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Make Up a Mirror verse character


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Jul 11, 2012
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Episode 37 got very popular, after seeing the mirror XY group, now let's our own make up mirror verse characters.

Here are mine as an example:

Mirror Korrina is nonathletic, is a nerd and hates Lucario. She has good thinking skills. And she hates being a gym leader and would rather stay home and read all day long.

Mirror Max is not a know it all and excepts the fact he is a child.

Mirror Cilan likes girls, is not very smart, and doesn’t cook.
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Mirror Iris dislikes being around nature and is hopeless at battling.

Mirror Axew is a complete donkey's rear of a powerhouse.
Mirror Paul tries to seek as much company as possible and spends his journey petting and feeding Poké Puffs to his Pokémon.
Mirror Brock lets his silbings do whatever they want at home, and spends his time watching TV and microwaving fast food for them and his friends.
Mirror Looker is your average American cop, Chief Wiggum stereotype.
Mirror Tracey is an unwilling hyperactive guy who loves writing and is always bragging about how good he is at it. Even if he isn't.
Mirror Brock is as stated above, plus he has no interest in girls.
Mirror Misty has a calm temper and is in no way shy about her crush on Mirror Ash.
Mirror Gary idolizes Mirror Ash and always looks to him for advice.
Mirror-Emolga hates apples and doesn't know attract and as as tough as a battler as Mirror-Snivy.
Mirror-Charizard is loyal and obedient, but would rather be babied by Ash rather than battling.

Mirror-May wouldn't really care for Contests and instead focuses on the usual League badges.

Mirror-Palpitoad would win battles.
Mirror Psyduck is a quantum physicist.
Mirror Totodile is lazy and apathetic. And so is Mirror Pachirisu.
Mirror Chikorita/Bayleef hates Ash.
Mirror Barry offers to pay everyone he runs into.
Mirror world Cameron is really negative;- he is a huge know-it-all, however he finds knowing a lot boring. He also shoots down anybody who can not do a thing right or he believes does not have a chance in something (including himself) mirror Ash getting hit the most by this because of his timidness. It is due to this he and mirror Cameron have an extremely bitter rivalry. His Riolu is unable to evolve into Lucario because of mirror Cameron's negativity putting a strain on their bond, Riolu hates his trainer's attitude and from this the both of them constantly argue.

Mirror world Trip is a gentleman who's friendly to everybody he meets, he's constantly supporting the timid mirror Ash and encourages him to do his best. Mirror Trip also hates photography as he doesn't consider it 'real' art and he prefers to paint an oil-painting picture to capture the likeness of a scene, he will always politely ask a person first before he paints their portrait. The stuff on hating photography was thought up by someone on Tumblr on a post of mine about mirror world personalities for all of the Unova rivals, I really liked it and decided to borrow it.

Mirror world Virgil is clumsy and is terrible at his job as a rescue worker, however he has a happy-go-lucky persona which causes him to laugh off his mistakes. Mirror Davey, his big brother, always has to come in and fix his errors.
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Mirror Gary is really humble and not arrogant, and he doesn't like work ( particularly researching).
Mirror Misty is a nicey nice girl who trains bugs and fears water types because of an incident that involved her drowning. She bottles up all of her emotions.
Mirror Ritchie is like the real Paul.
Mirror Brock finds girls icky, and doesn't like the idea of breeding because it's "sissy-ish".
Mirror Brock falls in love with every Don George he sees.

Mirror Iris trains only Ice types and despises Dragons. She's also calm, sweet and very respectful of those around her. She would never, ever call anyone who is enthusiastic about something "a kid". Instead, she's just glad that they're happy.

Mirror Axew is actually a Vanilluxe that can whip anything within sight.
Mirror Giovanni: As the head of Mirror Team Rocket , he loves all his Pokémon(expect his Persian he really does not like it) and thinks of Pokémon as superior to himself and wants nothing more to help his fellow man learn to help and bond Pokémon better, even lose all his life earning. He cares so much about his employee to clingy levels which mostly annoy the heck out of them especially his favorites the Trio who especially do not care for him and just working for him so they can be hero's.

Mirror Butch and Cassidy: Cassidy worships the ground her idol Jessie walks on. Butch can't rember his own name and very thankful that complete strangers and Cassidy have to remind about it.

Mirror Delia: Is a real grouch who never worries about her kid.
Mirror Paul treats his Pokémon like family.

Mirror Misty does not mind that her bike was fried; she never liked it anyways. She also loves bugs.

Mirror Dawn and her Pokémon don't like Contests as much, so they focus on the League instead.
Mirror Brock has a "eww, girls have cooties" mindset and believes baby pokemon come delivered from a magical Pelipper instead of eggs made from Pokemon doing you know.
Mirror Dawn wears pants, doesn't particularly care about her appearance and uses all her pokemon equally
Mirror Cilan is reserved but clumsy and cooks terrible food
Mirror Max is humble and only shares knowledge if asked
Mirror Paul is patient and speaks highly of everyone he battles with
Mirror Ash's Torterra wins battles
Mirror Psyduck can swim, shoot through the air at high speeds and is the ultimate badass the world has ever seen
Mirror Pikachu is as it is in the episode, but it wants to evolve into Raichu.
Mirror Oak doesn't want to give out starters and wants his assistants to give the starters to the new trainers.
Mirror Iris says Mirror Ash is a grown up.
Mirror Bianca always avoids Mirror Ash so he can't fall into water.
Mirror Squirtle didn't want to make the Squirtle Squad, but the other Mirror Squirtles forced him to do it
Mirror Officer Jenny Didn't want to be an officer,and totally wants to be with Mirror Brock.
Mirror Tracey's artistic skills haven't progressed beyond drawing stick figures.
Concept behind this topic sounds interesting and i would like to add how mirror world from Kalos is so far my favorite XY episode. Amount of creativity and cleverly designed characterization presented there left on me positive impressions enjoying in it thoroughly.
Makes me abit jealous we never got chance to see how other characters we like would be portrayed as complete opposite from which they really are though.

So down below im going to do quick description of what opposite from each main character in behavior would be(excluding TR, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie and Ash of course since we already were privileged to see one of variations on that theme).

So in no specific order:
Brock- he would have aversion toward young pretty girls. Viewing them as manipulative and obnoxious using their physical attributes to get what they want. Drawing roots from his bad experience in past ending betrayed by them.

He would also be pretty bad cook not knowing how to form decent meal mixing up wrong ingredients, overburning food etc. Not being person to rely on in this aspect.

May- she would be bratty, temperament and conceited. Wouldnt be most gentle and caring person you would run into. For career path she would unlike real version try to gather father attention proving herself to be worthy of succeeding his place as Petalburg gym leader developing rivalry with her brother who would be striving for same position too in this version of character.

Max- would have rivalry with his older sister over proving himself as more knowledgeable and appropriate person to run gym once Norman retires or goes on higher position among class of trainers. Going on journey with his sister and Ash to become more experienced and skilled as trainer.

He would be rarely cynical or lofty about his knowledge expressing his tips and disagreements in polite, respectful way, unless May is in question retaining some of that real world banter and spats well known going between them.
Max would also in this version be athletic in top form kid which would have no problems in jumping on trees, runnning fast etc. Not wearing glasses.

Dawn- her view on world would be pessimistic. She would be type of girl which is closed up in herself. Dont express feelings very often and kinda disinterested in everything, to the point of almost appearing as letargic. She would also not care about her hairstyle and appearance dressing up randomly and not being scared of mud and dirt.

Misty- would be quiet and shy girl. Highly insecure, very kind and sweet rarely lashing out her anger on anyone. She would have paranoia and deep rooted hate developed for water and water pokemon due to tragic incidents in past causing that her parents end up missing on open sea while traveling(probably dying).

She would also be uninterested in romance and love viewing it as waste of time but wouldnt hesitate in wearing dress or working on improving looks, while lacking courage to take initiative and be part of action in stopping villains or pokemon unlike her real life counterpart. Would rather play with other pokemon species than using them for battling viewing it as cruel and inconsiderate way of abusing their thrust. With her goal being to become pokemon groomer , instead of high class trainer/type master in world.

Cilan- would be in mirror world treated as outcast by his other two brothers. Deemed as weak and incompetent trainer lacking talent and knowledge to be good gym leader. He would still want to become S class connoisseur, but wouldn't have faith and motivation to posess what he truly needs to become recognized and acknowledged for his abilities to find perfect match for pokemon trainers as far as pokemon goes reading their bond properly.

Burgundy/Cabernet would be miles ahead of him in this profession and he would by taking lessons from her on how to become better connoisseur.

Iris- would be featured by high level of politeness and reverence toward anyone around her. She wouldn't question anyone abilities or be cynical showing through her example how to display good manners. She would be both ice and dragon type specialized trainer trying to reconcile differences between what appears completely incompatible. And through use of ice types better understand their strong points over dragons allowing to find better counter measures to this.

Tracey- his dreams would be to become pokemon champion joining Ash and co on travels to explore world, meet other strong trainers and work on better understanding pokemon constructing strong bond with them.

He would be difficult person to deal with mostly because of being overly too talkative, annoying with various questions and theories popping out on his mind. Regarding certain wild pokemon, trainer, professors or landscape they run across during travels. Causing him to get into clash with his traveling friends expressing frustration and complaints about his behavior. Not realizing his flaws or having hard time acknowledghing them being of view how hes not doing anything wrong.

This are my versions of mirror world main traveling companions of Ash from pokemon. Some may seem out of range and crazy, but i decided to let my imagination run wild. Which should be purpose of this thread afterall.
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Mirror Iris is a polite, sheltered girl, hates getting dirty and grew up in a high tech industrial city.
Mirror Barry moves and talks about as fast as Treebeard from Lord of the Rings.
Mirror Harley radiates sheer manliness like a Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann character and walks around shirtless all the time with his six pack abs constantly consuming slabs of red meat and beer.
Mirror Hunter J is a human bounty hunter who chases criminals
Mirror Looker is the Pokemon world's equivalent of The Joker.
Mirror Everyone can remember and pronounce Mirror Butch's and Mirror Stephan's names correctly but mess up Mirror Cassidy and Mirror Trip's names constantly.
Mirror TRio would be protecting the world from mirror jennys (members of villanous teams). And mirror Giovanni would be a Scientist researching on pokémon and master balls. Mirror N would try to encourage deep relationships between human and pokémons.
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