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GO Microtransactions in Pokemon GO

I hope that the microtransactions are an optional part of the game, for one thing. You should be able to play and enjoy without spending your fortune.

(Please don't make the higher-end pokéballs require spending real world monies...)
I would hope thats not the case. I am sorta thinking there will be exclusive stuff to microtransactions though(perhaps Pokemon as much as I dread the idea of that) or like Master Balls. People arent going to want to spend money every time they need Pokeballs so I would hope you dont have to pay for basic things like that. Its hard to know now how it will work.
I'm more worried about great and ultra balls.
Tapped Out (the FTP Simpsons game) has events where you can do quests and unlock characters without paying money. Once the event is over, the characters you didn't unlock are available in the store for donuts. (You buy donuts with real money or earn them in the rare in-game events) And occasionally, you could get the characters through events again next year.

I would like to see Go to something like this: you can catch Arceus during an Arbor Day event. if you miss the event, it'll be available for purchase until the next Arbor Day event. Pokemon wouldn't be completely locked out for people unwilling to play, but would serve as an incentive to pay if you didn't feel like waiting.
My predictons:

Poke Balls - $0.29 each, $1.29 for a bundle of 5, $2.49 for a bundle of 10
Great Balls - $0.49 each, $2.29 for a bundle of 5, $3.99 for a bundle of 10
Ultra Balls - $0.69 each, $3.29 for a bundle of 5, $5.99 for a bundle of 10

Items such as Potions and Full Heals may also require real money to purchase.
Companies rarely sell items for money directly. Rather they sell you premium points and you then use those in cash shops to get game items. It's a trick to make people value their money a lot less and hence be willing to part with it far easier, and it's surprisingly effective.

Basic functionality of the game (like Pokeball throwing) will no doubt be free. The best "pay 2 win" games from Japan can actually be played fairly nicely without paying anything at all, since you earn said premium points over time by participating in game events/logging on often. They'll no doubt find ways to milk money from the highly competitive players but I think we can rest easy knowing that they won't be too terrible on the average/casual players who know what they are doing.
If they play smartly that's likely to be how it is, yeah.
I feel like they're going to try to get money from this app more forcefully than Shuffle, Rumble, and PTCGO. The target audience here seems to be older considering the choice of actors in their trailer (compared to ORAS, which used kids) and the obvious Gen I nostalgia focus.
I guess they did say "in-app purchases" and not "microtransactions". It's possible that it works like Pokedex for iOS, where there are several one-time purchases of expansion content available, but no consistent payments for in-game currency or items (like in Pokemon Shuffle). I think the latter is more likely, but I really hope it's the former.
Getting in-game currency faster or other similar aspects could be made to work right if there are slower but workable way to get the currency otherwise.
Of the official f2p Pokemon games I've played (PTCGO and Shuffle), I haven't had to spend a single dime to enjoy the game. I don't think we should worry about TPC, Nintendo, or Game Freak screwing this up even if attempts at getting us to spend money is greater than that of Shuffle and PTCGO.
They only confirmed in-app purchases, right? Well, I'm sounding like a broken record by comparing Go to Pokédex for iOS but it really is the only predecessor out there to compare it to. And in-app purchases aren't the same as micro-transactions.

And in Pokédex for iOS, all you had to do was pay for the app itself ($1.99) which is nullified here in Go, as the app is free. But the other in-app purchases where the other Pokémon, as you started out with Unova Pokémon in iOS.

Since Go's commercial showed nothing but Kanto, I could definitely see it being as close to a main series game as possible (minus the whole story, plot, gym badges and evil teams), but only using Kanto Pokémon. At least until you buy the other five regions for more money, like in iOS (where they each cost $5.99 and is still missing Kalos)
If the go the cash grabbing route: A currency that can only be bought with real money and gets you the higher end items like ultra balls and full heals. (Like 99% of all games on the AppStore):ching:
If they go for a less cash grabby route: There is only 1 currency that is earned by battling and is earned at a resonable rate. But you can still buy it for real money.:sweatlol:
I hope you get pokedollars by battling and such, plus walking or doing quests, and logging in and stuff, then you can also buy it but not mich
Please no micro-transactions... unless it's something purely cosmetic at most...
Agree with above, hopefully only cosmetics. But I dont think thats likely. The "you have to pay to get access to non-Kanto pokemon" theory sounds far more likely. If they couple that with in-game currency, which you have the possibility to buy, then they could make loads of cash.
I hope that there won't be option to actually purchase Pokémon in any way, only by catching them or trading. If they make such option the game kinda lost its fun and meaning. It would be nice to get maybe three-five Pokéballs daily without any charge and that you can purchase other better Pokéballs via some in-game currency that you earn by batteling other people or even catching the Pokémons. I am willing to pay for the bracelet and I kinda hope that it's the reason for making some (if not all) items free from real-life money. It's fine by me to get maybe some extra in-game items if you purchase the bracelet, but not too much. However this would be a perfect scenario for me, I hope so much the game won't be or become pay-to-win.
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