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Mar 21, 2024
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  1. She/Her
I have finally mustered up the courage to post something other than my Flowering Love entry! This is just a quick drabble I wrote back in December based off a dumb idea I had in the shower lol. let me know if I somehow broke a rule and I'll take this down then retreat into my hole to wither away and become fertilizer for the trees. maybe if this goes well I'll post some non-pokemon stuff (doodle world roblox.... doodle world roblox my beloved)

"Carpal tunnel!?" Miriam exclaimed, looking at Dendra's wrist, "How did this even happen!?"


Dendra's gaze flicked from circle to circle on the screen as she moved and clicked her mouse furiously. She had been trying to 100% this song for three hours, and by Arceus she wasn't stopping now.

Medicham wasn't quite sure what this addicting program on the computer was, but it knew that if it interrupted its Trainer, she would get quite irritated.

The song ended.


"Gyahhh! Okay, just one more time!"

"Yeah, let's not talk about that," Dendra said, pulling back her wrist.
Me when I'm trying to get the Skill Star in Frog Hop.

This was super short and sweet! Sort of like a segment in a sketch comedy or something (the first thing that comes to mind are the rapid-fire jokes in Archie's Funhouse.) The joke is direct and to the point, and unintentionally or not, there's a neat subversion with it, where you (you general, though it could just be me) are expecting the injury to have come from something fighting or fitness related, but it came from a rhythm game! I'm glad to see more of your work here, and I really hope you stick around to share more : )
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