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Mafia Universe Championship Season 10 - Voting Is Now!

Who shall be the TWR representative for this years Mafia Championships?

  • HumanDawn

    Votes: 3 30.0%
  • TheCapsFan

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • Mint Elv (Midorikawa)

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • DawningWinds

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • RavenRaziel98

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Zexy

    Votes: 2 20.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Jun 25, 2011
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  1. He/Him
Hey everyone! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was playing in the last Mafia Championship, but it's about that time to send in our nomination for the next one! And boy, is it shaping up to be a big one, as this is the tenth year of the Mafia Championship!

Our invitation from Lissa can be found in the spoiler below (or at this link for easier viewing):
Ahoy there! :)

I’m very excited to invite your community to participate in Season 10 of the Mafia Championship.

The Mafia Championship is an annual forum-based tournament series that pits representatives from various online Mafia (aka Werewolf) communities against one another as they compete to determine the Internet’s greatest forum Mafia player. Each participating community democratically elects one person to represent them and be their “Champion”.

The tournament first started back in 2013. Since then, 370+ different communities and 50+ different nationalities have been represented.

It’s a super fun event that has created many new friendships and close bonds between communities. I hope that you would be interested in taking part :)


If your community wishes to participate, please confirm your participation to Lissa or Arapocalypse as soon as you can to secure yourselves a spot. Currently, the plan is to accommodate 135 communities this season. If there is further interest, additional communities may sign up as substitutes; generally there are some replacements needed both before and during games.

If your community agrees to participate, the deadline for selecting your representative is April 22nd, but the sooner the better.

The games will take place on Mafia Universe. If it’s okay, I can link directly to the general discussion thread regarding this topic on Mafia Universe.

Important notes
  • You may decide yourselves how you want to elect your representative, but we highly recommend some sort of democratic process (public nominations followed by a poll usually works out well).
  • In addition to electing a representative, you should also name an alternate (a back-up) who will be asked to step in if the first choice needs to back out.
  • Your representative should be prepared for having to read upwards of 600-700 posts per 24 hours during the early stages of the game. Additionally, there’s a requirement that each player must make at least 10 posts per Game Day. Only active players should apply/participate. I repeat: Your chosen player needs to be able to promise a good amount of activity on a daily basis!


The tournament structure
135 communities will participate, each sending one representative.
  • QUALIFIERS: 9 Qualifier Games will be played, consisting of 15 players each. I.e. every representative plays in one Qualifier Game. The players themselves vote post-game to determine who is deserving of advancement. 1st and 2nd places will advance to the Semifinal Games.
  • SEMIFINALS: A Jury consisting of finalists from Season 9 will select 27 additional players to advance to the three Semifinal Games. From each game, five players will advance to the Finale Game based on a post-game player vote, just like in the qualifying phase.
  • THE FINALE: The Finale Game is played. Once it has completed, the players vote to determine who shall receive the title of Season 10 Champion and a winner’s certificate signed by Dmitry Davidoff, the creator of mafia.

The qualifier games will be played with the Adapt 6 setup (see below for more details), and the semifinal/finale games will be played using a different setup. The semifinal/finale setup will be a low-powered 15-player setup, with full details to be disclosed when the jury's semifinal advances are revealed.
This year’s qualifier setup: Adapt 6
Each of the 6 columns from the below table represents a different constituent setup, one of which will be chosen at random and used for the game:

Town Odd Night Tracker

Town Even Night Vanilla Cop

Town 2-shot Doctor

9x Vanilla Town

Mafia 2-shot Watcher

Mafia Roleblocker

Mafia Goon
Town Jack of All Trades

Town 2-shot Roleblocker

Town Odd Night Doctor

9x Vanilla Town

Mafia Roleblocker

Mafia Jack of All Trades

Mafia Goon
Town Jack of All Trades

Town Even Night Vanilla Cop

10x Vanilla Town

Mafia Jack of All Trades

2x Mafia Goon
Town Odd Night Doctor

Town Even Night Jailkeeper

10x Vanilla Town

Mafia 1-shot Jailkeeper

2x Mafia Goon
Town Odd Night Tracker

Town 2-shot Doctor

10x Vanilla Town

Mafia 1-shot Tracker

2x Mafia Goon
Town 2-shot Roleblocker

Town Even Night Jailkeeper

10x Vanilla Town

Mafia 1-shot Roleblocker

2x Mafia Goon

Town Jack of All Trades has 1x Doctor, 1x Motion Detect, and 1x Roleblock.

Mafia Jack of All Trades has 1x Role Cop and 1x Roleblock.

Town 2-shot Doctor, Town 2-shot Roleblocker and Mafia Roleblocker are non-consecutive (cannot target the same player two nights in a row). Doctor actions can't self-target.

Mafia flips will only reveal the alignment of the Mafia player, whereas Town flips will reveal the full role of the Town player.

Relevant mechanics info
  • Day start.
  • Majority elimination will not be enabled during day 1 and is not required at any point for the elimination. Starting on Day 2 and until LYLO, majority will be enabled at 12 hours after SoD (in 36/12s and 48/24s) OR at 24 hours after SoD (in 72/24s). LYLOs are an exception to the majority delay, during which majority will be enabled immediately.
  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.
  • No outside communication. I.e. you may not contact the other players outside of the thread (unless you are Mafia and wish to speak with your teammates).
  • Phase Lengths and Deadlines will be up to the players themselves (I’ll organize your representative into a game with deadlines that suit their preferences).
  • Thread is locked during Night Phases.
  • Votes are automatically locked in at LYLO
  • Mafia share a factional Night Kill, which is a single standard shot for their faction. The mafia factional kill is mandatory.
  • Mafia may communicate at any time.
  • Each individual player may make a maximum of 125 posts per day phase (this restriction is lifted 1 hour before day end).
  • The game will have a host to oversee everything and make sure everyone’s following the code of conduct, but otherwise the game is completely automated (automatic votecounts, thread locks and reveals alignments automatically, the bot receives and processes actions, etc.).


There will be 9 Qualifier Games, and your representative plays in just one of these. They will have start dates ranging from the end of April to mid-June. So in other words, as long as your representative can play sometime during that period, they should be good and I’ll make sure they get scheduled into a game that suits their schedule well. I.e. if your rep is busy until June, that isn’t a problem.

The Semifinal Games will be played in July/August, and the Finale Game sometime in August/September (whenever we can work out something that suits everyone).

If you want to get in contact with us ASAP, or if you’re signing up to MU and need your account approved, you can reach us on Discord at Lissa#8083 or Arapocalypse#0834.

Kind regards,

Bulbagarden has attended each of the past Mafia championships, with several of our members having received honors or passed into the Semifinal rounds! Let's make sure to send another rep this year to represent the community well!

As always, the community will decide our representative. Here are the traditional rules we've followed for doing this:
  • Nominations will take place from the time this thread is posted up until the 8th of April at 11:59am PT, which gives us just over a week for nominations.
  • Anyone can nominate themselves, but each potential nominee will need to be seconded by at least one other user. Nominees may end their nomination at any time, and a list of people who are not interested can be found further along in this post. Please mention the users you would like to nominate in your nomination!
  • Once nominations close, a poll will go up with all the nominees, and users will be allowed two votes each. Voting will continue until 11:59AM PT on April 15th, with the winner being selected as our representative and the runner up standing in as backup.
  • Users must have played in at least one completed mafia game in The War Room to be eligible to participate or vote. Bulbagarden must also be your home site. It is also highly advised that you read the spoilered invitation for details on setup and logistics.
And thus the nomination process begins! Thanks once again to Mafia Universe to inviting us, and feel free to submit your nominations below. yes i copy pasted this from last year pretty much word for word, sue me im lazy


Not Interested
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As I understand it, this year it is not required to have played in the previous season, right? Just once in TWR in general.

In which case I second HumanDawn, Midorikawa and TheCapsFan.
Seconding DawningWinds and Jinjo and nominating @gentlefeather and @RavenRaziel98
I’ll second gentlefeather and Raven.

Guys, are you sure that this is a good idea?
Like, can you say We should consider this guy with a straight face?
I mean, I won't oppose, but it feels so random lmfao. I assume this is more of a "just for the sake of having more candidates" kinda thing but still, this feels like considering a 5 year old who just learned how to ride a bike without falling over as a participant for the X-Games (the comparison is actually pretty good because both situations are similarly unlikely to actually go through lol) XD
And if you seriously think that I might be a good candidate, then I think I should NOMINATE: @ExLight, since he has noticeably more of both, experience and skill, than me.
As I understand it, this year it is not required to have played in the previous season, right? Just once in TWR in general.

In which case I second HumanDawn, Midorikawa and TheCapsFan.

I volunteer @Zexy , as they clearly exist once again.

In part because I feel like you'd be fresh and tryhard coming out of retirement

Also in part because I wanna take my wife out on a date and I can't do it if she's screaming behind her PC at this MU game :D

Secondary Omnyomnyomination goes to @RavenRaziel98 . You seem capable but I'm curious to see how you play under pressure.
Oh, I'm being nominated. I don't think I'll have the time not stamina this semester for a champs, sorry guys.

I'll second Zexy tho
Hey hey, folks! Nominations are now closed, which means that voting can begin!
Everybody had two votes to divvy out as they please between the nominees. The player with the most votes will be our representative for this year, and their runner-up will be our back-up in case our representative can't make it for whatever reason.
Voting ends one week from now, so get 'em in while you can!
Hello! I’m just stopping by to say that Midorikawa’s (Mint Elv's?) ‘Mafia Championships’ game is about to start over on Mafia Universe! You can follow the game here.

This tournament is intended primarily as a social event to bring communities together, and to that end we have an active spectator chat on Discord where people from other communities are spectating their own representatives. We play along and try to solve the games on our own, make predictions and bets, and make fun of uh, I mean, cheer on the participants. Everyone is welcome to join! If you're interested, you can find our server here. (The channel is kept private to keep the players out, but you just need to ask for access and a Mod will get you in as soon as they see.)

Good luck to Midorikawa!
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