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New Pokemon Storage System in Generation 6?

How about a tablet that allows you to move Pokemon anytime instead of the standard PC?
I also want to be able to change my party at almost any time. There may be occasions where you can't switch between Pokemon on the fly (i.e. the Elite Four), but I would find that very useful. Other than that, I accept the Storage System the way it is. Of course, I'll accept improvements.
Just remove 'Withdraw' and 'Deposit' and put more boxes, and I'll be happy. I don't expect them to make any revolutionary changes to it anyway. It's good enough.

But how about 'rotation boxes'? An option to change to a predetermined team immediately? It would be useful when you're taking different groups of like-leveled pokémon out to train. I've never used the Battle Box feature, but I have heard about how it works, and maybe it would be like that, except for in-game purposes.
I agree with removing 'Withdraw' and 'Deposit' now because Move has made it redundant and, as others have already said, the Move feature is more logical. I'd move for there to be a ranch or forest area of some sort where you can interact with the Pokemon registered in the box. But personally, as long as they have the feature where you can move multiple Pokemon at once, I'll be happy. And maybe more box space would be nice.
I agree with everyone else saying that Withdraw/Deposit options are useless, although I think that GAME FREAK keeps including them to annoy and troll people.
I'm hoping that the storage space will go up to the region of around 2700-3000 for Pokemon. That might be a stretch but if there's room for that much space without essentially ruining the game then I think it'd be good. It would give much more room to work with for gender quests and collecting shiny Pokemon.
How about updating Pokédex 3D Pro to add extra storage (like My Pokémon Ranch, as several people have said already)? That might actually make it worth the price... and they could even give away free copies as a pre-order bonus although Meloetta would be better.

That and getting rid of Deposit/Withdraw, as pretty much everyone's said already.
Remove Withdraw and Deposit and we're good to go.

It already there just go to move pokemon.

You didn't get it. It's annoying having to move down two times to use the Move Pokémon option because we have the Withdraw and Deposit options there, which are useless. Why have useless features instead of getting rid of them?

Apparently its not useless as you think because i have been trying to explain how move pokemon to my 6 year old cousin work better that WD and Dep so i think it will probably stay because of that.
Frankly, I just want them to remove "deposit" and "withdraw" and make it all happen through the one interface. Even if all that means is that it works exactly like the "Move" function does right now.
On that note, have "Move Item" somehow integrated more easilly in the "Move Pokémon" interface. An switch on the screen or something (like the one used to bring up the party) would help inmensely instead of going back to a whole different nearly-identical interface every time you want to change your party and the items each pokémon holds.
All I ask is that we get an auto-sort feature.

"Sort all Pokemon by Pokedex Number"
"Sort all Pokemon Alphabetically"
"Sort all Pokemon by Level"
"Sort all Pokemon by Type"
Personally, I would like for there to be a 3DS app that acts like the Gamecube game "Pokémon Box". I think something like that is the best way to get around the potential issue of trading a Pokémon from a retail copy to a digital one on the same system. The only issue I can see with that is people copying the data on their SD cards and cloning their Pokémon like crazy...but nearly everyone who knows about cloning does it anyway.

Frankly, I just want them to remove "deposit" and "withdraw" and make it all happen through the one interface. Even if all that means is that it works exactly like the "Move" function does right now.
Does anyone even use the "Deposit" and "Withdraw" options any more?
Why bother with boxes at all anymore? Just have one huge box and stick search and auto-sort functionality on top.

But since they're obviously not going to do that, I'd be happy to be able to designate a box for new captures rather than having to manually scroll back to my "Arrivals" box at the end of every PC session.
I would like to see more storage available sooner and complete re-designs of the boxes. Sorting and better search options too. Just stick with move option to make withdraw/deposit easier. It's definitely time to revamp that whole system.

What ever gadget there is, it would be useful to view the Pokemon you have in storage anywhere.
It may have been said before, but I want them to remove the box storage system entirely and replace it with a "farm" or "lab" (like Oak's lab in the anime) where you can leave a certain amount of Pokemon. Maybe you could also visit that place and interact with your "stored" Pokemon without having them in your party. Having Pokemon stored as data in a computer for a long time seems just cruel and goes against the whole "treating Pokemon as equals" spirit, in my opinion.
Keep the box system, but remove "Withdraw" and "Deposit" as Archaic and everyone else said.

As for an app idea, maybe it can be something like a combination to Pokémon Box RS, My Pokémon Ranch, and a migration service all-in-1.

Upgrade to Pokédex 3D Pro, by itself on 3DS, on Wii U, who cares.
I really hope that something is done to address the capacity issues. I want MASSIVE storage, either on the cart itself or utilizing the storage capabilities of the 3DS. During Gen IV I ended up getting heavily into collecting foreign Pokemon, but eventually got frustrated and gave up when I realized that there simply wasn't enough room in the boxes to actually be able to house all of them.
Change the gen V hand system. So instead putting the placed pokemon in the hand and vice versa it the placed pokemon goes to the original the place of the hand pokemon so I have to go chasing after it and if you have a bunch of pokemon and they are several boxes away it can be a bitch and I see no way to change and can someone explain the difference between the red x and the blue J shaped arrow cause they seem to do the same damn thing.

Also I want a sort feature
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