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New Moves for Old Pokemon

Ghost Diplocaulus

Detroit SMAAAASH! Eevee style.
Sep 22, 2020
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A while ago we were teased with the return of some of Ash's Pokemon from past sagas, something that many were justifiably excited over as the last time Ash called upon his reserves was in the DPP saga, which was about a decade and a half ago. So yeah, this was a long overdue treat. One thing that makes the return of old Pokemon exciting is that they frequently end up having learned new moves during their absence, which makes seeing them fight again after so long extra fun. With this in mind, which of Ash's past Pokemon would you like to see get new moves? Do you have any specific moves you'd like to see, and if so why? And which old moves should be forgotten to make room for the new ones? I have a few examples of my own:

Corphish- I'd like to see it learn Crunch and Iron Defense, and these moves would respectively replace Vise Grip and Harden, since they would work as stronger variations of those.

Buizel- Ditch Water Gun for Aqua Tail and Sonic Boom for Swift or Razor Wind. The first because I want Buizel to have a stronger STAB move and I thought Aqua Tail would be fitting due to how long Buizel's tails are, while Swift/Razor Wind act as stronger Normal-type coverage than Sonic Boom, which to me always felt rather underwhelming.

Torterra- Give it Bulldoze and Stone Edge to replace Rock Climb and Sythesis. Bulldoze is mainly so Torterra can have a move to use its secondary STAB with, and since Earthquake is banned from the anime, Bulldoze is the next best option imo; since Torterra lost all the ability to fight as a speedster once it evolved, I think it would be sweet justice and irony if Torterra learned a move that reduces the opponent's speed instead. Stone Edge is mainly there for coverage. Rock Climb and Synthesis are the moves I'd like to see go because they often hindered Torterra in battle far more than they helped, especially the former.

Unfezant- Yes, yes, everyone and their mom hates this bird because of how weak and pathetic she was, but you know what? If anything that just makes Unfezant even more deserving of a makeover. She definitely needs an improvement the most out of Ash's Pokemon, and recall that Noctowl was once in a very similar position to Unfezant (regional bird that barely appeared and was only helpful during a single battle in its saga) before Sinnoh came to the rescue with a vastly improved moveset that allowed Noctowl to defeat a powerful League opponent. I say throw Unfezant a similar bone. As for the moves I'd like to see her learn, I went for Night Slash and Heat Wave, which would replace Air Cutter and Gust respectively. Night Slash because it would synergize well with Super Luck (and also because the way its animated in Journeys does look a bit like how Air Cutter was animated back in BW), and Heat Wave because it's better than Gust in literally every way, and because I could see Ash's birds learning stuff from each other, and perhaps Unfezant could have learned this move after watching Talonflame's fire attacks in action. Both moves also provide coverage.

Snivy- Grass Pledge. I'll admit to not knowing which move she should forget in favor of this one, but I just want her to learn this because it never made sense to me that Pignite learned Fire Pledge but the other Unova starters never learned their respective Pledges.

Oshawott- Water Pledge for the exact same reason as Snivy. And I also don't know which attack he should forget either.

Donphan- High Horsepower so that it can have a STAB move that's visually distinct from Torterra's. Since the last time we saw Donphan it was only seen using Rollout it's kind of unclear what its full moveset was, so I'm not sure which move should be replaced, but I guess if it were up to me Donphan's new moveset would be High Horsepower, Defense Curl, Rollout, and Take-Down.

Gliscor- Replace either Stone Edge or Giga Impact with Acrobatics. I just want Gliscor to have a real STAB move, but giving it a Ground-type one that fit was tricky, so I settled for just Flying for now, and I think Acrobatics would be the best fit since it would be the logical next step after that aerial training it received. I'm torn over whether Stone Edge or Giga Impact should go to make way for Acrobatics, though: on one hand the way Stone Edge is currently animated might clash with Gliscor's aerial fighting style, but on the other hand the way Gliscor used Giga Impact was already sorta reminiscent of Acrobatics, meaning it might be redundant to keep the two.

And that's just a small sample of my wishlist (I want most of Ash's old Pokemon to get new moves, lol), but it's the ones that come to mind the most for now. So are there any new moves you'd like to see Ash's old Pokemon use?
Greninja- Night Slash instead of Cut
We all talk about how Greninja should have Night Slash instead of Cut, but do you wanna know something extremely funny?

This is the Greninja we get in the games that has the ability Battle Bond. It's obviously based off Ash's own Greninja, but there's one singular difference. Can you spot it?

Yep. The moveset is nearly the same except that Cut got replaced with Night Slash.

And the worst/best thing is that it makes a lot of sense for this to happen. It used Cut ever since it was a Froakie, so gaining a Dark type in it's final evolution, and upgradding a cutting/slashing attack with a stronger, Dark version of it just seems like the most logical step. It's an absolute no-brainer.

So I have an theory that they did wanted to give it this move in the anime. But I guess ''Crossroad Killing'' wouldn't ''fit'' Greninja's ''chivalry'' theme so I assume executivies interfered, but man, it should've gotten it.
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I did it for all of the old Pokémon Ash still owns/is in the care of another trainer.

Bulbasaur learns Body Slam and Sunny Day, replaces Leech Seed and Razor Leaf.
Charizard relearns Seismic Toss, also learning Hurricane and Thunder Punch, replacing Wing Attack, Slash, and Dragon Breath.
Squirtle learns Ice Punch, Protect, and Shell Smash, replacing Water Gun, Skull Bash, and Rapid Spin.
Kingler learns Liquidation, Metal Claw, and Rock Slide, replacing Water Gun, Bubble, and Hyper Beam.
Primeape learns Bulk Up, Fire Punch, and Close Combat, replacing Scratch, Mega Kick, and Seismic Toss.
Muk learns Rock Slide and Fire Blast.
Tauros learns Iron Head, Stomping Tantrum, Zen Headbutt, and Mega Horn, replaces all their old moves.
Snorlax learns Giga Impact and Earthquake.
Heracross learns Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, and Brick Break, replacing Horn Attack, Sleep Talk, and Hyper Beam.
Bayleaf learns Magical Leaf, Seed Bomb, and Synthesis, replacing Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, and Headbutt.
Quilava learns Howl and Wild Charge, replacing Flamethrower and Aerial Ace.
Totodile learns Hydro Pump, Crunch, Ice Fang, and Dragon Dance, replaces all their old moves.
Noctowl learns Nasty Plot, Future Sight, and Psychic, replacing Sky Attack, Extrasensory, and their unknown fourth move.
Donphan learns High Horsepower, Earth Power, and Head Smash, replacing Take Down, Defense Curl, and Hyper Beam.
Swellow learns Air Slash, Steel Wing, and Mirror Move, replacing Peck, Quick Attack, and Double Team.
Sceptile learns X-Scissor, Dual Chop, and Night Slash, replacing Quick Attack, Leaf Storm, and their unknown fourth move.
Corphish learns Mud Shot, Endure, and Ancient Power, replacing Bubble Beam, Vise Grip, and Harden.
Torkoal learns Body Press and Earth Power, replacing Body Slam and Flamethrower.
Glalie learns Crunch, Shadow Ball, and Gyro Ball, replacing Icy Wind, Double Team, and Headbutt.
Staraptor learns Swagger, replacing Quick Attack.
Torterra learns Earthquake and Stone Edge, replacing Rock Climb and Synthesis.
Infernape learns Power-Up Punch, replacing Mach Punch.
Buizel learns Hydro Pump and Swift, replacing Water Gun and Sonic Boom.
Gliscor learns Cross Poison, Sky Attack, and Iron Tail, replacing X-Scissor, Fire Fang, and Stone Edge.
Gible learns Iron Head and Shadow Claw, replacing Dragon Pulse and Rock Smash.
Unfezant learns Air Slash, Feather Dance, U-Turn, and Morning Sun, replaces all their old moves.
Oshawott learns Detect, Swords Dance, and Sacred Sword, replacing Tackle, Aqua Jet, and Hydro Pump.
Pignite learns Head Smash and Superpower, replacing Flamethrower and Brick Break.
Snivy’s move-set doesn’t change.
Scraggy learns Work Up and Iron Head, replacing Leer and Headbutt.
Leavanny learns Grass Whistle, replacing a Razor Leaf.
Palpitoad learns Earth Power and Muddy Water, replacing Mud Shot and Supersonic.
Boldore learns Body Press and Iron Defense, replacing Sandstorm and Rock Smash.
Krookodile learns Swagger and Foul Play, replacing Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace.
Talonflame learns Flare Blitz and Roost, replacing Flame Charge and Razor Wind.
Hawlucha learns Aerial Ace, replacing Karate Chop.
Noivern learns Air Slash, Shadow Claw, and Dragon Rush, replacing Supersonic, Acrobatics, and Dragon Claw.
Rowlet learns Sleep Talk, replacing Razor Leaf.
Lycanroc learns Crunch, replacing Bite.
Incineroar learns Darkest Lariat, Throat Chop, Cross Chop, and Flare Blitz, replaces all their old moves.
Melmetal learns Thunder Punch, Heavy Slam, and Giga Impact, replacing Flash Cannon and their two unknown moves.

This took me like two hours.
-Charizard: replace Slash back with Seismic Toss

-Squirtle: replace Water Gun with Ice Beam

-Heracross: replace Horn Attack with Close Combat

-Bayleef: replace Razor Leaf with Energy Ball

-Totodile: replace Scary Face with Aqua Tail

-Donphan: replace Take Down with Bulldoze

-Swellow: replace Peck with Air Slash

-Sceptile: replace Quick Attack with Dragon Pulse

-Corphish: replace Harden with Protect

-Glalie: replace Icy Wind with Blizzard

-Torterra: replace Rock Climb with Earth Power

-Infernape: replace Mach Punch with Close Combat/Focus Blast

-Buizel: replace Sonic Boom with Iron Tail

-Gliscor: replace Stone Edge with Sandstorm/Tailwind

-Unfezant: replace Gust with Hurricane

-Oshawott: replace Tackle with Revenge

-Pignite: replace Fire Pledge with Head Smash

-Scraggy: replace Leer with Knock Off

-Greninja: replace Cut with Night Slash

-Talonflame: replace Flame Charge with Heat Wave

-Goodra: replace Bide with Power Whip

-Noivern: replace Dragon Claw with Draco Meteor

-Lycaroc: replace Bite with Thunder Fang

-Incineroar: replace Fire Fang with Darkest Lariat

-Melmetal: replace one of its unknown moves with Superpower
For Kalos/Alola:
- Greninja: Cut —> night slash
- Talonflame: Bring back razor wind since he barely used it, maybe replace flame charge as well but it’s still fine as is.
- Hawlucha: Could replace karate chop with aerial ace but then replace it on Greninja too (hydro pump maybe?). This would be neat for dual stab but it’s not necessary. Alternatively, bulk up could be fun since they also stated how it could get stronger by taking its opponents’ attacks (against Alain’s Weavile).
- Goodra: Bide, ice beam —> aqua tail, sludge bomb. His moveset could definitely use more variety and aqua tail is boosted by rain dance.
- Noivern: Supersonic —> air slash. Boomburst is a step up and he could use stronger flying stab anyway.
- Lycanroc: All good but could replace bite with crunch.
- Incineroar: Fire Fang, flame charge —> Darkest lariat, flare blitz. Darkest lariat is the natural move upon evolution whilst flare blitz is a step up from flame charge that suits its new power > speed battle style. Fire blast and revenge are good on their own imo and keep Ash’s unique from Kukui’s.
- Melmetal: Bring back harden since it improves its defensive ability and teach it thunderpunch for more coverage (it also learns this upon evolution in the games).
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Beat me to it, but I'll throw my additions in too. =P

Gary's Blastoise: Replace Water Gun with Zen Headbutt or Aqua Tail. No reason for it to have both Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon while also still having Water Gun for some reason. (And replace Bite with Crunch, assuming it still has it.)
Gary's Electivire: Replace Protect with Electroweb. I know Pikachu has it already, but that's exactly why I like it, it's proven to be a versatile and interesting defensive move.
Gary's Umbreon: Poor thing doesn't even have one Dark-type attack. I think Dark Pulse or Foul Play could be good choices if it shows up in the future.
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Unfortunately, Earthquake isn't an option for anybody. It alongside Magnitude and Fissure have been banned from being depicted in the anime ever since AG's Whiscash episode.
Crap, you're totally right, thanks for pointing that out because I forgot about that. I was thinking of Stone Edge visually and got the two mixed up. I'll change that to Aqua Tail or Zen Headbutt instead.
Attract is Snivy's gimmick. I wouldn't really like to imagine Ash's Snivy without Attract.
Yeah, I get it, but that move was never that reliable. I mean, if she goes against a female or genderless opponent, it's completely useless.

And besides, there's absolutely no need for 3 Grass moves. I know that this line's movepool is extremely bad, but c'mon, Vine Whip? She already has Leaf Blade as her close-ranged STAB move. At least something else would be better.
Also, I know that JN is not over yet so there's some chance for it to change, but Lucario's moveset is pretty bad. I mean, if it goes against a Ghost type it's completely useless.

-Keep Aura Sphere. It's pratically it's signature move anyways and is a good, reliable move for long-ranged attacks;
-Either Metal Claw, Bullet Punch or Meteor Mash as the close-ranged, Steel move, instead of Force Palm;
-Double Team is not a perfect move imo, but it can be good for strategies, otherwise something such as Work Up can work;
-Honestly, the last move should be Shadow Claw. C'mon guys: a Fighting type that has acess to a Ghost move???? Too good to pass on tbh. It will go instead of Reversal.
Everyone's made some really good suggestions! I have a few more of mine as well (new moves are ictalized):

Bulbasaur- Solar Beam, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Double-Edge. Solar Beam is Bulbasaur's flagship move, so I think it should stay. Power Whip serves as a stronger version of Vine Whip. Sludge Bomb is secondary STAB. Double-Edge is strong Normal-type coverage.

Squirtle- Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Skull Bash, Ice Beam. The first three are either essential or signature moves for Squirtle, so I'm letting it keep them (Squirtle is also notably the only Pokemon whose Water Gun and Hydro Pump look visually distinct from one another whereas on everything else the latter just looks like a bigger and stronger version of the former), so Ice Beam is the only new addition that serves as coverage.

Charizard- Flamethrower, Dual Wingbeat, Dragon Claw, Scorching Sands. Dual Wingbeat and Dragon Claw serve as stronger replacements for Wing Attack and Dragon Tail respectively, while Scorching Sands is fun and unique coverage.

The Tauros Hivemind (lumping them all together because it's impossible to tell if it's always been the same Tauros battling each time or if it's always a different one)- Body Slam, High Horsepower, Zen Headbutt, Stone Edge. Body Slam for a STAB move with decent power that may potentially get boosted if any of Ash's Tauros have Sheer Force as their Ability, High Horsepower and Zen Headbutt for strong coverage that fit with Tauros's fighting style of "ram headfirst into everything until it surrenders or stops moving", and Stone Edge serves as a long-ranged attack.

Muk- Body Slam, Gunk Shot, Shadow Sneak, and Acid Armor as the new moves. Gunk Shot is stronger than Slugde Bomb and runs off of Muk's higher Attack, Shadow Sneak can help when facing fast opponents and serve as a long-ranged strike, and Acid Armor exacerbates Muk's defensive capabilities.

Kingler- Crabhammer, Brine, Stomping Tantrum, X-Scissor. Crabhammer is the signature move of crustacean-based Pokemon, so I think it should stay. Brine serves as a way to keep Kingler's bubble foam that's distinct from Corphish's Bubble Beam and could come in handy against weakened opponents. Stomping Tantrum is so Kingler can use a variant of Stomp that'd hit Electric-types while X-Scissor is anti-Grass coverage that takes advantage of Kingler's huge pincers.

Heracross- Megahorn, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Rock Blast. Megahorn stays because of course it does, it's Heracross's signature move. Close Combat is Fighting-type STAB. Aerial Ace and Rock Blast are coverage, and the later serves as a long-ranged option.

Bayleef- Body Slam, Vine Whip, Magical Leaf, Ancient Power. I like Body Slam and Vine Whip because they've proven very useful for Bayleef in battle and have been used very tactically in move combos, so they stay. Magical Leaf is a stronger alternative to Razor Leaf that's still a leaf-based attack. Ancient Power is coverage.

Totodile- Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Superpower. If Oshawott was allowed to get Hydro Pump, there's no reason Totodile shouldn't also learn it as well. Aqua Tail comes off Totodile's higher Attack. Ice Fang is coverage against Grass-types and is a biting move, so it would fit great. Superpower is just because I think a tiny creature using this would be funny.

Quilava- Eruption, Flame Wheel, Aerial Ace, Brick Break. Quilava already got three new moves in its last appearance and we barely got to see it use them because someone thought it'd be a great idea to let Team Rocket constantly interrupt its battle, so I'm only making one new addition in Brick Break, which is good coverage (this word's coming up a lot, isn't it? XD)

Noctowl- Air Slash, Extrasensory, Hypnosis, Moonblast. The only new addition is both a perfect fit for an owl and wouldn't it be hilarious if the first Pokemon of Ash's to use a Fairy-type move was a regional bird of all things?

Swellow- Aerial Ace, Quick Attack, Steel Wing, Facade. Steel Wing is the best coverage option for Swellow, while Facade would be excellent due to its Ability being strongly implied to be Guts. Aerial Ace and Quick Attack stay because they're both pretty good moves as they are; I know some people would want Aerial Ace to be replaced with Brave Bird, but since the move is called "Swallow Return" in Japanese, I think it's more than fitting for the literal swallow Pokemon to keep it.

Sceptile- Leaf Blade, Quick Attack, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse. Mainly to acknowledge Sceptile's dragony traits.

Talonflame- Brave Bird, Flame Charge, Steel Wing, Overheat. Talonflame's moveset is pretty great for the most part, so the only change is that I'd make Overheat its last move so that Talonflame can have a powerful, long-ranged kamikaze attack that gets boosted by STAB. I'd say that it replaces Razor Wind, but this move was never used after it evolved, so for all we know Talonflame was carrying only three moves this whole time.

Hawlucha- Flying Press, High Jump Kick, X-Scissor, Acrobatics. I think the rest of Hawlucha's moves fit it fine, so the only change is that I'd swap out Karate Chop for Acrobatics, since Hawlucha doesn't have a move that is just Flying-type, and of those I feel Acrobatics is the best fit.

Noivern- Boomburst, Dragon Claw, Air Slash, Flamethrower. Flamethrower is coverage while Air Slash is mainly there because I feel it's a better Flying-type move on Noivern than Acrobatics was.

Goodra- Dragon Pulse, Rain Dance, Sludge Bomb, Aqua Tail. Dragon Pulse is strong STAB while Rain Dance has synergy with Goodra's Ability, so those two moves aren't going anywhere. Sludge Bomb is anti-Fairy coverage that generally fits well on a giant, slimy, slug-like dragon that lives on swamps while Aqua Tail is there both so Goodra can have a strong option for close-range combat should the need arise and so it can have an attack that gets powered up under Rain, giving Rain Dance more utility beyond just curing the occasional status.

Greninja- Water Shuriken, Aerial Ace, Double Team, Night Slash. I don't think I need to elaborate, everyone's already said the reasons.

Gengar- Shadow Ball, Psychic, Ice Punch, Sludge Wave. I still want Gengar to be acknowledged as a Poison-type.

Lucario- Aura Sphere, Reversal, Meteor Mash, Extreme Speed. As much as everyone complains about every Lucario using Aura Sphere, that IS the species' signature move, so it stays. Reversal fits Lucario's tenacious fighting style and stubborn personality, so I think it's fair to let it stay as well. Meteor Mash serves as secondary STAB. Extreme Speed is there both because it's an extra coverage option and because Ash favors speed-based combat, so Lucario getting a move that's a stronger variant of Quick Attack (a move that's a staple on many of Ash's Pokemon's movesets, including his starter) would work really well imo.

Sirfetch'd- Detect, Meteor Assault, Leaf Blade, Brave Bird. Detect has a lot of utility, so it stays. Meteor Assault is its species' signature move, so of course it's gotta learn it. Leaf Blade because it makes perfect sense for it when its weapon is a vegetable. Brave Bird because it fits its chivalrous personality.

Dracovish- Fishious Rend, Ice Fang, Dragon Rush, Ancient Power. The former two work with Dracovish's powerful jaws, and the first is its signature move, so they're not going anywhere. Dragon Rush is secondary STAB, while Ancient Power is because it fits on a Fossil Pokemon.
We have
return in the Cresselia/Darkrai arc

Piplup: Hydro Pump, Drill Peck, Brine, Waterfall
Buneary: Ice Beam, Bounce, Dizzy Punch, Baby-Doll Eyes
Pachirisu, Discharge, Sweet Kiss, Super Fang, Hyper Fang
Mamoswine: Ice Fang, Double Hit, Avalanche, Stomping Tantrum
Quilava: Eruption, Flame Wheel, Lava Plume, Swift
Togekiss: After You, Sky Attack, Extreme Speed, Aura Sphere
Since Dawn is on my mind,

Piplup: Hydro Pump, Drill Peck, Ice Beam, Whirlpool (Whirlpool was one of its hallmark moves and could be used innovatively; it's a staple that need to come back)
Buneary -> Lopunny: Bounce, Ice Beam, Dizzy Punch, High Jump Kick (HJK gives emphasis to Lopunny's newly developed legs as well as a STAB option should Dawn Mega Evolve it)
Pachirisu: Discharge, Super Fang, Double Team, Electro Ball (As Pachirisu is grown-up now, the cutesy charms of Sweet Kiss are gone now too - Double Team has more uses battle and Appeal-wise as well as reflects the rodent's speed; as Pachirisu was a successor to Pikachu of sorts, it learning Electro Ball can continue to play off of that - I think Dawn could also do some neat Appeals where Pachirisu runs either atop or inside the Electro Ball)
Mamoswine: Ice Shard, Ice Fang, Stomping Tantrum, Body Press (Stomping Tantrum finally gives Mamoswine Ground-STAB, another projectile move, and it fits its personality as well; Body Press replaces Take Down as the method for Mamoswine throwing its weight around - better coverage too)
Quilava: Flame Wheel, Swift, Flamethrower, Burn Up (I didn't want to stray too much from her team's current dynamics, so this choice is simply an improvement to what Quilava can already do - as we saw with Moltres, Burn Up is quite beautiful and something Dawn wants to utilize in her Contest Battles and Appeals)
Togekiss: Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Protect, Dazzling Gleam (Protect is what Safeguard actually was during the Grand Festival and Togekiss' debut Contest, so I figured it would return - it's also nice for Dawn to have some defensive options and adds to Togekiss' evasiveness regarding taking damage in battle; Dazzling Gleam is just a must - pretty, gives Togekiss Fairy-STAB, and has a variety of uses in Contests)
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