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Mafia Noughts & Crosses Mafia - (Endgame)


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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Hello TWR, and welcome to my latest game of Mafia, Noughts & Crosses Mafia!

This version of mafia isn't one of my own different setups, this is actually an open setup game that is on the MafiaWiki website.
Details of the game can be found here. However, most of the info needed will be copied to here.

Noughts and Crosses mafia is an Open Setup for nine players. Each player is put on a publicly viewable board. The Each day town chooses someone to lynch, this also puts a cross on that player's square. Each night scum choose a player to kill, this puts a nought on that player's square. Town win if scum are dead or if they get three crosses in a row. Scum win if equal numbers to the town or if they get three noughts in a row.

Below is an example of a Town winning game. As you can see, Town places X's through lynches, whereas mafia kills are represented as 0's.

Player 1
Mafia Goon - Lynched Day One
Player 2
Vanilla Town - Killed Night One
Player 3
Player 4
Vanilla Town - Killed Night Two
Player 5
Town Innocent Child - Killed Night Three
Player 6
Player 7
Vanilla Town lynched Day Two
Player 8
Vanilla Town - Lynched Day Three
Player 9
Vanilla Town - lynched Day Four

However, in the table you will see at every phase update, "Player #" is replaced with a certain players name, randomized of course.
  1. All BMGf and TWR rules apply.
  2. This is a NOC game.
  3. Night Phases last 24 hours, whereas Day Phases last 48 Hours, this can be changed if the players would like. Should you not post for 48 Hours you will be attempted to be subbed out, or modkilled giving an X / 0 to the opposite team.
  4. In this game, Mafia kills will be represented as 0's, whereas lynches will be X's.
  5. Votes will only be counted if that are bolded, this makes it easier for me. They should be like so Vote: Name
  6. You may post after death, however your post must not contain any game impacting information. You are dead.
  7. As stated earlier, the game is an Open Setup, all the roles in the game will be revealed below this spoiler tag
  8. The game has no flavour at all, in the future should this go down well, I will create Noughts & Crosses mafia with themes.
  9. Finally, have fun!

Mafia Goon

Welcome to the game! You are a Mafia Goon with XXXXX. You may talk to him at any time, via either PM or Quick Topic. Each night, between the two of you, you have a kill to use. You win when the scum has equal numbers to the town or if the board has a line of three noughts.

Innocent Child

You are an Innocent Child. Your alignment is revealed in the first post. You win when scum are eliminated or if the board has a line of three crosses.


You are a Vanilla Townie. You don't have any special powers, and you don't know who the mafia is. Your only power is your voice, and your vote. You win when scum are eliminated or if the board has a line of three crosses.

The game has the following:

2x Mafia Goon
1x Innocent Child
6x Vanilla Townie

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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I'll join, should be fun.

Agree that Innocent Child seems kind of pointless.
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Not my theme, so I'd have to hazard a guess that the innocent child is basically a free square for either side to go after since I suppose they could support their own lynch? Also, the squares are randomized, and the Innocent Child wont always be the middle square, if it wasn't already clear.

Anyways, thankyou all for joining :)
I'm curious enough to die horribly play this game.
Alrighty will send out the role PMs shortly, you may confirm when possible, once we get all confirms back day one will start, this will be confirmed in a post by myself. Again, thankyou for joining and thankyou to DarthWolf for being the mod. :)
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