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Pancakes or Waffles?

Which do you prefer?

  • Pancakes

    Votes: 26 53.1%
  • Waffles

    Votes: 23 46.9%

  • Total voters
They're both great for sure, but of the two, I think I'll have to go with waffles for their crispy flavor and because they hold syrup better... even though I've probably had more pancakes in my lifetime. Lol
Both, but I prefer pancakes.
Waffles! I find pancakes to be super boring lol. (Pancakes do win for being more fun to say in Japanese: パンケーキ Pankēki!)

I didn't even realize until a couple months ago that pancakes and waffles are effectively made from the same batter lol. I always thought waffles tasted better!

I tend to avoid both, though. My blood sugar tends to spike uncomfortably after I have waffles or pancakes, especially if they constitute a whole meal.
I love pancakes! It's so delicious and easy to make.
Waffles are paired well with ice cream or cream.
But I prefer pancakes.
Not too long ago, I was actually something of a waffle connoisseur, working the waffle maker like a master at their craft. Or so people said of me, haha. But nowadays, I’ve found that I’ve become more of a pancake person. Not really because I actually like pancakes better than waffles — they’re both great! — but rather because I’ve developed a preference for stuffing my pancakes with stuff like blueberries and such, and because I just enjoy that especially manual and personal process of putting batter on a griddle and watching fluff up into something beautiful and delicious! A waffle maker doesn’t quite deliver that kind of feeling for me anymore, I think.
Waffles have pockets, and the texture is more firm, which I like.
That being said, pancaked are still good too!
Best of the best are crepes. My mom makes good crepes, I need to learn how too
Absolutely this. The pockets retain praline and ice cream better, and the texture is just better.

So yeah team waffles here, but not that I would reject a pancake if that is the only option... Crepes are better to salty when you stuff things on the like cheese, bacon, sauce, even fries etc, not as dessert.
I think I’ve probably had too many pancakes that I’m tired of them. And I don’t think I’ve even had them in such a long time! Though, if I had the chance to try/eat an irregular pancake, I would definitely be up for it.

So, I’d have to go with waffles. Though, I definitely wouldn’t want frozen waffles unless I’m craving them for some reason. (Which does happen) I think I’d also prefer Belgian Waffles over the regular waffle. Though, maybe I haven’t tried a good version of each

Hot take but I usually go for French Toast with syrups over waffles or pancakes. If I had no choice of waffles or French toast, pancakes wouldn’t be something I would spit out. I can definitely still enjoy pancakes
Waffles, one hundred percent. Mainly because you can have it how crispy you like or how soft you like it. That and you also have the heterogeneity of the texture and because of those mini-pocket, syrup and sauce.

That being said, if I know I am at an awesome place, french toast for me please!
I treat waffles the same way I treat poptarts and toaster strudel, breakfast snacks. I treat pancakes as a meal. I'd even take french toast over waffles tbh.
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