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Over used moves in the anime.


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Feb 12, 2011
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What moves are you sick of seeing?

Protect comes to mind for me, thought it didn't debut till Hoenn and was not used much in AG, it got used a lot more in DP, but then comes best whishes and half way in, Protect has been used more than it had been in DP.

I also get sick of seeing Gyarados use Hyper Beam, when a Gyarados appears it is almost certain it knows Hyper Beam. I wouldn't mind seing Shuckle or Blaziken for example, who have never used it, using it.

I'm sure I know a few coming.

Yes, it's a great offensive and defensive move, but I'm so sick of it being used, especially when Satoshi simply can't think of anything to counter it.

It was also on both Goukazaru's and Fukamaru's movesets at the same time, which contributes to its overuse.
Energy Ball, Rock Smash, Shell Smash, X-Scissors, Protect, Stone Edge, Tackle, and Aerial Ace In hindsight those are the mains.
Attract. It was really original with Tsutarja, interesting with Chillarmy cause he was a guy, but by the time Iris and Kamiture's Emonga showed up, it was just unnecessary.

Hyper Beam, Protect and Dig also qualify... though to be honest, Dig wasn't Fukumaru and Goukozaru's signature move or most used move.
As much as I love the move in the games, Thunderbolt. I like to see Team Rocket sent blasting in original and ridiculous ways; Using Thunderbolt over and over on them felt like a cheap cop-out.

I'm also fed up with Water Gun being used instead of stronger and more exciting water attacks.
Water gun and hydro pump.
Anything involving leaves.
I'm actually okay with Meromero/Attract being overused, because, for crying out loud, it is one of the few times Satoshi uses an actual Status move. Ever. Not to mention, it is a neat and sometimes funny way to confirm cast's(both main and supporting) Pokémon, in addition to giving a neat little gimmick for Tsutarja and Emonga and further giving something for their rivalry. Langely's Komatana's girliness be damned. And of course, there is also that tiny little fact that, despite being a Generation II move, wasn't used until Diamond/Pearl. That's like 10 years or so. And that's terrible.

Stone Edge was very unused in DP, but in animé, it had a nice gimmick in that Pokémon had some sort of psychic connection to move. And it was hand-drawn. Now it's pretty bad CGI, which makes it shittier. But I can't stay mad at that move. It was Dodaitose and Gabite's sweetest looking move.

Dig is rather overused, but given that Earthquake and Fissure(and with the current disaster, possibly Earth Power, but we still need to wait a bit more for that one) are banned, it is kinda the only Ground-type move that kinda matters and is usable so I can't go too hard on that either.

But yeah, Rock Smash is pretty terrible in terms of being overused. Shame that it's kinda the only Fighting move most Pokémon can learn, though.

Tsubame Gaeshi/Aerial Ace on Flying-types is pretty overused and boring. At this point, I want to see flying Bangiras dammit.

And stuff like Scratch, Pound and Tackle. Seriously, Pound in penultimate battle of AG. Seriously.
Vinewhip I know it can be used it all sorts of crazy ways but we have seen them all

Also I wish pikachu had thunder instead of thunder bolt
Lol In the old days I used to think that Hyperbeam was Gyarados's signature move or something.


Tackle. (So Overused that the word is now affiliated with Pokemon)

Attract. (>_<)
"Dodge" comes to mind :p

I wouldn't mind protect so much if it didn't have such a high success rate in the anime >_>' It just seems like an overpowered defense strategy to me.

And, of course, thunderbolt. Those are the only two that really kinda annoy me. I move spam in my games, so I don't really care so much for move spamming in the anime.
Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!

LOL. just, LOL.

It only uses 4 moves and it uses Iron Tail and Quick Attack a lot too.

Still waiting for the day it uses Volt Tackle again(If it does), since Pansage still uses Bite.

Thunderbolt is used every episode

That's a bit of an exaggeration.

I'd say Rock Smash and Flame Charge when it comes to Best Wishes, 5 or so Pokemon have used it, only 4 or so Pokemon have used Attract.
Ice Beam. DP was the worst offender for that, ESPECIALLY the Giratina movie where EVERY WILD POKEMON KNEW FRIKKEN ICE BEAM.

Shadow Ball I've seen a whole lot.

Iron Tail also.
Double Team is irritating, especially when it doesn't work. Since for some reason trainers seem to love having their Pokemon stand completely still while the opponent erases all the duplicates one by one...
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