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LT's Brainstorming Blog

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Super Mario RPG Inspired Idea (exploring what a Pokemonized version would look like in a Legends: Arceus-esque setting)

In the far away land of Waku, a legend is told that when the world needed it most, ten noble Pokemon sealed away the Nightmare Pokemon Darkrai. The people of Waku thought that the time of peace that followed would last a long time--if not forever.

But no one expected the Grey Lotus Sect to scatter the ten pearls and release Darkrai, creating many more monsters in his wake.

The people's cries for help alerted the martial gods known as the Eight Spirits, so they descended to the mortal realm to search for the ten pearls, defeat the Grey Lotus and their allies, and reseal Darkrai once again. So with Arceus' protection upon them, they embarked on a great journey--one that will take them all across Waku and back again.

Just as there are many wishing even a god harm, there are just as many that want to help the Spirits on their journey. Ruby Phoenix and the others will meet seers, noble masters, travelers, and others that will be able to help them on their long journey.

Can the Eight Spirits find the ten pearls, and re-seal Darkrai once and for all?
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Eight Spirit Origin Story (very loosely based on Pokemon Legends: Arceus; and mainly inspired by Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince)

Even legendary heroes have humble beginnings...including the Eight Spirits of Pokeworld legend.

For many years, the people of Waku have clung to the hope that when the land needs it most, eight powerful warriors imbued with the powers of phoenix, dragon, Raikou, Delphox, Beautifly, Deerling, Braviary, and Mightyena will appear to judge evil, and lead the land into a golden age. But no one expected the Deerling, a girl named Hikari, to awaken first. Taking the martial title Pearl Deerling, Hikari sets out on a grand quest to find the other seven Spirits, and put a stop to the ambitions of the evil Full Moon Catcher, and his villainous Dark Moon Sect, who seek to control Arceus themselves...
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Poke-Greece Journey Idea (inspired by the upcoming game Visions of Mana)

In the far away Pokemon world of Polistari, it is said that once every eight years, Irida, the Great Rainbow Fairy, calls forth a hero to make the long and perilous journey to her sacred Crystal Palace. Those that do survive the journey to the Crystal Palace are said to become gods themselves.

But what happens when Iridia calls more than one hero to make the perilous journey?

That's exactly what happened when Ash, Misty, Brock, Serena, May, Dawn, Liko, and Roy were all called together at the height of the village of Archis' Rainbow Festival. While Misty was unsure at first, Ash vowed that he would honor Irida's call, no matter if she called one or many heroes. Misty assumed that Irida had to have a reason to call the eight of them together, and embark on the journey to Irida's Crystal Palace.

What wonders and terrors await the group on their adventure? A colorful journey of magic begins now!
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Some Ancient Pokemon World Ideas (part 1)

The Three Miss Fortunes are on the loose, with some pearls being their latest heist. But why are the three sisters taking all this treasure? It's up to the Eight Spirits to find out!

Ruby Phoenix leads the chase for a valuable relic that holds the secret to eternal life. Meanwhile, the other Spirits help Jade Beautifly and Pearl Deerling recapture the Night-Shining Pearl, stolen by the Four Demons.

A large quantity of gold is stolen from the imperial palace, so our heroes go undercover to find out the culprits and the whereabouts of the treasure.

Eight thieves steal a treasure map and split it into eight pieces, but they don't count on Eight Spirits to track down the map pieces!

The Eight Spirits pose as theater actors in an attempt to bring down a corrupt warlord.

Ruby Phoenix, Sapphire Dragon, and Emerald Raikou take on a wicked general who has ambitions for the imperial throne.

Some rogues get more than they bargained for when they attempt to defeat the Eight Spirits!

When three notorious masters embark on a quest to retrieve the Seven Star Armor, which will enable them to retrieve the sacred Sword of the Seven Stars from a mountaintop shrine, Ruby Phoenix, Sapphire Dragon, and Emerald Raikou set out on an urgent mission to stop them!

Ruby Phoenix and Sapphire Dragon work together to bring down a notorious rogue. Meanwhile, Emerald Raikou and the other Spirits uncover a plot at the imperial palace.
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Some Preliminary Thoughts on a Superstar Saga-esque Idea With Three Characters (inspired by Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga)

--Team Rocket would of course be the bad guys; with Mewtwo potentially being the final boss, so to speak
--Serena would help the Trio (Ash-Misty-Brock) out every step of the way; mostly in disguise as a swashbuckler named Kit Aurevalle (Golden Valley) Serena wouldn't reveal herself to the Trio until Mewtwo was defeated, and the Rockets vanquished--during their adventure, the Trio believes Serena and Kit are two distinct people. They do not know Kit is Serena in a costume
--It would both celebrate and poke fun at JRPGs (including the Pokemon games and TV show)
--The fourth wall would be in tatters when all is said and done
--May, Dawn, Liko, and Roy would also appear in the fantasy RPG world
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Introducing the Ancientverse

Long before Ash and the gang existed in the Pokemon world, incarnations of them wandered ancient Waku, helping those in need, and keeping the peace. But what the ancient Wakunese did not know was that these very powerful martial warriors were actually gods, sent by Arceus to see if the mortals were still being kind, bringing the greedy, the deceptive, the treacherous, and the unkind to justice, and protecting the martial world from far graver threats than corrupt officials and overambitious warlords.

From their home base in Celebration Village in Hisui, the Eight Spirits can travel anywhere in Waku in moments--but they only use their divine power when necessary. Many times, the only clue that they are immortal--and so cannot age, get sick, or die--is when a warrior attempts to deliver what would be a lethal blow.

Since they are authorized by Emperor Divine Dragon--Lance's distant ancestor--to work as imperial agents, they mainly pose as theater performers to further hide their imperial and divine connections.

What follows are the tales of the Eight Spirits' exploits--both the episodic adventures and more longform plots--as they perform and travel all across Waku.
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Two Worlds Adventure (inspired by Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, with some Final Fantasy)

While on their adventures in Paldea, Ash, Misty, and Brock learned of the Treasures of Ruin--four Legendary Pokemon born from cursed treasure, and sealed away along with a fallen king.

Intrigued by the legends surrounding the Treasures of Ruin, Ash sent word for Serena, May, and Dawn to join him, Misty, Brock, as well as their new companions Liko and Roy, to dig deeper into the many tales surrounding these sealed Pokemon.

But when odd earthquakes and rainstorms started hitting Paldea, the group did not expect some divine intervention!

The group woke up in the fantasy Pokeworld of Diamantia, where they were met by eight beautiful elemental goddesses--Gaia, of the earth, Vesta, of fire, Zephyr, of the wind, Undine, of the water, Nevi, of ice, Astra, of thunder, Luna, of the cosmos, and Aurora, of the light.

Aurora told the group that the Treasures of Ruin and the fallen king were alive and well in Diamantia, with the fallen king putting Celestia, the ninth goddess, and the keeper of balance between Diamantia and the real Pokeworld, into an eternal sleep--which risked the same thing happening in the real Pokeworld!

Ash vowed to do anything he could to awaken Celestia, and so Aurora granted them the clothes and powers of a different class of warrior (much to Misty's annoyance that "we've been pulled into a RPG...")

After each of the eight remaining goddesses attuned themselves to each of the group, Zephyr charged Sora, one of her nymphs, to guide the group on their quest to seal the Dark Generals (as the Treasures of Ruin were called in Diamantia) and the Fallen King. Gaia also assured the group that even though many days would pass in Diamantia, it would still be the exact moment they left when they returned to the real Pokeworld.

Can Ash and the gang complete their quest, awaken Celestia, and restore the balance between two worlds?
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Traveling Performer-Cleric Idea (worldbuilding for a fantasy Paldea)

In the fantastic Pokeworld of Soleada, the people look forward to the arrival of the festeres--devotees of Irida, the goddess of miracles, who are charged with leading the festivities for holidays and other special days--and remind the people that even though there is suffering in the world, life is still worth celebrating.

Festeres are best described as a minstrel, a cleric, an actor, a dancer, and a warrior all in one--life is one big party for the festeres. Good musicianship (both instrumentally and vocally), agility, theatrical skills, comedy skills, fighting skills, and outgoing demeanors--are all must haves to be a good festere. They are immediately recognizable in their colorful, often flamboyant clothes--and some are not afraid to show off skin when they perform.

It is very easy to spot a caravan of festeres--you can often hear them before you see them, with those that are not playing instruments joyously singing, chanting, or clapping along. While the noise may be bothersome to some, the noise serves to drive off evil spirits from a place, giving the town or village good luck.

Our story concerns a group of four best friends that are part of the Iris caravan of festeres as they make their yearly journey around Soleada:

--Ash, known as El Fénix among his fellow festeres for his red, orange, and gold costume and never say die attitude. While his preferred instrument is the flute, he is equally adept at the trumpet and the guitar (usually for accompanying Brock's harp or Serena's fiddle) He typically plays the heroic roles in the Iris' plays--and his energetic characters are fan favorites. When he does have to fight, he prefers to wield a one handed sword.

--Misty, known as La Sirena (or La Dragóna, depending on who you ask) for her powerful voice, and equally fierce fighting. Her preferred instrument is the fiddle, but she is not too shabby on a trumpet herself. Others in the caravan have warned new initiates that if you oversleep, you will get a wake up call from la trompeta de la dragóna! (the female dragon's trumpet). She usually plays the heroic female roles in the Iris' plays, but she can also play comical roles, and female leaders. When she does have to fight, she wields a pair of twin blades.

--Brock, known as El Dios Verde for his many talents, powerful voice, and excellent showmanship. As the leader of the caravan, he is the only one allowed to play the harp and the greathorn (what we would consider a tuba in our world) that signals when it's time to hit the road, stop for the night, and signal for danger. In addition to the harp, his other preferred instrument is the guitar (which he often uses to accompany himself while singing, as it is frowned upon to sing with the harp while playing it.) A master storyteller, he can expertly weave a tale of wonder or perform a song without any prior preparation or rehearsal. He typically will narrate the Iris' plays, but he will happily play a role if asked. When he does have to fight, he mainly uses a bow, but keeps a one handed sword on hand as a backup weapon in a melee scenario, or if archery is too dangerous or impractical.

--Serena, known as La Zorra Dorada for her beautiful golden costume. Since she and Ash are close friends, they are never too far apart. She studied performance in the neighboring land of Beltaire for a few years, then returned to Soleada, incorporating what she learned in ways they were not intended to be used, such as playing gypsy jazz on her beloved fiddle, and incorporating the colorful world of the Beltairian revue in her performances. She will typically play the lead female role in the Iris' plays, but will happily play comical roles and tricksters. When she does have to fight, she will use a rapier--a memento from her time in Beltaire.

What wonders and terrors await these festeres on their yearly journey? A wild and colorful adventure of joy starts now!
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Fantasy Musketeers Idea (reworking an older idea)

In the land of Beltaire, a fantasy counterpart of the real region of Kalos, legends are told of three particular musketeers from Queen Diantha's Royal Musketeers--Ash of the Phoenix Flame, Misty of the Blue Water, and Brock of the Forest Green. Together with Diantha's royal wizard Serena, Ash, Misty, and Brock travel all across the land to keep the ambitions of evil in check. Be this treacherous nobles, scheming wizards, or monsters, no danger is too great, and no quest too dangerous for these best friends with a bond like diamonds.

But not everyone likes Diantha's wise and just rule--Ash, Misty, and Brock are usually dispatched to deal with threats quickly, without causing undue panic or alarm among the general public. Serena often comes along on their journeys, in case they need her divine magic, or knowledge of magical beings and spells.

Ash is known as the Phoenix Flame because of his mastery of both fire, and its related power of thunder, as well as his courage and never say die demeanor. Unafraid of even the mightiest dragons, he will go to any lengths to help someone in need, even at the risk of life and limb. He is never without his faithful Pikachu, Tonner, or his magical flute, which some say can even call down a phoenix.

Misty earns her title because of her mastery of both water, and its related power of ice. She has been affectionately nicknamed "The Sea Dragon" because of her fury when angered. But many say that when the dragon roars, it is out of a place of love--and she does not tolerate evil, deceivers, and those who would commit treachery. Like Ash, she too is an accomplished swordswoman, even firing blasts of cold from her blade to freeze a target solid. But she is as good with a fiddle bow as she is her backup weapon of an archer's bow, leading some to call her "The Fiddling Dragon".

Brock earns his title because of his mastery of earth of both its forms--as rocks and crystals, or flowers and plants. He can sing the other elementals as necessary, or if Ash and Misty need help. But don't let his musical skill fool you--the easy-going musician belies a master archer, with many saying he has never missed a shot. A born traveler, he knows much of the land of Beltaire, and what every town is famous for, from the tiniest villages to the royal capital of Illumis.

What follows is a collection of the adventures of the Three Celestial Heroes, and why they are legends in their native land and beyond...
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Zillions of Zelda-Likes Idea (inspired by the Zelda-like Neutopia)

At the pivotal battle against Sada-bot in Area Zero, Koraidon's ancient energy from the final blow of Sada-bot sent Ash, Misty, Brock, Juliana, Liko, and Roy into a fantasy world, where Ash, Misty, and Brock were tasked with a quest to rescue Liko from the counterpart of Sada. But once the Trio completed this quest, were they taken into another fantasy world, and given another Zelda-esque quest to rescue a counterpart of Liko from a counterpart of Sada by collecting so many items--usually eight items, but some worlds would require more, and some would require a little less.

But the key to escape the endless loop of of questing is the Ancient Diamond--and that will require a Zelda-esque quest in itself!

Can the Trio complete the quest of all quests, find the Ancient Diamond, and find a way back to the modern day?

(Violet players, you can adapt this idea to a selection of sci-fantasies akin to Star Wars or Final Fantasy 8)
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Re-imagined Legends: Arceus Idea

What would be staying from the real game:

--Noble Pokemon (the only one from the real game I'm keeping is Hisuian Lilligant)
--The final showdown on Celestial Crown Mountain/Mt. Coronet
--The Celestica Flute would still be involved in the story somehow

What would be changing from the real game:

--Hikari would be meant to be in Hisui all along, not someone from our world pulled into the past
--The Celestica Flute would basically function like Zelda's ocarina--and there would be many songs to learn
--A MUCH bigger world
--Zelda-esque temples and dungeons

Don't have much of a plot just yet...
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Re-imagined Legends: Arceus Idea

What would be staying from the real game:

--Noble Pokemon (the only one from the real game I'm keeping is Hisuian Lilligant)
--The final showdown on Celestial Crown Mountain/Mt. Coronet
--The Celestica Flute would still be involved in the story somehow

What would be changing from the real game:

--Hikari would be meant to be in Hisui all along, not someone from our world pulled into the past
--The Celestica Flute would basically function like Zelda's ocarina--and there would be many songs to learn
--A MUCH bigger world
--Zelda-esque temples and dungeons

Don't have much of a plot just yet...
Perhaps Hikari is still chosen to save the world by Arceus because she is a descendant of the hero that gathered the ten Pokémon that will become the Noble Pokémon?
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Pokemon Legends: Hikari's Journey (fleshing out my re-imagining of Legends: Arceus)

For a while, helping to build Hisui's first Pokedex was interesting. But after endless missions of going out into the field, spotting a Pokemon, and making notes about it, Hikari wanted to do something different to help out the Galaxy Team.

So as the New Year dawned, and the residents of Celebration Village traveled to the local shrine to wish for luck, health, and prosperity, Hikari made a different wish--to do something other than gather Pokemon data.

That night, Arceus came to Hikari in a dream, and told her that Hisui--and all of Waku--was in danger. He instructed her to travel across Hisui, visit the Temples of the Ten Noble Pokemon, and unleash their power at the peak of Celestial Crown Mountain. Hikari recalled an old bedtime story involving the same quest, and asked how could the Ten Nobles be needed again. Arceus explained that even at that moment, a rogue warrior known as Full Moon Catcher was on the move to Celestial Crown Mountain--and that He had chosen Hikari to follow in the footsteps of the hero of old. Hikari remembered her wish from earlier in the day, and agreed to this divine mission, even though she still had many questions. Arceus simply assured Hikari that He would guide her every step of the way.

Can Hikari unite the power of the Ten Nobles, and stop Full Moon Catcher before Waku is plunged into an age of darkness? This isn't the Pokemon legend you remember!
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Pokemon Shounen Idea (revisiting a very old idea)

In a Pokeworld not too much different from what we know, certain people have the ability to use superpowers not unlike Pokemon moves--these people are known as "phoenixes".

For the most part, phoenixes look like any average person on the street to the untrained eye, the only clue that someone is a phoenix is the kanji for "phoenix" on their hands--and this marking only appears before the person transforms into their phoenix form--a magnificent costume at the very least, and potentially wings, depending on how attuned to their Phoenix Flame they are. Some phoenixes are so attuned to their power, they can make their phoenix mark appear on command.

While most phoenixes usually can control one elemental of power, being able to control two related powers is not unheard of. More than two powers is relatively rare, and those phoenixes that can control every element--so called diamond phoenixes--are the rarest of all The great majority of phoenixes are noble people, but there are those that have turned to evil, or had a black Phoenix Flame awaken innately--these fallen phoenixes are particularly dangerous, even to a Celestial Phoenix.

The source of the phoenixes' powers are Phoenix Pearls--and the power within them can be devastating if they fall into the wrong hands. Knowing this, four best friends--Ash, the Ruby Thunder Phoenix, Misty, the Aurora Phoenix, Brock, the Earthsong Phoenix, and Serena, the Golden Diamond Phoenix--take it upon themselves to track down as many of the Phoenix Pearls scattered across Waku as they can, and bring them to the sacred Vivarium. Can they reach the sacred Vivarium, and at the same time awaken as Celestial Phoenixes, and keep the world safe from evil?
@Greninjaman @InfiniteBakuphoon @Catz @Funnylion @prog rocker

Eight Spirits RPG Idea (exploring what an in-universe martial arts Poke-JRPG would look like)

The Waku-like land of Yuzawa--known as the Jade Valley to its residents. Since time immemorial, when the land needed it most, the Eight Spirits would descend from heaven, drive out evil, and make right what had been wronged among the people.

The Eight Spirits are called into action once more when the demon king Akuma (their recurring nemesis in the series) learns of sixteen sacred medallions scattered across Yuzawa, and begins hatching a plan to remake the world in his own image. Horrified by what would happen if Akuma found the medallions, Arceus sends the Eight Spirits forth on their biggest quest yet!

The world of Yuzawa comes alive in its biggest incarnation yet, with plenty to explore, see, and do. The Eight Spirits themselves have plenty of skills to learn and gear to find--and as is tradition in the series, the story isn't over once Akuma is defeated--there are many a superboss to find and defeat--including the series tradition of the Four Guardian Gods.

Just breezing through the main quest clocks in at well over a hundred hours, a feat unheard of in a quest that is not open world. Every dungeon is worth your time, and every item you find has a purpose, even if that purpose is not obvious.

The game has been hailed as a new classic, and worthy of the "Journey of the Eight Spirits" name by the press, and fans have eagerly agreed--many a game store has sold out of the game within hours of getting copies in (although this has leveled off a little, so fans are hopeful there will be plenty of copies available in time for the holidays.)

Misty got her copy by preordering early, and the group's 100% playthrough on stream (interwoven with cooking interludes, music breaks, commentary, and more) broke into MyTube's Top 100 streams of the week for a record ten weeks in a row (but never could quite reach the top ten--but it still sits in the still respectable top 50 today.)
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Some Bulbapedia Inspired Prompts from the Remixed Animeverse

Trainer's Quest in Paldea (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_in_Spain)

Trainer's Quest (the Pokemon games we know and love) is very popular in Paldea, so much so that most Scarlet and Violet preorders in Europa came from Paldea, people were excited to see their home region come alive in a video game. Ash has attempted playing Búsqueda del Entrenador Escarlata (Trainer's Quest Scarlet) in an attempt to better his Paldean skills.

Kitakami (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Kitakami)

A part of Waku in between Shinou and Kanto, Ash, Misty and Brock came here on a school trip with the Naranja Academy. While their first assignment was to piece together a local folktale, they found out that the tale of an ogre and three special Pokemon was a lie--the ogre was actually a hero, and the three Pokemon thieves! It didn't help that the three "loyal" Pokemon trashed a town square at the height of a festival.

Inspired, Ash sent word to the others, and put on a beautiful play inspired by the real story written by a local to help repair the square. The show ended up a hit, raising enough money to fix up the square many times over.

Basil (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Basil)

A fragrant herb commonly associated with Talien cooking, it is also commonly found in Paldean boccadillos, usually with tomatoes. A small portion of the population is allergic to it, but luckily, Ash and the gang do not have this allergy.

"Smile, Pichu!" (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pichumichu)

A silly song about a variety of Pokemon trying to get a Pichu to smile. While the song originally featured Pokemon from Johto, the song has been updated through the years as more Pokemon have been discovered.

Ash's cover of the song is best known for his speeding up the song as the Pokemon's attempts get more and more desperate. Depending on Ash's mood (and the audience) he will end the song in one of two ways--have the Pichu shock all the other Pokemon in annoyance (the funny ending), or finally have the Pichu smile (the happy ending).

"Squirtle and the Rainbow" (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/PB02)

A heartwarming children's story about a Squirtle that refuses to leave its shell, much to Bulbasaur and Charmander's chagrin. Once Squirtle does come out of his shell, he is just in time to see a beautiful rainbow after a storm.

Misty has read the book and performed the story live at the Cerulean Library, and has created a audiobook version of the story with Ash assisting with Bulbasaur and Charmander's voices, and Brock assisting with music.

Z Crystals (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Z-Crystal)

A special crystal common to the Alola region that allows Pokemon to tap into Z Moves. They can be invoked in several ways--via one's Heart Song (this is how Ash and the gang do it) or via a traditional dance (how most Native Alolans do it). They have been known to turn up in far away lands before, usually by washing ashore or being swept up by a river from the sea.

It is not known just how many Z Crystals there are--35 have been properly named, but it is theorized that there could potentially be hundreds--or even thousands--more.

"Delibird's Delivery" (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/PS113)

A heartwarming Christmas special about a Delibirds long and wacky journey to deliver a town's Christmas gifts, and the hijinks that ensure for the poor Delibird along the way. Ash and the gang make a point to watch this special together at least once each holiday season--and often end up watching it more than once.

Card Match (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Card_flip and https://www.mariowiki.com/N-Mark_Spade_Panel)

A game common in game corners, inspired by memory games for children. To begin the game, players first make their wager (usually a minimum of ten coins). They next flip over two cards and see if they match. If they match, the player wins the payout or other prize, and can continue playing. Depending on the game corner, players are typically allowed two or three incorrect matches before the game ends. Some tables, however, end the game immediately after one incorrect match.

Card Match is considered a relatively easy game to rack up coins and fabulous prizes if you have a good memory.

The Magnet Train (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Magnet_Train)

A high speed rail line that runs all over Waku, allowing smaller towns and cities to connect to Waku's biggest cities. The most famous line of all the routes is the Golden Line that runs between Goldenrod City and Saffron City. Like many of Waku's train lines, passengers only need to pay for a rail pass to enjoy as many train rides as they need (or want) for a year, with a small renewal fee of 500 credits near the end of the year. The rail passes are also available for visitors to other regions, allowing them to travel across Waku quickly and easily.

Shadow Auras (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shadowy_aura)

An aura of evil energy that is often a clue in TV shows that a character is under evil influence or control. What one has to do to dispel the shadow aura depends on the show. Not every character with a shadow aura may be compelled to do evil things--sometimes they will be frozen and unable to move or speak, because the bright light in their heart (or some other light) is battling the evil inside, rendering them powerless.

On rare occasions, shadow auras may manifest in the real world--Ash describes the feeling as "a frozen computer or NES--you can't move or do anything."
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Some More Bulbapedia Inspired Prompts from the Remixed Animeverse

Nintendo of Unova (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nintendo_of_America)

The Unovan branch of Nintendo's operations, its headquarters are currently located in Nimbasa City, after its initial beginnings in Castelia City. In addition to overseeing Unovan English translation and distributions of Nintendo games and merchandise, it also publishes Nintendo Power in both a magazine and as a podcast. The offices are open for tours, but tour reservations are available during certain times each year.

Ash, Misty, and Brock got to tour the Nintendo of Unova offices while in Nimbasa, where Ash got to see how game translation was done--and got a limited edition "emerald" Yoshi doll as a souvenir (which he considers his most prized Yoshi out of all his Yoshi dolls)

Brock's bow (inspired by https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Bow)

It is no secret that Brock is a master archer, shooting in martial arts contexts, to wow audiences during plays and other performances, in exhibitions, and target practice. Most of his arrows are actually props, and not meant to harm living targets. They are sharp enough to pop balloons and other inflatable objects, and cut string.

His preferred bow is closer to a Western style bow than the huge yumi often seen in martial arts movies and TV shows. Some say Brock has never missed a shot.

Brock has taught Ash how to use a bow--while Ash wasn't a very good shot at first, by the time he traveled to Kalos, his shooting ability had improved dramatically, allowing him to be the designated archer for Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie.

"Let's Play Again, Porygon!" https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/PB22

A heartwarming children's book about a child's adventure through the World of Nintendo with a Porygon. It can be bought in any Nintendo branch's company store, and Nintendo World in Castelia City.

Team Rocket's hideout https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Team_Rocket_Hideout

Ever since they were defeated in Celadon City, thwarted from taking over Silph Co., and eventually defeated at the Lake of Rage, no one knows for sure where Team Rocket's hideout is. It is believed Proton and several other high ranking Rockets are still there, giving instructions to Rocket operatives that are on the run around the Pokeworld.

Veilstone City https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Veilstone_City

Known as Misty Veil Village in the ancient past, today Veilstone City is one of Shinou's busiest commerce hubs. In addition to its department store, and many other shops and entertainment options, Maylene also trains here, giving Cobble Badges and martial arts lessons to all who wish to learn.

Oak's Pokemon Lecture (based on https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Professor_Oak%27s_Pok%C3%A9mon_Lecture)

A series of TV shows that are meant to supplement "Oak's Pokemon Talk", by going into more detail about a Pokemon than the radio program would allow. They are popular viewing in science classes across Waku, and popular viewing on public TV. Each episode follows a similar format to the radio show, albeit with adjustments for TV.

The Sensational Sisters https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/The_Sensational_Sisters

Misty's three elder sisters, she initially did not get along well with Lilly and Violet, but Daisy always stood up for her, which allowed the two of them to grow close. Today, Misty's relationship with Lilly and Violet is very cordial, but she is especially close with Daisy. Lilly often affectionately calls Misty "the English teacher" because of her very thorough revisions to the scripts of their water shows.

Vivian https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Vivian_Meridian

An icon of the Houen contest scene, Vivian is the one to announce the coordinators, explain the rules, comment on appeals, break ties if Jordan, Dexter, and Keira can't agree on a score, and generally keep the Contests moving. Her sister Lillan fills the same role in the Kanto Contest scene.

Malasadas https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Malasada

A kind of Alolan pastry similar to a doughnut, they come in every flavor under the sun, hence why they are popular around the Alolan islands. Hau and his family have a malasada shop of their own--and Hau can often be spotted making malasada deliveries all across Hau'oli City. He often has a fresh batch ready to go when Ash and the gang are in the area.

"Clefairy's Mini Golf Debut" (inspired by https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/PMRS53)

One of the very popular series of Clefairy cartoons, this short revolves around Clefairy trying (and hilariously failing) to play a round of mini golf, culminating in a miraculous hole in one on hole 18, winning her a free game. It is considered one of the funniest Clefairy cartoons.
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Quickie "Paper Pokemon" Idea (inspired by the upcoming remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

One of Ash's currently running martial arts comics is "The Journey to Sakura Mountain". But what happens when Master Fading Mountain, the villain of the arc Ash is currently drawing, takes matters into his own hands, pulling Ash, Misty, and Brock into the story, in hopes of defeating the three of them, and rewriting the comic's story and the real world into his image?

But Master Fading Mountain did not anticipate the very pencil that Ash uses to draw the comic's world to become a mighty sword, Misty wielding twin pencils, and a novelty twisty pen becoming a bow for Brock to shoot arrows of elemental colored ink.

Armed with their new art supply weapons, some artistic blessings, and Ash's knowledge of how the arc is supposed to go, the Trio embarks on the same quest that the hero of the arc is on--find the ten Spirit Crystals, and defeat Master Fading Mountain. Can they complete the quest, and escape the paper world before the comic's tale spills over into the real world?
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