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OldRivalShipping - A Never Ending Love


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Mar 19, 2019
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Last Sunday, our friend Orchid called my attention to a very worrying situation in this forum. And, despite my natural inability to solve it, in the absence of another audacious spokesperson, there was no alternative but to assume the dilemma and create the present topic.

The Pokespe community, not infrequently, tried to subdue the reality transcribed below. Bulbapedia originally, in their articles section, tried to discredit it by labeling it baseless, and now, due to an apparent restructuring, the article itself doesn't even exist, in addition to having the audacity of not mentioning it among the major ships of Pokémon manga.

But don't worry Pokémon fans, I am here to try to correct such misdeeds and tell you this awful truth: :R: OldRivalShipping - A Never Ending :bulbaLove: :R:

To assist me in this noble mission, I invoke GuriBuru/ GuriRifu Religion, bluewithgreen and all of you, my fellow forum members.

- Feel free to say why you like OldRivalShipping and the reasons and motives that make it a Great (the greatest, no?) Pokémon Ship. -

OBS: This thread comprises, if that's your wish, all possible forms of lovely interactions between Blue/Green/Leaf/Gary, because we know the terrible truth, they are all true.
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