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Over used moves in the anime.

Considering Ash's Pikachu, Swellow, Staraptor and Unfezant all have it on their current move set, I am sick of Quick attack. If Ash's pokemon didn't all get it, we wouldn't see it that much but he dose and we do

EDIT: His Sceptile also has it currently.
Thunderbolt, Flamethrower and Hyper Beam....

Just look at that god-awful list of episodes they were used in...

PS: I am SOOOO SICK of Thunderbolt.

Edit: In BW, those with Rock Smash, Attract and Nitro Charge...... I HATE YOU ALL Snivy, either learn a new move or go away! Come on, you are the sensible one, honey. DO SOMETHING
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Ice Beam. DP was the worst offender for that, ESPECIALLY the Giratina movie where EVERY WILD POKEMON KNEW FRIKKEN ICE BEAM.

Well, I actually thought it was a logical adaptation considering how cold the region is XP
Iron Tail seemed to have been used by many random trainers throughout the anime.

In literally every series there was at least one Pokemon in the main cast who could use Water Gun. It was especially common in the OS... for obvious reasons.

Quick Attack has been used by many main Pokemon too such as Pikachu, Swellow, Sceptile, Combusken, and Staraptor.

Hyper Beam has been shown too often considering it's one of the most powerful moves.

Attract is also overused in nowadays since there are two main and one recurring Pokemon who know the move.

Of course there's also Thunderbolt, but that move has an excuse.
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