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Orangeshipping Club

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Apr 30, 2005
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This is the place to discuss the possibilities of romance between Misty and Tracey (aka Orangeshipping).

No bashing, no names, debates encouraged, have fun!


I just recently got into Orangeshipping, and am kinda testing it out to see if it works. I'm still kind of a Ash and Misty fan, but Misty and Tracey look awfully cute together. ^_^ The age difference doesn't seem to be as big, either.
Heh, I was planning on making an Orangeshipping thread, guess you beat me to it ^_^

Orangeshipping is very interesting...they've got a scene in which any other shipper would want
I'm interested in what direction the writers actually go with this pairing. It could very well become canon since both characters aren't in the main series, thus they could get together off screen.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the future.
Orangeshipping is the one pairing that really seems as though it could become canon and stay canon for the rest of the show. Assuming Misty never returns to the main series, I can't think of any reason to kill it off (though I'd much rather she came back :p). I'm interested to see where it goes.
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I think it's just coincidence that Misty and Tracey appear together. I mean it looks like the writers are trying to give Tracey as much screen time as possible since he's not a main character and hasn't been for a long time, he's getting paired up in all sorts of hoso's with the likes of Gary, Richie, Professor Oak etc when and wherever possible.

Tracey came alone with Misty at the time during the end of Hoenn because the writers want to show that he's not a forgotten character, and so appearances here and there with other characters do just that. He has no specific role doing anything it seems other than just moping about with other people who have some sort of purpose lol.
I'm still trying to figure out if their personalities are compatable. It kind of seems like they would turn out like Jessie and James, a bossy redhead and a passive boy. Although TR's changing...

Anywho, I haven't watched the Housous in a while, so I'll have to watch the episode again. One could say there are a few hints dropped in the Orange Islands. In the Nidoran ep, she nearly gives him a concussion at the end when he mentions kissing experience. (Although in the same ep, Misty and Ash get all embarassed...)

See, I'm torn! XD
Hmm.. Actually it was Ash who mentioned something about a 'first kiss'

I have a feeling that the kissing part was dubbed in though..

But back to the point, Misty seemed to hit Tracey simply cause he wanted to do a sketch of the two pokemon, which is very confusing indeed..

What I meat was that they might have changed the dialouge give a another reason for Misty's blush.. not the blush itself

Allow me to explain - I remember alot of people believeing that the reason Misty blushed was due to a line stated by Ash "Do you think people change after their first kiss' or something like that

Upon observation, however, and one would see that Misty was blushing before Ash spoke - which implys that she was blushing because of Tracey

As to why she would blush because of Tracey remains a mystery to me
Archaic said:
Because Tracey said a line about her and Ash that embarassed her?

Actually, I don't recall Tracey mentioning anything about her or Ash when she threw his book in his face....
Archaic said:
Because Tracey said a line about her and Ash that embarassed her?

That scene happened way before the scene where the two Nidoran evolved.
No, they didn't really change it from the original to the dub. Kenji/Tracey says something about people gaining experience/changing when they get their first kiss, and then Misty blushes and smacks him. XD Nice.
That's funny, I always thought that Ash asked Misty if she thought that people really changed when they got kissed, and she said, "I guess we'll have to find out for ourselves".
Well, you're both right, I think in the dub at least...Misty slaps Tracey after he wonders whether it was teh battle or kiss which caused the evolution.

Ash then askss whether people change after a kiss, I think

Misty says "I guess we'll have to find out, won't we?' [/picky]

My point is that she blushes because of Tracey.. yeah :p
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