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MATURE: Pixelmon: Legend of Steve (Pokémon/Minecraft crossover) (Mature for strong language)

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#1 Sanae Simp
Feb 26, 2014
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(Okay, so this is my first fic, it is based off of the Pixelmon mod of Minecraft, with ALL Pokémon, and ALL Pokémon characters that I know (It is in 3rd person POV))
(here goes)
CHAPTER 1: Welcome to the Minecraftia Region
Blayde Hart suddenly woke up after the crashing sound. Blayde is a calm, collected 16 year old boy from Forest Edge Village who weighs in at 150 pounds stands at 6 feet, wears navy blue track pants, a grey and black hoodie, and glasses. He has short, black hair, and brown eyes. He has heard many loud crashes before, but none like the one he just woke up to. When he got out of his cobblestone house, he saw an unusual sight: The Pokémon world's life and most of the animal life in Minecraftia have swapped locations. As he checked the transporter for survivors (as it was badly damaged), he was startled by a Froakie's croaking.
"HOLY SHIT!!!!" cried Blayde, and then a boy with Cyan hair and brown eyes climbed out of the transporter. He had a Pikachu on his shoulder.
Is that... Ash??? Blayde asked himself. The boy confirmed his question by saying "Who Are you, I'm Ash, and where am I? Where are my friends?"
"You are in another world called Minecraftia." said Blayde, and Ash suddenly said, "So this is the video game Minecraft, isn't it?".
(Chapter 2 is coming soon)
Re: Pixelmon: Legend of Steve (Pokémon/Minecraft crossover) (Mature for strong langua

Please make sure that your first chapter (or prologue and first chapter) is at least 1000 words--as it stands you have plenty of room to add more here.

I'm locking this for now--when you have a revised version,let me know and I will unlock this.
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