before Trecolore goes black forever?
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Magic Knight Journey Idea (inspired by the real world Camino del Cid, SV's treasure hunt, and a sprinkling of Zelda)

In a fantastic Pokeworld far from the one we know, a legend is told of a magic knight who liberated what is today Levincia from what would be considered Kalos today. The Tale of the Diamond Knight is well known in this fantasy Paldea, so much so that once each year, each of the magic knight squads of Meseta choose someone to walk the Diamond Trail, and retrace the steps of the Diamond Knight's adventures.

Traditionally, a single knight was chosen from each squad, but in more recent times, a squad can choose a group of knights. A group of knights from different squads can also be chosen to walk the route, if a group of knights is particularly close with each other.

Once a knight or a group is chosen to make the journey, the chosen knight or group must travel to the start of the route at the town of Viviente within a week of the seeing off ceremony in Meseta.

While on the journey, a knight or group carries a caja de brillantitos, or box of little diamonds, to hold the small diamonds that they receive in each city, town, or village on the route. While in most places, this is just as simple as stopping by the closest inn, shrine, or visitor's office, some places on the route challenge the travelers' skills and abilities for a brillantito, in a mirror of the trials the Diamond Knight faced.

The travelers are traditionally supposed to walk to Leudal, but recently, Queen Sagita has allowed travel in caravans, if the knight or group wishes to do so.

Our story concerns a group of four best friends with a bond like a diamond, even though they are on different squads--Ash of the Red Phoenixes, Misty of the Blue Dragons, Brock of the Green Raikous, and Serena of the Golden Delphoxes. After being jointly nominated to go on the journey by their respective captains, the group are seen off to Vivente with great fanfare.

What wonders and terrors await our heroes on their journey? Can they reach Leudal as heroes themselves?
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Epic Fantasy Journey Idea (inspired by the real world Grand Italian Trail, and Dragon Quest 8)

In the fantastic Pokeworld of Solieri, a tale is told of a hero that embarked on a grand journey to defeat a notorious wizard, slaying dragons and collecting eight mystical jewels along the way. While the hero's long journey and the story have faded into the mists of time, the route the hero took remains--and many Solierans walk the long trail every day. Whether for religious reasons, commercial reasons, entertainment reasons, or leisure reasons, many say the walk is well worth the adventure.

But many times, history does repeat itself--and when a new evil rises, new heroes in turn rise to meet it. When the fallen wizard Nerea learned of the eight jewels, she took it upon herself to create a new crop of dragons, hopefully deterring any heroes from finding them, allowing her to potentially rule Solieri unopposed.

Nerea expected a single hero to rise up and face her--but she did not expect a group of four heroes to follow the ancient hero's route!

For swordmage Ash and runeblade Serena from Biancavilla, minstrel Brock from Argenta, and magic knight Misty from Celeste, Nerea's plot alarmed them all. They agreed to embark on the long journey, defeat the dragons, and stop Nerea, or die trying.

Can our heroes follow the hero's journey of old, and foil Nerea's plot?
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Otherworld Magic Knight Idea (inspired by the fantasy classic Magic Knight Rayearth)

What started a routine sightseeing excursion in Lumiose City took a magical turn when Ash, Misty, and Brock were pulled into a fantasy land named Paillete--which looked very much like a Kalos of old, if it had magic and fantasy monsters thrown in.

It turned out that Princess Josseline had called across time and space to modern day Lumiose, because she feared that her prime minister, Aurélien Rochefort, was plotting to overthrow her mother the queen and rule Paillete for himself. She had learned in an old prophecy that when the land needed it most, three heroes known as the Brillantes would appear to rescue Paillete from its age of darkness.

Despite Misty's misgivings that "we've been pulled into a fantasy version of 'The Three Musketeers'...", Ash was excited to undertake the quest--even if deep down, he wondered if he would see Serena--and the modern Pokeworld--again.

Can our heroes learn to master the power of the Brillantes, defeat Aurélien, and find their way back to the modern day?
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The Classic Trio as Modern Day Movie Icons Idea (just a fun exploration)

In Pokeworld pop culture, no series has made a bigger impact than Waku's "Raikou, Dragon, and Phoenix" epic martial arts universe, often called the Jeweled Spiritverse. Spanning movies, TV shows, stage performances, and just as much merchandise over the years, the trio of Ruby Phoenix, Sapphire Dragon, and Emerald Raikou are household names both in Waku and overseas--and anything featuring the characters is guaranteed to be a hit. No matter which three actors are performing the characters, audiences know they are in for a fun filled action packed romp through ancient Waku.

The different incarnations of the characters are kept straight as "generations" named for flowers, jewels, and other motifs in martial arts--and some generations will last longer than others. So when a new generation of Ruby Phoenix, Sapphire Dragon, and Emerald Raikou is due to be chosen, all eyes are on who the three lucky actors will be. It is not unheard of for an unknown to be cast as one of the three, and then go on to become a superstar. When the three actors are chosen, they are introduced to the public in a grand ceremony broadcast around the Pokeworld.

Ash, Misty, and Brock are the latest trio to play the characters on stage and on screen--they are referred to as "The Jade Generation" thanks to their spirited portrayals of the characters, and their rock solid bond both in and out of the spotlight.

While the "Raikou, Dragon, and Phoenix" movies, TV series, and plays are all set in ancient Waku, they have subtly evolved with the times, with different generations putting their own unique stamps on the characters. While Ruby Phoenix, Sapphire Dragon, and Emerald Raikou are the three stars, it is not unheard of for the other five Noble Spirits to make an appearance depending on the storyline--and they have just as many incarnations as the main characters.

So far, Ash, Misty, and Brock have made their mark in the latest incarnation of the TV show "The Adventures of the Raikou, Dragon, and Phoenix", two movies, and a few stage plays so far--and their generation looks to be one that will last for a long time, with young and old alike hailing them as their favorite generation.
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