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Make a Movie for the Pokemon above

Dec 12, 2022
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  1. He/Him
Pokemon movies! These anime extensions usually only focus on one legendary or mythical. But what if the pool was opened up?

In this thread you will take the pokemon above and come up with a movie title and short plot description for the movie. You can create a movie that could be in the pokemon anime style, a parody of the existing movie, or something completely new! All other F&G rules apply.

Hmm... it seems the movie above was cancelled mid development

"Blossoming Budew" a coming of age story featuring a traveling Budew who will evolve into a beautiful Roselia (and then a Roserade) over the course of its journey

this is the concept for a comic book I started but only finished the first page of. it would be a superhero movie called Ditto Man. The basic summary is that team rocket scientists did an experiment on Giovanni that turned him into mew three. they realized the evil of their actions and ran away. they found a teenage boy working as an apprentice to Professor Oak. That boy was researching Pokemon such as Ditto that combined all the types. they combined his DNA with ditto DNA to make it so there was someone to fight mew three.

"Send it like Cinderace" A young female scorbunny grows up loving soccer and with hardship, all to eventually start the first professional female pokemon soccer team.

"From The Moon and Back"
A Clefable sudden crashes it's starship on Earth, although it enjoys the sights of the Blue Marble, it slowly grows homesick, so it recruits people to help fix said starship. The movie ends with Clefable singing goodbye to it's new friends as it flies back home

"the chosen one" a teenage boy in a fantasy world finds a legendary aegislash, and thus according to an ancient prophesy is destined to defeat this evil dictator and become the best king that ever lived.

"Night in the Old Chateau"

One night, a young girl is caught in a fierce storm within the Eterna Forest. Seeking shelter, she comes across the Old Chateau, and heads inside until the storm clears. While she tries to explore the area, a sneaky Rotom takes pleasure in pranking her by possessing the different appliances in the home, but they eventually become friends by the time the storm clears and she can finally go home.

"Fruitful friendship"

The Trevenant MC, when still a Spiritomb was very angry about dying so soon and so became spiteful and violent. This changes however, when a kid enters Trevenant's cursed forest and slowly softens it down

The Dehlmise, the Captain, and the sea

An old captain and a dehlmise run a shippping job, but become stranded. They must work together to escape and forge greater bonds than ever before

Piplup Surfing

A little Piplup, who loves surfing, has a big dream of competing in a famous surfing competition. However, everyone just laughs at him for that, but the little Piplup won't give up, even after failing miserably to impress the talent scout. Will he manage, with a huge portion of luck and the help of others, to fulfil his dream - or maybe even better?!

I know that the movie I just made for Piplup was bad, but it does need an even worse sequel, so... Prinplup?
Maybe good for you if you don't get the reference though lol
A coming-of-age movie with a munchlax who is about to become a snorlax and hibernate for the first time, so he tries to make everything perfect for the great day, mostly unsuccessfully due to his perfectionism pushing his pals away

A small wholesome story about a Spinarak who liked to make art with his webs, proudly showing them off to everyone around him, encouraging his fellow spider bros to try and make art too, encouraging creativity.

A movie about a young pangoro who has to choose between his rough but ultimately good spirited dark type friends or his family's fighting type dojo, eventually learning that he must embrace both

Bidoof (Besides bidoofs big break: the supercut of course)
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