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My Fakemon region and whatnot.

Which part of the world should our new Fakemon region be based on?

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The Starter trio of Sekwi consists of......

Melgrowth: The Leaf Turkey Pokémon (Grass/Flying throughout its line)
Kindllama: The Flame Wool Pokémon (Fire, eventually becoming Fire/Steel after evolving twice)
Splashrimp: The Blue Plankton Pokémon (Water, becomes Water/Ice upon its first evolution)

Hopes and Dreams will be the hypothetical "Version" names, and legendary mascots are

Misawzure: A Ground/Fairy type based on Babe, the blue ox that travelled the lands alongside the folk hero Paul Bunyan. Pokémon Hopes mascot! This Pokémon is said to appear during times of great strife in the Sekwi region, and is seen as a sign of good hope.
Crimtulu: a Dark/Water type based on the octopus-dragon-man Cthulhu. Pokémon Dreams mascot! This Pokémon is said to enter the nightmares of people and Pokémon alike all over Sekwi, helping them fight their fears and insecurities in the dream world.
A few early area Pokémon you will more than likely find in the Sekwi region include:
Angroose: The Small Goose Pokémon
A pure Flying-type Pokémon , that, either stays year-round or just stops in the Sekwi region during their annual migrations. They are known to be assertive towards inexperienced Trainers, so be careful! Despite not becoming either Type when it evolves, Angroose can learn a fair amount of Dark-type and Water-type moves.
Colubirb: The Hummingbird Pokémon
These Pokémon are Fairy/Flying-types and help pollinate all sorts of plants throughout Sekwi. They are very fast and small, so keep your eyes peeled, Trainers!

Possneak: A Troll Possum Pokémon
This Normal-type Pokémon may pretend to faint to avoid battles if need be. Despite not becoming Ghost-type or Poison-type when it evolves, Possneak can learn some useful moves from those types!
Gulotyke: The Weasel Dog Pokémon
A Dark-type Pokémon that is rather rare in Sekwi, it has a voracious appetite and is not too keen on sharing its food with anybody!
Some info on the first partner Pokémon of the Pumoja region!

Hynerba: The Plant Cub Pokémon
Type: Grass
This Pokémon is highly intelligent, despite its looks and the fact that it smells like bitter herbs. Its jaw strength can turn small rocks into dust.

Kifembru: The Tiny Rhino Pokémon
Type: Fire
Kifembru's horns, while small, are very hot to the touch. It has relatively poor eyesight and can easily be angered.

Bubbloon: The Water Monkey Pokémon
Type: Water
Bubbloon live in large groups, and may view humans as beneath them if you feed them. These Pokémon are depicted in Pumojan fables causing mischief near watering holes.

If you're a new Trainer beginning your journey in the Pumoja region.... Here are some Pokémon you may encounter.

Dumadash: The Cheetah Pokémon
Type: Normal
Dumadash are known for their speed. Ancient Pumojans would tame this Pokémon to deliver messages across long distances. They can be shy, however.

Tottobirb: The Parrot Chick Pokémon
Type: Flying
These Pokémon wear their eggshells like a bib. They are very loud when hungry, and can eat twice its weight in berries every day.

Rassatel: The Honey Badger Pokémon
Type: Poison
Rassatel are known to pick fights with Pyroar and Krookodile, and win. You can smell these Pokémon coming from a mile away.

Evilarva: The Maggot Pokémon
Type: Bug/Dark
This Pokémon are known to bite humans and much larger Pokémon to drain their energy. If an Evilarva looks like it's drank its fill, it is close to evolving.
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