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Original Iron Tail or BW Iron Tail?

Original or BW?

  • Original Iron Tail

    Votes: 7 12.3%
  • BW Iron Tail

    Votes: 50 87.7%

  • Total voters


Mar 22, 2011
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Which version of Iron Tail do you prefer, the glowing white version that was used until the end of DP or BW's version, which looks closer to an actual tail made of iron?
I personally prefer the original version. I thought it was pretty cool how Pikachu's tail seemed to stretch near the end of DP.
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I much more prefer the BW Iron Tail, looks like an actual steel attack.
I prefer the B/W one. Old Iron Tail wasn't even an Iron Tail - looked more like a glowing sheet of paper. With how thin Pikachu's tail looked, this change was for the better imo. Now when he uses it, his tail seems to thicken a bit and actually looks like it's made of iron.

That's something I wouldn't want to get hit by. Can't say the same for the older one.
Yeah, Pikachu's Iron Tail in BW looks like it could actually hurt something, while the original Iron Tail is a bit underwhelming.
I like both.

But, the Original Iron Tail. CAN ACTUAL EXTEND AND MOVE. That's something that's pissing me off about BWs it can't be extended and flexible and stuff like the original and it feels like it's failing more. Probably because it would result in atrocious CGI animation to move it.
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The original Iron Tail was just, something that was whipping in the air that looked like it was attached to Pikachu. This Iron Tail actually looks like one.
I really don't know why the anime goes out of its way to make over 90% of the physical attacks glow for not reason. Looks more like a waste of animation budget really.

But metallic Iron Tail does look cooler.
I preferred the original. It was animated better. It looked like it was giving more impact.
BW's Iron Tail looks epic. Never forget it, Pikachu.
In BW it actually looks like iron. In AG and DP it's just a glowing white tail.
I liked both animations of the attack, although the current version of Iron Tail is somewhat more realistic (a tail of iron, not just a glowing tail). It really goes to show how far the animation has gone since the series began, and certain attacks such as Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Megahorn, and even Ember were changed up to make those attacks feel and look more realistic. It was no surprise that Iron Tail was changed as well, and I am personally glad that the change was implemented with the start of this "reboot" series.

There are some people who just don't like that animation effect, and prefer these limbs and ligaments to just glow in order to get the same purpose in. That is completely understandable. These digital effects seem to stand out (in a negative way) when placed alongside the usual cel animation, and there are some cases where these effects seem sloppy in comparison. Iron Tail may very well be such a case. It is very hard to shape the digital effect to the unique shape of Pikachu's tail.
BW Iron Tail. The old one got boring as it looked unrealistic to its name and had nothing significant going on with its appearance.
I liked the BW Iron Tail because it's more cooler than the original. I also like the redesign of the other moves in BW too.
I prefer the BW Iron Tail. The original one was just another example of the anime's horrible animation budget.
I love the new animation for BW Iron Tail. It makes it look like a actual iron instead of the tail just turning white.
I like the BW Iron Tail better because it actually look like an Iron tail and something that would actually kill you.
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