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More Generation V localizations revealed: Munna keeps name, others get new titles

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It's amazing that unlike the Japanese info reveal, Gigalith is one of the revealed Pokemon in addition to the others.

Not really - the Japanese releases tend to be more strict about these things.
Not really - the Japanese releases tend to be more strict about these things.

I see. But still, I expected the information reveal to be parallel, so this is a treat for me. I guess they wanted to showcase the new effect for Sturdy, and Gigalith was the Pokemon to do this even in Japan, because I guess he/she's the most awesome one of them all.

Thanks for reading.
To me the one name that I really don't care for is Pidove. The rest I like. My favorites are Sandile and Darmanitan.
I see. But still, I expected the information reveal to be parallel, so this is a treat for me.
By parallel, do you mean the fact that all these Pokémon (minus Gigalith) were revealed together? If so, yeah, I noticed it too.
I don't see why you guys don't like Juniper... It's a tree and it's probably better sounding then Professer Yew.

The other names are fine. Although Darmanitan's name was confusing, but I thought of Orangutan, and it makes more sense. Although Darumatan could have worked.

I think Wild Bolt received a name change as well, it's apparently listed as "Wild Charge" on Blitzle's page.
I'm really surprised they didn't keep Gear, it's simple enough you figure they would have.
Even with simple names the translators probably still wanted variety.

It's the same with pokemon like Magnemite (known as Coil in Japan) and the legendary birds (they were just elements).

Overall I'm impressed, since I'm assume coming up with a name for Hihidaruma would of been hard.
Here's a handy cheat sheet:
Klink... Please NoA, do NOT turn Gigigiaru into "Colonel Klink", then. The other names seem quite good to me, though.
I imagine, given that this is the case, that they're going to do something similar to the Japanese and do "Kiklink" and "Kikliklink."

Oh please no....I can't even begin to pronounce that last name, it hurts just to look at that name.

Kik kek klika klink? Wha? Help me...*collapses from headache*
I like the names. Especially Klink and Darmanitan. I'll have to get used to Juniper though.
My favourites of the new names would have to be Klink, Gigalith and Minccino (Didn't like it at first but like it now that I know how to pronounce it)

I like the german name for Hiun City, Stratos City :3 Castelia is cool though.

  • Pidlove: Awkward name...but I'm actually having Deja Vu with this one though....maybe someone suggested it?
  • Big Pecks: *snicker* DAHAHAHAA *falls*
  • Sandile: Obvious name is Obvious?
  • Moxie: I like that one.
  • Blitzle: I don't get it , but I didn't know what this one's japanese name was anyway.
  • minnicino: Eh.....don't see the point in changing chillarmy, but i still think it's ok.
  • Klink: What was wrong with Gear? too literal?
  • darmitan: Meh. it's ok.
  • Gigalith: Again, Obvious name is Obvious.
  • Castellia: I like it.
  • Prof. Juniper: Lol, I originally read that as "jupiter". And Yew trees and Juniper trees are both Conifers so it works out.
Minnicino keeps making me think Mincino, which is a common Italian last name. Now I can't stop picturing Chillarmy with a paint brush and palette sitting amidst the Renaissance. Gah.

Sandile fits well! Darmanitan and Blitzle I also like as well. Gonna need time to get used to the rest of them. Blitzle makes me think Buizel, though... no idea why.
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