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Oki Draws Pictures

ship prompts
Did another one of those drawing prompt thingies. This time it's six seven different Pokémon pairings, suggested by seven different people here!

requested by:
@Teebs96 - I can't get enough of them either!
@asiryn - I was totally going to draw MoonLily at first since I love that pairing, but I saw Misty/Serena and something about it just jumped out at me...
@lisianthus - what a wonderful wonder friendship brings do you know you are my very best friieeeenndsssss
@sleepwick - this is too good of an idea to not have an official ship name that I can find?!
@beryllium - TRUE!
@Herbizarre - Crossover ships always stand out to me, I remember reading a post of yours about this one. :D

and @coordinator lissi, whom I mistakenly skipped over when sketching this out (i'm so sorry ;_;) but requested BoutiqueShipping:

AHHHHH OKI I WAS WONDERING IF YOU WOULD DO THEM EVEN THOUGH IT WAS JUST A FRIENDSHIP ONE... so so cute, thank you omfg!!! i am happy to see them ehehe.. @Blanc neechan get in here!!!!!!!!! i know you will enjoy.. .

'what a wonderful wonder friendship brings' is right ehehe... all of the other ones are very cute too!! A+ for oki...!

ALL OF THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! I laughed at the inclusion of Haworthia (is that her designated mascot name now? omg...) Oki your art is improving at an insane pace??! Love how vibrant the colors are in all of these!! Whitney's earring is such a subtle and sweet touch. Lisia's hair curling upward too is soooo cute. Just love all of this FR!!!
THIS IS SO PRECIOUS OKI tysm :bulbaCute: :bulbaCute: :bulbaCute:
the way you drew them is so cuuuute i love korrina's enthusiasm and bea's adorable lil startled expression!!
the others are all so adorable as well!!! whitney and bugsy look SO HAPPY theyre so cute together...,,, i love how the champselysseshipping pic makes it SO OBVIOUS THEY'RE CRUSHING HARD OMG (that blush! so cute!!). peonia just dreamily staring at marnie jnvsdiifuhwlw... the "very happy" label killed me (both funny and just super adorable), and the mars x beastman! they look so happy and confident with one another <3
THE BOUTIQUESHIPPING ALSO - that look on shauna's face, so precious!
and of course it's impossibly to forget lisia and emmet ~ i love their expressions lol, they look like they're truly having the time of their lives riding on haworthia (is it weird that i really love the way you drew the rainbow here? it's cute as well as super cheery and fitting for them) :bulbaLove:
your art is so damn good..,, gonna spend the rest of the day gushing over this now

I'm so pleasantly surprised you actually drew my crossover ship ! One thing that stands out a lot to me is how you drew Beastman as a not a very tall guy next to Mars (which is how I picture him in the F-Zero universe since everyone else are basketball player-like heights :lapras:) ! And I agree with @beryllium , they do look so confident and happy with one another :bulbaLove: :bulbaLove:

Seriously, this is the first time in a long time I am this excited ! Thank you so muuuuch !!!
ahhh I couldn't possibly reply to each and every one of yous personally, but I mean this, thank you so much! Such incredibly kind words from all of you; it always makes me happy to hear when you guys enjoy the things I draw, and I'm very grateful. <3

If I tried something like this again, it'd probably be the regular template with just six individual characters. I'm working on finishing some other stuff now, but if I ever do that in the future I'll be sure to say so.
end of year 2023
I'm probably not gonna get any more big pieces done before the end of the month, so time to wrap it up...

Art summary thing for 2023:
2023recap2 b.png

talk about inconsistency...
Can't help but feel like this was a bit of an odd year overall. I've definitely improved a lot since last year (partially thanks to upgrading to a computer that doesn't suck, lol) — but it's sometimes hard for me to recognize that I've made much progress at all. Ah well, I'll never be totally satisfied; I can only wonder how my art will grow in 2024.

2023 recap color b.png
I made the template for this myself, so feel free to use it and edit it however you like!
It's transparent, so you can easily just drop your images behind it.

2023 temp.png
2023 temp text.png

2023 temp dark.png
2023 temp text dark.png

This year's compilation of scrapped sketches and doodles I've amassed over the past twelve months:

Also, the rest of that holiday banner that I can share now.
holiday2023 notext.png

If you happened to see it posted on the official Bulba twitter, then here it is again!
jan 2024
First art dump of the year. Some of it is actually from late last year but shush :slowpoke:

More stuff from Sketch the Above! Including some I didn't post. From left to right:
one of your OCs (ninja'd), a neutral good character, a character with lightning powers (ninja'd)
favorite pokemiku, favorite pokémon from teal mask/indigo disk

This lovely Volcarona lady belongs to Kheilos (escolopendror)! I drew her for the 2023 Secret Santa Art Trade. Very fun event, I hope to do it again next year :bulbaLove:

This was intended for that "draw yourself as a Gym Leader" trend that was going around but I didn't really finish it lol.
God I love that fighting miku so much she looks so intimidating...

And of course the absolute W Luigi drawing can't go unnoticed either.
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