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Dec 4, 2006
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Yes I'm new here, etc. etc. And no, I'm not gonna ask what you think of Palletshipping. If you wanna say what you think, go ahead. I just wanna talk about Palletshipping.
-sits and waits patienly for someone to respond-
I think it revived with Gary in the final AG, but nopw with Shinji it's dead again. XD
PIKA! Whadday mean it died when Shinji came? XD It just looks like someone that Gary can fight for Ash's attention! (if Pokemon was a shounen-ai anime). Shinji's the only Pokemon character besides Giovanni who treats pokemomn only as tools. Is he based off of the GSC rival? It sure does look like him....dattebayo....
I think PalletShipping still exists. The fact they still use Gary as a means to drive Ash to new adventures, making sure they let the audience know that their 'rivalry' still exists. And as long as that exists, the fun and idea of PalletShipping exists, too. Shinji is not like Gary, thus I cannot see the same potential in that shipping as I do with Ash/Gary. I am sensing some change in Shinji's character in the future though, so who knows.
Shinji's second episode really showed the Ash/Shinji relationship well. And for once in an Ash ship, it's the other one that isn't interested. I'm certainly interested in seeing that one develop...

As for Ash and Gary, their rivalry seems to be as strong as ever. Gary's last victory was a bit uncalled for so I hope we get to see what he has been researching in Sinnoh at some point. Or as I thought up earlier today...

"Shigeru VS Shinji! Giratina Awakens!!"
What is Giratina? So far all of you have the same opinion of Ash/Shinji. I kinda agree that it's not that real a relationship as Ash and Gary's but it's still funny XD
Its hard for now to see Shinji with any other emotions. Any idea what his American name will be?
I can't say that Palletshipping is or ever was dead, as I've never seen it based in canon anyway. I like the shipping for shipping's sake, not because I think it'll ever happen.

No opinion on Shinji.
What's a canon?
Do you really have no opinion on Shinji? Like speculation or anything?
And, who is Mondo? What's Admireshipping?
Canon is basically anything that happens officially in the show, manga, ect. I'm not thinking well enough to describe it better then that. Like Ash losing to Gary in the final AG is canon, whereas Ash and Gary having a makeout fest is not.

No opinion on Shinji since I haven't bothered to watch any of the D/P episodes yet. I'm not one to have an opinion on something I haven't seen for myself.

Mondo is a Team Rocket member who has only appeared in some old ass Japanese radio drama CDs, he went around helping Jessie, James and Meowth with stuff. Admireshipping is James x Mondo.
Canon=stuff that happened
Fanon=stuff that fans make up.

Sometimes fanon will become canon, but it's rare, usually because scriptwriters avoid fanworks for just that reason, so it's usually coincidence.
OoO Wow! i learned so much!
Okay so let me get this straight:
a canon is something that ACUTALY happened in the show, like Gary taking Ash's hand to give him the other half of the pokeball.
Mondo is just some random dude who'll never show in the anime
Radio drama's are dead
a fanon would be something like BECAUSE Gary took Ash's hand, it means that he wants to go steady (or something)
Am I right?
I don't like Palletshipping because I've never been fond of 'rival' ships.
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*raises hand* I'm a PalletShipper.... ^^;;

My friend draws ADORABLE fanart and converted me. XD *thwacked*
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