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Mana Mana! Man-a-phy!

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The 20th, huh? At least that will shut up people saying they would only reveal it when D/P is close to release. English names of movie people. Jackie and the Phantom kept their names. I was not expecting them to be all lol Manaphy, but I really should have. :p
Hiromi is Lizabeth..........

And such a tease using the Rayquaza pic....-_-
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Nevermind Rayquaza, the tease is everything being shown Widescreen.
Manaphy code to be revealed Jan. 20: Pokémon.com opens section of site devoted to leg

Pokémon.com today announced that the code needed to obtain a Manaphy egg in Pokémon Ranger will be revealed in full Jan. 20. More information on the ninth movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, was provided, including character names.

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