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LT's Brainstorming Blog

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Fantastic Poke-Greece Idea (mainly inspired by Tales of)

The fantastic Pokemon world of Marithia...known as "the emerald land" to its residents, the one thing they are most proud of are their stories--their storytellers and minstrels, known as peryetes in the Marithian language, are known far and wide for their very vivid and colorful performances--tales of the Legendary Pokemon, and larger than life heroes. In some of these tales, a worthy traveler could even summon the Legendaries themselves.

But in order to form a bond with a Legendary--or certain Pokemon--the would be summoner had to pass a trail--and what this trial looked like was unique to each one that tried. A warrior would be asked to do battle, a mage would be tasked with finding a rare and valuable item, a ranger would be tasked with finding and slaying a fearsome beast and so on. Those that passed their trial would receive a ring that symbolized their bond. Every summonable Pokemon had their own unique ring, and it is not unheard of for skilled summoners to have many rings.

Of all the hundreds of Pokemon, only one has yet to form a bond with any hero, although many have tried--Arceus, chief of the Legendary Pokemon and creator of all things.

An unlikely hero looks to be the first to successfully bond with Arceus--a peryete named Brock, from the mountain town of Asmenia. With only his beloved Vulpix Kokino and his well loved chitara--the Marithian lute--he set out on a journey to try and bond with Arceus through the power of music and story. But will a peryete's song be enough to move the Creator of All Things, and be immortalized in legend as a hero?
Oh yes! A Poke-Greece region!(I'm a massive Greek mythology nerd) Will you be adding stuff from Greek mythology
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

The Pokemon Cast as Gods Idea (inspired by Fire Emblem: Engage and SV)

In the far away fantastic Pokeworld of Ionrach, a tale is told of a band of fallen gods that ravaged the land, bringing disaster and despair in their wake. But just when Ionrach needed it most, eight spirits, each one endowed with the power of a Pokemon or a mythical creature, intervened to banish the fallen gods, and restore peace.

Their mission completed, the spirits returned to the divine realm, to watch over Ionrach from above. They promised that should evil return again, they too would return, and unite the forces of light once more to finally banish the evil gods once and for all.

But with time, memories fade, but even though a thousand years have passed since the spirits came, their adventures are remembered by scholars, and sang by minstrels all across the land.

But this doesn't mean that the evil gods have slept themselves--they too have been waiting for a chance to finally destroy Ionrach. Just as they promised, the spirits returned as well, descending from the Immortal Lands to finally banish evil, and turn Ionrach into a paradise. Though the spirits powers are weakened after not seeing use for a thousand years, they will soon be sharpened again as the spirits journey anew across the land...
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Lore of Chi-Yu and Pearl Themed Martial Arts Adventure Idea (inspired by the lore of Chi-Yu)

A long time ago, in a fantastic Pokeworld far from the one we know, stories were told of the most unlikeliest of evil beings--a tiny fish-like being named Chi-Yu. But Chi-Yu's power was not to be scoffed at--it was said that long ago, it was born from a collection of pearls cursed with evil energy gathered from the jealousy of the world. This cursed power was what caused it to be able to control lava, and make volcanoes erupt.

For the moment, Chi-Yu sleeps somewhere within The Ember Peaks, a chain of mountains containing many volcanoes, and the Pearls of Ruin, as the cursed pearls came to be known, are scattered across the land, hidden in many well guarded locations.

But that hasn't stopped sects and schools of evil martial arts from trying to find the Pearls of Ruin, and re-awaken Chi-Yu.

But where there are Pearls of Ruin, there are Pearls of Radiance--many colorful divine pearls meant to counter and neutralize the Pearls of Ruin, transforming them into a normal everyday pearl

Horrified at the potential destruction releasing Chi-Yu would have on the world, Arceus sent the Eight Spirits into the world, with the instructions to find the Pearls of Radiance, and neutralizing the Pearls of Ruin. He warned them that even in a fully weakened state, Chi-Yu would still be a very powerful opponent.

What wonders and terrors await the Eight Spirits on their adventure? Can they succeed in fully weakening Chi-Yu, preventing the world from being engulfed in fire?
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Attempt to Explore/Build on Contests

In an alternate Pokeworld, Contests are much more than glorified minigames or awkward means to battle when battle is unnecessary--it is a grand spectacle, and a showcase of bonds between human and Pokemon. In these performances, called vetrinas, the human is as much a part of the show as their Pokemon is, working together to make beautiful appeals called Fractales. Vetranes (the general term for people that perform in vetrinas) don't take turns showing off one Fractale at a time--a appeal may have multiple Fractales strung together all at once.

Pokemon have their own set of Fractales they can learn (which are separate from their battle moves, called Lottas in this world) Pokemon of the same family or type can share Fractales, but for the most part, every Pokemon has a set of Fractales they can learn unique to them.

The top four performers of a vetrina receive a pearl as a reward--and every hundred pearls they earn, they go up in rank, starting from White rank, and continuing all the way up to Diamond Rank--with many other ranks in between.

Those great enough to reach Diamond Rank earn the right to enter the Gran Vetrina, where they earn fabulous prizes and fame if they do well.

A vetrina works similarly to an OG Super Contest:

--The parade of ventranes (where each pair is announced and introduced to the audience)

--The Visual competition (where the humans use up to five accessories to dress up their chosen Pokemon)

--The Dance competition (where the Pokemon shows off their personality by dancing to a song of their partner's choosing, although sometimes human and Pokemon will dance together.

--The Appeal competition (the performance of up to ten Fractales)

Our story concerns a group of best friends as they journey across the Jeweled Continent in hopes of earning a place in this year's Gran Vetrina. Will their bond and their Fractales be enough?
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Pokemon as a True JRPG Idea

Not every student in Paldea's academies returns home for school holidays--a few remain behind on campus. Guests on campus are among those that stay for the holidays, taking in the local culture alongside the students.

But when it decided to rain all week for the first week of the two week spring holiday, Nemona decided to run a Chambers and Charizards campaign for Ash, Misty, and Brock to play through, with Juliana's help. With Nemona's very active imagination, and Ash, Misty, and Brock's own creativity, Nemona came up with a grand quest of treasure hunting through the world of Venaria, and saving the world along the way.

With Nemona guiding them through the jewel studded Paldean and Talien inspired world of Venaria, Ash (as a bow wielding red mage), Misty (as a Blue Dragon magic knight), and Brock (as a spellsinging minstrel) embark on a long journey worthy of any Final Fantasy or Dragonite Quest worthy RPG!

Can Ash, Misty and Brock find all the treasures that Venaria has to offer, and unite the Jewels of the Elements before the rain lets up?
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Reimagined Legends: Arceus idea (prequel for my Shinou remix, Shine Diamond)

In the ancient Pokemon world of Hisui--which will eventually become Shinou in the modern day--a legend is told of ten Pokemon that united against a great evil. In honor of their heroic deeds, ten Jeweled Tribes were formed, each one looking after one of the ten Noble Pokemon, who represented an elemental of the world.

Not long after this, another tale was told--that if the jewels of the ten Jeweled Tribes were united at the peak of Celestial Crown Mountain, one would see a divine Pokemon, and be granted eternal life and youth.

Many were those who tried to see if the tale was true, only to never return from the journey, or be turned away due to an unworthy heart. But now three new companions--Satoshi the Red Phoenix and Takeshi the Green Willow from Tansei in the south, and Hikari, a girl from Twin Leaf Village in Shinou--meet by chance in Celebration Village, and take it upon themselves to investigate the promise of the Ten Jewels as they travel across Hisui.

But little do they know that evil is on the move--and it too seeks the Ten Jewels.

What wonders and terrors meet our heroes on their quest across Hisui? A clash of good and evil in the past has great implications for our heroes' descendants in the modern day...
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Pokemon x Zelda Cross Idea (inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Poke Park Wii, and SV)

In the far away fantastic Pokeworld of Niman, the story is told of a prism in the sky that rained down color and light. Who put the prism there, no one knows for sure, but it is generally believed the Great Lord Arceus put it there, as a sign of His great love and protection over Niman.

As the ages passed, the rulers of Niman were generally good people, usually being remembered for great deeds of valor when Niman needed them most, or for their wisdom, justice, and mercy to their people.

But one king of Niman is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

While history remembers him as King Dorcha the Black, he is popularly remembered as "The King of Ruin", thanks to his unleashing four Pokemon known as the Treasures of Ruin--Wo Chien, Chien Pao, Ting Lu and Chi Yu--and shattering the Sky Prism.

Nimanan history also tells us of three companions--Ash of Whitebury, Misty of Riverstown, and Brock of Rockshire--who embarked on a grand quest across Niman to find the shards of the Sky Prism, seal the Treasures of Ruin, and bring Arceus' divine judgement on the King of Ruin.

This is their story...the tale of the Heroes of the Prism...
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Pokemon Time Hopping Adventure RPG (inspired by the new Japanese promo for the new series, Chrono Trigger, Legends: Arceus, and SV)

After going back in time to prevent the Spear Pillar incident, Ash and the others thought Volo, nee Full Moon Catcher, was defeated for good. But little did they realize that their nemesis in the past was capable of slipping into the river of time, going back and forth across time at will. They also didn't know that Volo was behind every evil entity's plot they had ever foiled or prevented.

So when the group defeated Chairman Rose in the modern day, Volo used his dark power to break Eternatus free, and send him to the future--where a utopian Pokeworld is blissfully unaware of the dark dragon from the past sleeping beneath their shining jewel of a city, Rainbow City. But a few in the future know what is about to happen, and sent a message across time asking Ash and the gang to stop it.

Their message caused Liko's heart necklace, the Emerald Aurora, to shine, opening a way for Ash and the gang to travel between their own time, the ancient Pokemon world, a medieval kingdom that will eventually become Kalos, Galar and Paldea, and the futuristic utopia of Rainbow City. Can Ash and the gang chase down Volo through the mists of time, and stop him for good before the entire timeline is devastated?
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

Reimagined Movie 2 Idea (inspired by FR/LG, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy X)

While exploring the Sevii Islands and the other islands around Kanto, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Misty's Lapras Aurora eventually came to Seven Colored Island, where a grand festival was going on. According to the islanders, a legend was told of a hero that embarked from Birth Island in the south, and traveled northward to Elemental Island. Along the way, this story said, he came to the eight elemental islands, braved many trials, and claimed a jewel from each one, uniting the harmony of all the elements upon arrival on Elemental Island, defeating a demon that threatened to shroud the world in darkness. Ever since then, the islanders chose someone each year--regardless if they lived on the islands or not--to retrace the hero's journey from Birth Island to Elemental Island. Sometimes groups of people made the journey, so not surprisingly, Ash volunteered to be this year's "chosen one", alongside Misty and Brock.

But little did the Trio realize that Team Rocket was following them, even if they just barely managed to miss the Trio at every turn. They wanted to sell off the elemental jewels for money and buy their own private island, but failed to realize that there still were trials to reach the jewels--and their terrible video game knowhow didn't help.

Can the Trio beat Team Rocket to Elemental Island, and awaken Lugia before the Rockets turn the whole archipelago into their own private paradise?
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

A Question Concerning a Reimagined Legends: Arceus Placement in the Remixed Animeverse Timeline

Would it make sense to put a re-imagined Legends: Arceus story before the events of the remixed D/P (Shine Diamond) or in the heat of the final battle with Galactic, Ash, Dawn, and Brock are sent back in time to Hisui, where they must drive out evil in the past to prevent Team Galactic from ever appearing, and the Spear Pillar incident from ever happening at all? (where I would be interupting the modern day story to tell something all new.)
@Greninjaman @Torchic W. Pip @InfiniteBakuphoon @Funnylion @prog rocker

A Question Concerning a Reimagined Legends: Arceus Placement in the Remixed Animeverse Timeline

Would it make sense to put a re-imagined Legends: Arceus story before the events of the remixed D/P (Shine Diamond) or in the heat of the final battle with Galactic, Ash, Dawn, and Brock are sent back in time to Hisui, where they must drive out evil in the past to prevent Team Galactic from ever appearing, and the Spear Pillar incident from ever happening at all? (where I would be interupting the modern day story to tell something all new.)
OR: Team Galactic succeeds, but Arceus saves them at the last second and sends them back in time to fix the problem and prevent it from happening. Just an idea.
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