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Lugia and Ho-oh

Trainer Lisa

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Mar 13, 2003
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I did these two paintings a long time ago. However, I never had a chance to scan them until recently. I hope everyone likes these. ^^

Anyway, here's my Lugia:


And here's Ho-oh:


you can tell you put a lot of work in to it
I love the way the Moon reflects off of the water.
^They look fine to me. I love the way you used shading, too. Not many people go into that much detail. You're so talented!

When exactly did you do these?

EDIT: Sorry for the double post; someone deleted a post, I'm sure.
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those are really good but I wish you had a scanner. I would like to see them a bit bigger because I really like them (and I want to see more details).
Those are awesome, I wish I could drw that could! Hi, I'm Master of the Charizard, but you can just call me Master or coolCharizard
WHOA! You did these yourself?! THOSE ARE AWESOME! Especially the one with Ho-oh, the way it's divebombing the screen!
Aww, shucks...... *blushes*

I didn't know everyone would like my paintings this much, lol. ^^o

Thank you so much, everyone!! ^_^

And well, I did have a reference for both paintings. A few years ago, I printed out two screenshots from the Screenshot and Quote thread, and I used those photos as a reference. If I remember correctly, both the screenshots were taken by Murgatroyd.

The reason I chose those particular screenshots was because I really like the opening on the 6th movie, and those two scenes come directly from the Introduction to Pokemon thing (at the beginning of Jirachi: Wish Maker).

those are really good but I wish you had a scanner. I would like to see them a bit bigger because I really like them (and I want to see more details).
Oh, my two paintings are up on Deviant Art. After clicking the link, just click on the thumbnail picture to see it in Full View.

Here's Lugia:


And here's Ho-oh:

Oh wow, cool! There is something about using real paint (well real paint properly) that really makes me like it even more! When I first saw them I couldn't tell, it almost looked like marker. But yeah, I like the lugia one a lot! Something about the shadows and contrast that I really like.
Not bad. My one major critique is that those white areas around Ho-Oh's outlines make the picture seem kind of sloppy. Speaking of the Ho-Oh painting, though, I really like the clouds in that picture, along with the moon in the Lugia painting.
I love that lugia scene! The Ho-Oh is good too, but I dont like Ho-Oh much.
Wow! Nice! They are well drawn! You really are talented at drawing pokemon! ^.^
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