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LT's Brainstorming Blog


Everything you ever wanted to know about the real "Three Musketeers" story

For this version of the story, I'm leaning on the classic Fire-Water-Earth Pokemon elemental trio (Ash is Fire, with support from Thunder because of his bond with Pikachu), Misty is Water (with support from Ice, since water and ice are related powers) and Brock is Earth (in both rock and crystal form, and flower and plant form) Serena is the wild card supporter--she can use all the elements, but her innate element is Light.
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Fantasy Kalos Adventure Idea (basic profile of the fantasy Kalos, and our heroes' place within it)

Beltaire is an expanded version and fantastic counterpart of Kalos, including both locations from XY and more locations inspired by real France. The many hundreds of provinces are united by the royal capital of Illumis--which is itself a province. Ruled by the kind and just Queen Diantha, the land is currently enjoying a well earned era of peace, even though there are still monsters, rogue lords, and other troublemakers to keep the royal musketeers busy.

Even though Diantha is well loved and well liked by the people, she will not hesitate to fight to defend the land and its people if needed. In addition to the Royal Musketeers and the Royal Knights, she also has her faithful Gardevoir, Jeanne, to protect her. For those who can make the long journey to Illumis, she is wise, and respectful of all parties when making a decision--and whatever she decides is the final word. For those that can't travel to Illumis, the Royal Musketeers serve as go betweens, informing her of the trials and triumphs of the region they serve. Jeanne is also the ones to call musketeers back to the capital if necessary.

But of all the officials of the royal court and of all the musketeers and knights at her call, Diantha holds a special place in her heart for the Trio and Serena--because she and the other court officials know that they will do whatever it takes to fulfill her orders, no matter how long it may take, and what they may be asked to do. From bandit gangs running rampant, to rogue lords, to dragons on the loose, there is no challenge that the Trio and Serena can't face.

When they are not in the capital for the winter, our heroes are usually stationed in Serena's hometown of Croquis. But they are not opposed to traveling across the land if needed--it is on one of these trips that they discover the fallen wizard Lysandre's plot, setting an urgent trip to the capital in motion...
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The Musketeers of Beltaire (some info about the musketeers of my fantasy Kalos)

In the fantastic Pokeworld of Beltaire, becoming a royal musketeer is considered a great honor, usually saved for someone that did a great deed of valor on behalf of the kingdom, or demonstrated great courage and valor. Of the millions that apply to join, Queen Diantha selects only a few thousand each year. Girls are welcome as much as boys, so long as they have met the requirements.

In order to be selected for the corps, a potential candidate should:

--be a citizen of Beltaire, or naturalized as a Beltarian subject
--be at least 20 years old, and in good physical condition (at least able to run a good distance without being tired)
--be of good moral standing and character (Queen Diantha can read a candidate's heart to prove this, so she can weed out potential traitors)
--have some skill with at least one weapon (while a sword is most often associated with the musketeers, it is not unheard of for musketeers to wield other weapons in addition to or in place of a sword. Some musketeers will even fight unarmed.)

Magical ability is not required, but it does help (Serena reads candidates' hearts to determine if they have magical ability, and trains those that do.) Those musketeers that have magical power often have a different colored uniform than the standard silver. If a candidate has mastery over more than one element, their uniform will match the color of their dominant element. If a candidate has mastery over all the elements (which is fairly rare), their uniform will be white.

Once accepted into the corps, new musketeers train at the castle for a year, then can choose to stay at the castle, or go elsewhere throughout the kingdom. If they choose to serve elsewhere, musketeers divide their time between where they are stationed and the royal capital of Illumis.

The musketeers serve as the people's connection between them and Illumis. They may also assist local militias and guards with keeping order and settle local disputes, as well as handling larger threats that local guards and militias would struggle with.

Our heroes have served as musketeers for roughly three years by the time their story begins--spending the winter in Illumis, and the rest of the year in Serena's home village of Croquis.
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Our Heroes in Croquis (a little more worldbuilding for my fantasy Kalos)

Ash is well loved and well liked among the people of Croquis for his energetic and never say die demeanor, often being affectionately nicknamed "phénix" (Phoenix) for his distinctive red musketeer garb, signalling that he has command of Fire magic (and by extension, Thunder, since those are related powers) He is never without his faithful Pikachu (a female named Claire), his sword, and a tin whistle-like flute with phoenix designs. Unafraid of even the strongest dragons, beneath his courage is a kind and loving heart that stands up for the oppressed and downtrodden, and all things good and pure.

Misty is known among the people of Croquis as "La Dragon de mer" (the Sea Dragon) for her mastery of Water magic (and by extension, Ice) and her fury when someone misbehaves or refuses to listen. But the people understand that her fury comes from a kind and noble heart, and is less vindictive and more like a mother dragon admonishing its hatchling, or protecting its eggs. But bad guys are out of luck when this dragon roars--because a tsunami of fury is sure to follow.

When not putting bad guys and monsters in their place, she has made a name for herself as a fiddler, often playing with the boys in the town square, or at the local tavern, the Vanilla Blossom. But she can use this as a means to battle too, freezing enemies solid with a Crystal Echo, or trapping foes in a whirlpool caused by a Reeling Dragon dancing to her fiddle.

Brock is beloved among the people of Croquis for his way with words and song, delighting many with his vast repertoire of songs and stories collected from across Beltaire, and some neighboring lands. While some have nicknamed him "Le troubadour de la terre" (The Minstrel of the Earth), thanks to his mastery of Earth (as both rocks and crystals, and flowers and plants) his song can also be a force of fury. The joyous and wise guitar playing musketeer belies a highly skilled archer, and a master tactician and researcher (but he does still have a sword on hand just in case archery is not possible or feasible, unlike Ash and the girls, who have bows as backup weapons). In between his musketeer duties, and weaving tales to the people, he is in the process of documenting as many tales as he can for the royal scholars, in hopes of furthering the research on the land's lore, and exposing people to new tales they haven't heard before.

Despite being at Castle Lumis for most of the year, Serena is still the hometown heroine for many in Croquis. Some have affectionately nicknamed her "La Goupeline" (the lady Delphox) for her clever tactics, and mastery over Light (and by extension, Fire, because of her bond with Ash. Very well versed in all manner of magic, Queen Diantha finds that her prophecies are very rarely wrong, and trusts her in dealing with rogue wizards and other magical creatures.

Many are surprised to know she doesn't use a wand or staff to cast her spells, but a mageblade, a magebow, or her most cherished possession--a mandolin her mother gave to her as a child. When traveling, she also carries a horn with her for signaling. She will always signal as she arrives in a town or village to let the people know of her royal connection.
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OC Minstrel Quest Idea (inspired by Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, and a little lore from Sword/Shield)

In the fantastic Pokeworld of Lustra, a legend is told of a great war between the Legendary Pokemon and the demons. In the end, Arceus and the forces of light were victorious, and the primal dragon Eternatus was banished to the underworld for all time.

Yet Arceus somehow knew in His divine heart that someone would try to release Eternatus--and when that terrible day came, no one would be able to stand against the furious infernal dragon. So to give the peoples of the world a chance in fighting back against Eternatus, Arceus and each of the Legendaries infused some of their divine power into a jewel. They then hid the jewels in well hidden and well guarded locations to deter the unworthy.

Many thousands of years have passed since the Godjewels, as these divine jewels came to be called, were created--and so far, there hasn't yet been any need for any hero to seek them out. But when a wizard named Carlotta discovered the legend of Eternatus, she begin formulating an evil plan--find a way to release Eternatus, and rule Lustra for herself!

But in heaven, Arceus was horrified when He saw Carlotta's scheme--the day He had feared the most had come. So He searched all over the mortal world for a hero brave enough to seek out the Godjewels--and found an unlikely heroine in minstrel Maya Vanore, who had the gift of magical song.

Maya was understandably confused and afraid at first--how could a song be any good against a powerful evil wizard? Arceus assured Maya that if she trusted Him, He would show her how a song could be a powerful as any sword.

So with her Sprigatito companion Menta at her side, Maya gathered her bow, a sword just in case using her bow or magical song wasn't possible, and her mandolin, and set out on the quest of a lifetime...
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What the TCG Would Look Like Animated (some thoughts based on the Game Boy TCG)

The release of the Game Boy TCG on Switch Online got me thinking...

Let's suppose there was a TCG arc in the show (or you just wanted to write a TCG based story)--what do you think it would look like?

Would it feature Ash, Liko and Roy, Mark and Mint, OCs, or some combination thereof?

How would you anime-ify the TCG rules, if at all? Would it be more or less like the real TCG, or would it be jazzed up to Yu-Gi-Oh-esque proportions (I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you A. know what you're doing, or B. playing Yu-Gi-Oh-esque melodrama for laughs)

Would there be cards not in the real TCG? If so, what? If not, why not?

Where would this arc take place? Would it take place where the Game Boy TCG takes place, one of the canon areas, or somewhere else entirely?
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Island Hopping Adventure (inspired by the anime One Piece and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

In a far off Pokeworld made up of many islands, legends tell of a brilliant rainbow diamond that was said to have been owned by the pirate known only as Foxy--named for her beauty, charm and her cleverness as she evaded the Royal Marines and pirate hunters alike. While Foxy was never brought to justice, she hid the Shimmering Radiance--as the miracle diamond was called, somewhere where she believed it would never be found.

While Foxy has long since died, her legend, and the Shimmering Radiance, live on in the minds of the people. Even law abiding sailors admit she was a very cunning and clever lady, considering her as a bit of a folk hero.

Another item Foxy sought to find was an Angel Fruit--divine berry-like fruits that conferred near invincibility and eternal youth, as well as a wide variety of powers. Eating one was said to taste amazing, but what kind of power you received was a bit of a surprise. However, no two Angel Fruits were exactly alike--it is possible for two people to eat two Angel Fruits that grant the same ability, but have that ability manifest in two very different ways.

Our story concerns Captain Misty Williams, of the port city of Azuria. Alongside her elder sister Daisy, and some her closest friends, she makes a living as a pirate hunter, bringing pirates to justice, and returning their ill gotten gains to their rightful owners, or given to the less fortunate. Like many in the Jeweled Islands, she too knows the legend of Foxy and about the Shimmering Radiance. So she took it upon herself to find the Shimmering Radiance, and bring it somewhere safe, away from evil hands.

What wonders and terrors await Misty, Daisy, and the rest of the crew of the SS Sapphire as they seek the Shimmering Radiance? Can they find Foxy's legendary treasure, and go down in the islands' history as heroes?
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Song-seeking Minstrel Idea (yet another rework of the gang as minstrels idea)

In the fantastic Pokemon world of Tercanti, a legend is told of a goddess' song that turned the tide of a war between good and evil, allowing the Legendaries and the forces of good to prevail. When the god-Pokemon Arceus went to thank the goddess of light for her holy song, He found that the goddess had returned to the heavens--and in one final act of spite in his retreat, the demon king had shattered the song. Heartbroken, Arceus and the Legendaries gathered the pieces of the song, and hit them in well guarded temples, only for a worthy minstrel or band of minstrels to sing should the demon king return.

Many years have passed since then, and in all those thousands of years, no one has yet needed to seek the Glorious Anthem, as the divine song was named. But lately there are rumors of evil stirring in the land--and many worry the demon king could awaken once more, and bring terror on the land. Some bands of minstrels have already began attempting to piece together the Glorious Anthem, but so far, all have turned back, or never returned.

But in the unassuming village of Biancavilla, a band of four best friends who make their keep as minstrels are departing on their own attempt to reassemble the Glorious Anthem. Together, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Serena embark on the music filled quest of a lifetime, seeking to banish the demon king once and for all...
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The Trio as Travelers Idea (inspired by the Ys series)

Across a fantastic Pokeworld, filled with both familiar locations and exotic locations, people everywhere revere a band of three adventurers known as the Three Jewels. With a bond stronger than a diamond, and resolve tougher than steel, Ash, Misty, and Brock have a knack for showing up just when a place needs a hero.

The three of them have their own reasons for traveling, even if they don't have any real ultimate destination in mind. Ash journeys because he wishes to be known as a great hero, like his father. Misty journeys for the sake of seeing the world, and stepping out from her sisters' shadows. Brock journeys for the sake of transcribing as many folk tales and folk songs as he can find, so they are not lost to the sands of time and careless adventurers. They have all agreed that when they do conclude their travels, they will write a book about their experiences, and Brock will publish all the tales and songs he has collected.

Ash, known as Ruby to most people, is the gung ho and energetic leader of the group, who is always up for an adventure, never mind the risk to life and limb. Unafraid of even the most powerful demon gods, he will go to any lengths to protect what is good and pure. Underneath the happy go lucky exterior is a brave warrior with a heart of gold. He is never without his faithful Pikachu Inazuma, his sword Phoenix, and his mystical flute Rossa.

Misty, known as Sapphire to most people, is the take charge strategist of the group, often annoyed when Ash rushes into a dangerous situation without thinking, or Brock serenading a lady he barely knows. Her fury sometimes has preceded her, leading some to call her "the dragon". But this dragon's fury comes from a place of love--and if the boys or an innocent is in danger, or being exploited, she will fight, and hit hard. Some have said that no man has ever defeated her, but Misty just takes the respectful fear and rumors in stride--in her eyes, truth, justice, and peace are always worth fighting for. She is never without her Quaquaval Rain, her twin blades Sapphire and Marine, and her fiddle Sirena.

Brock, known as Emerald to most people, was initially set to follow his father Flint into the mountain mines of his hometown, but a gift of song and a way with words changed all of that. But the joyous would be minstrel belies a master archer, and knowledgeable tactician and researcher, with meticulous notes for every song and story he collects. Since he always has his well loved lute Verde on his person, he is not above trying to sing to anyone he can--particularly girls (much to Misty's chagrin) While he can keep his lovesickness in check for the most part, sometimes a girl will get a surprise serenade! Luckily, most girls just take the unexpected performance in stride, and often have given Brock gifts, supplies, and information as thanks for his songs. He is revered for his skill with the bow, with some saying he has never missed a shot (but he does keep a sword on hand as backup, just in case). He is never without his Dusk Lycanroc Rocky, his bow Dryad, and his lute Verde.

Together, these three companions wander the world, seeking to find out its secrets, and protect its greatest treasures from falling into evil hands...
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Expanded Path of Legends Idea (inspired by SV and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles)

In a fantasy Paldea far from the one we know, caravans of travelers criss cross the land for a variety of reasons. Some travel to see the land, and all it has to offer. Some travel to the sacred city of Sagrada, to visit the Grand Shrine and offer prayers to Arceus. Some travel to spread joy, laughter and cheers to willing audiences, And some travel across the land, seeking to make their names known as heroes.

Our story concerns a group of best friends, and some travelers from a far away land that embark on a journey that is initially for knowledge and research. The herbalist Arven had found during long hours of research in the Naranja Academy library that somewhere in the land was a very special mint with miraculous abilities. What kind of miraculous abilities the Rainbow Mint had depended on which author you read--some said it could simply cure any disease, while some went so far as to claim it could make the dead live again, and the living gain eternal life and youth.

So Arven decided to embark on a journey to find out the truth about the Rainbow Mint, and document the known herbs and flora of the land along the way.

Alongside the warrior Nemona, the minstrel Juliana, and Wakunese travelers Satoshi, Kasumi, and Takeshi, Arven embarked on his adventure with Headmaster Clavel's blessings. But not all of the herbs, flowers, and other flora could simply be gathered. There were some guarded by monsters and rogue Pokemon, and some hidden away in well guarded sanctums and ruins. But these trials would have to be braved for the sake of research.

Nemona noticed something curious after battling through a few of these ruins--when its guardian was defeated, it would often leave behind a pearl among the battle spoils. Satoshi suggested hanging onto the pearls, as they could prove valuable in some way. The group agreed to find out what they could about the pearls, and how, if at all, they were connected to Arven's attempt to discover the Rainbow Mint.

What wonders and terrors await this band of travelers on their long journey? Little do they know, that there is a surprising connection to the pearls and the Rainbow Mint!
Speaking of the Path of Legends, I am coming up with my own idea for it. For 1, I am moving the questline over to an island more so that I have full control of the terrain and locations as well as the overall scale of the island. In addition, I can ignore Paldea. I just need an interesting name for said island.

Well, what language is common on the island? if it is a fictional language, what Earth language is it closest to?
It will be uninhabited (no human settlements at all). I want to keep this is simple as possible.
Of course, that does not mean that the island was never mapped out.
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A Theater Troupe's Journeys Idea (another idea of a theater tale in a fantasy Poke-Italy)

In the fantastic Pokeworld of Solieri, theater is a revered art, with some plays even changing the course of the land's history. But when traveling to a theater is not possible or feasible, traveling theater caravans bring the lavish and colorful productions seen on permanent stages to the people--often for a much less expensive fee than a town or city theater would charge.

Among one of the more famous theater caravans is the Arcobaleno (rainbow troupe) who are world renowned for their spirited adventures, rollicking comedies, sweet romances, and some of the most revered tales from Solierian mythology and folklore--both fairy tales, and tales from history and legend alike. Best of all, you don't have to pay a single dorato to see the show--the troupe also accepts food, item donations, and bars of soap as admission--this ensures that anyone can see the show.

But the troupe's biggest break comes when a royal invitation comes from the capital of Guardolupo--Queen Beatrice has invited the troupe to perform for the anniversary of the kingdom's founding. But Guardolupo was a long way from the troupe's home base of the town of Biancavilla--and chief actor Ash and chief actress Serena weren't sure if any of the plays the troupe knew how to perform were worthy of royalty in the audience.

Luckily, the leader and emcee of the troupe, Brock, had an idea--as the troupe journeyed across the land, keep track of how well each play went over. The play that got the most consistent and enthusiastic response over the course of the journey would be the play that the troupe would perform for Queen Beatrice and the royal court.

Will Brock's idea work? What wonders and secrets will the group discover as they travel and perform? Will they find a play fit for royalty, and cement their names as legendary performers? And just how big of a soap haul will Misty end up collecting along the way? A colorful tale of a traveling show awaits!
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Traveling Caravan in Kalos Idea (inspired by XY, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and a little bit of real French lore)

It is a story long told in Cielore...long ago, Cielore was oppressed by an evil wizard, who had a dragon familiar to hold the people under his iron fist. Heartbroken by the misery and despair she saw across the land, the Diamond Princess Diancie searched across the land for a hero that could defeat the wizard and his dragon, and lead the land into a new age of peace and plenty. She found the hero in a small village, and granted him a magical sword that would protect him from the wizard's evil magic. After a very long journey, he confronted the wizard and his dragon not far from the royal capital of Illumis, and defeated both wizard and dragon with his magical blade, and Diancie's sacred diamonds, which he had gathered on his journey.

Many years have passed since then, and Cielore is in a new age of peace. While the tale of the hero, the wizard, and the dragon is now just a bedtime story, or a minstrel's tale, there is one reminder of the hero's journey that we undertake today--the Gathering of the Diamonds. Once a year, many different caravans follow the hero's long journey, stopping to gather diamonds where they can--either hard won from ruins, or as thanks for a deed of valor. While many set out to gather the sacred diamonds that appear in the land each year, only a rare few make it all the way to Ilumis. Those that do make it there are welcomed as heroes, and receive medallions of valor from Her Majesty Queen Diantha.

No one knows for sure how millions of colorful diamonds suddenly appear in the land each year in the spring, but it is agreed that when they do appear, it is time for the caravans to embark on the Gathering of Diamonds. Many see it as a coming of age journey, so every person in the land is encouraged to make the journey at least once in their lives.

It is not just those of us that live in Cielore that make the journey--many come from far and wide to learn about the Gathering of the Diamonds, see all that our home has to offer, and follow the hero's route in their own way--either through a caravan of their own, riding with a caravan, a single Ponyta or Rapidash, or on foot.

This year marks my turn to follow the hero's long road to Illumis in a caravan--but I get to do this alongside three of my closest friends--Ash, my dearest companion since childhood, Misty, a brave warrior from the seaside who battles with twin blades, and Brock, a minstrel from the mountains whose skill with the lute, story, and song belies a master archer, and an ancient magic more powerful than even the wisest archsage knows about.

What follows is our journey along the hero's road for ourselves. Little did we know, we would encounter and defeat an evil wizard of our own along the way, and arrive in Illumis as heroes...
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Theater RPG-Like Adventure (inspired by the upcoming Princess Peach: Showtime)

After being invited to the Luchicante region to perform some of the world's best known fairy tales, folktales, legends, and literary classics for a new audience, Ash, the gang, and the rest of the Theater de Pallete's Rainbow Players left right away on what they thought was the trip of a lifetime. But imagine their shock when they discovered Ceruledge had made off with all the stories, and twisted them to the sad endings she wanted!

But Ash's Meloetta Melody was not about to see the world's most beloved stories erased, and granted Ash and the gang the ability to shift between the hundreds of roles they have all played to set the stolen stories right, and undo Ceruledge's rewrites.

Armed with a Spirit Star, Ash, Misty, Brock, Serena, May, Dawn, Liko, and Roy embark on an epic journey both in the real Pokeworld, and within the worlds of some of the world's best loved stories. With the help of the Spirit Star, they're able to transform into some of their best known roles to reclaim the stories' happily ever afters, as well solve problems in the real world that stem from from Ceruledge's plot.

Can Ash and the gang reclaim the happy endings of some of the world's best known stories, defeat Ceruledge, and allow the show to go on in a new land?
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