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Platonic Ships / Parings!!

Sep 10, 2019
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I really like platonic ships, probably much more than romantic ones? I think a big part of that for me personally, may be because at this stage of my life(?), I have an easier time relating to them in comparison to romance / etc oriented relationships?

But really... there's no invalid reason to like platonic ships, right? In my humble onion, they can be just as fun as romantic ones, because... I guess, why wouldn't they? LOL. I guess thiiiinking about it, chosen family stuff is a really heartwarming subject for lots of people, myself included! It's cute.. probs my fav thing to see around?

Aaaanyways! My big platonic friends OTP is lisia pokémon + emmet, you have probably heard this story before (tldr my older sister who is a subway master irl loves emmet and i happily accidentally share a name with lisia pokémon, so having our very own characters interact is something we really love to see! we have an AU and everything ehehe) but!! I am interested, however, in hearing from others about any platonic ships they have??? if you have any? Maybe? please tell me i am always on the lookout for fun things to write about read about etc JDJDUEKFJDJ

as much as im a huge romantic shipper im also a HUUUGE sucker for platonic stuff especially if i perceive it as familial, so here's a few platonic pairs i really like (most of mine are from galar though bc thats what im most focused on, but there are a few that i like. the ones listed here are just what i have the most passionate feelings about and come to mind first)

sordward + gloria - this is the main one i kinda talk about a lot! i really just generally find how seesaw twins act with the protag after the events of the postgame very, very sweet, and while in canon it's very clear they go from looking down on her to quite the opposite, i personally think there's some kinda...sad implications about the seeming inability they have to view someone on a mutual level with them rather than above or below them? but i won't get into that analysis here lol however that is kinda the reason that i personally opted to start preferring to see them as having a familial relationship of sorts. i don't view them as having any specific dynamic like father/daughter or brother/sister because i don't think it really needs to fit into any of those, they're just familial to me and that's sweet.

shielbert + victor - similar thing here with it being vaguely familial in some way except its kinda different mostly bc of me seeing gloria as the "canon" protagonist as opposed to victor. the best way i can explain the dynamic i like for them (and also i made a joke image related to this) is that they're like reigen and mob from mp100 to me.

professor sycamore + trevor - this is a familial one that i do actually define as a very specific thing, being father and son. i've always thought that, due to trevor's parents not being around since they left him and his sister to travel around the world, maybe considering trevor's interest in the pokedex (and i cant remember if this is the case in the games but i know in pokespe hes actively aiming to become a professor and later becomes his assistant) he really looks up to sycamore and views him as a parental figure. i really, really don't like trevor and his sisters parents based on that piece of dialogue, so i've always found comfort in the idea of them having a familial relationship with sycamore.

nemona + kieran - i don't have much to say about this one but i just think it's very sweet and i wish i saw more of it

sonia + hop - i don't really think i have many things to say about this aside from the obvious. always had the assumption that sonia probably was a babysitter for hop on multiple occasions while he was growing up and they obviously are probably close considering he's now one of her assistants and her student

tate + archie - this one comes to mind from that one masters summer event, i just thought their interactions were super sweet and how archie immediately volunteers to help tate finds liza. honestly in general there are probably like a million archie pairings i could get into because archie as a character is just generally super sweet in a lot of his interactions with others.

cyrus + sophocles - another one that comes from masters! i honestly really like this one even if it's sad that cyrus' potential redemption via this relationship never rly properly played out. in some ways they feel similar via their interests in technology, but their attitudes and backgrounds are still vastly different. it really did seem like sophocles was getting through to cyrus, but i guess it's kinda not the most surprising that it didn't fully play out since pokemon masters is just a spinoff gacha game at the end of the day, but it would've been nice to see a potential cyrus redemption via that and more of them interacting. who knows though, maybe dena will surprise me and we'll someday finally get to see this play out and them officially become friends. i really do think this duo was one of my favourite things to come out of pokemon masters honestly.

and in general im sure anyone could tell i just really generally like any canon siblings as well, but i especially think the relationships between the battle chatelaines are kinda underrated! i really enjoyed seeing them talk to and about each other in the limited dialogue they had in xy and seeing them interact in masters is just as nice. and then obviously my favourite siblings of all time are sordward and shielbert but i think this post is already long enough without me getting into all of the things i absolutely adore about their dynamic :bulbaLol:
I really like thinking about Drayton and Iris as cousins. Iris is Drayden's granddaughter (I headcanon her as adopted, but I don't think the games ever specify) and Drayton is Drayden's grandson...but they're not siblings, since it seems like Drayden is Iris's only guardian figure while Drayton is implied to have at least one parent still around (he mentions his mom if the player chooses the "...Chew your food, Drayton" option in the cafeteria). So yeah. It's solidly canon in my mind that they're cousins. I like to think of them being each other's best friend growing up and getting into all kinds of misadventures together. Their energy levels are VERY different, but that makes it more fun to me...like, Drayton will refuse to walk more than two blocks, but when Iris wants to go hiking in the woods for five hours, he'll just shrug and go "Sure, I'll pack a lunch." It also fuels a bit of...I don't know if the dynamic has an official name, but I call it "crazy driver, sane navigator", where one character is the reason the pair does anything and the other is the reason they make it back in one piece. That's one of my favorite dynamics between characters in any context. (TL;DR, I really like Drayton and Iris as a platonic-familial pairing :enzap: )

I also picture the Ultra Recon Squad as a found-family unit. I have a headcanon that the Ultra Recon Squad we see in the games is just one unit of the U.R.S., and since exploring Ultra Space is so dangerous, the U.R.S. tends to recruit people that don't have any familial ties. (CW: mention of death) Captain Phyco was widowed (he and his wife having been unable to have children) and Soliera, Dulse, and Zossie were orphans...they get thrown together as a U.R.S. unit and develop into the family that they all needed.
Ooh wow so manyyy

most of my pokeverse characters as platonic, let’s see…. Serena and Calem definitely. May and Brendan, sun and moon, basically all the protag pairs except for the ones that are romantically shipped (which I think is… dawn + lucas and Gloria + Victor? Both of them are also inspired by Taylor swift songs hehe (how you get the girl and mastermind, respectively) )

Most of these guys are so platonically yes

Oh oh oh Hilbert and Hilda the twins ever. They’re so yes and they’re twins and yea

Oh and. Wallace and steven are more chaotic best friends than anything in my verse and it’s funny cause Steven’s like the Devon corp guy but he’s also really tired and also being used by his father for some big scheme and Wallace is like. Why does this man have so much energy what is he doing

Also flannery and Roxanne and Brawly I headcanon to be around the same age and at family gatherings (basically the entire hoenn league) they’re definitely something

And me and Mudkipz’s nuzlocke characters Cordelia and Jamarcus!
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Finally, a thread that's all about putting "ship" in "fellowship" and "friendship" in a non-romantic context !

When it comes to these, I actually don't have a whole lot that do not have the romantic element. Due to the way I headcanon the family tree of many of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders (they all descend from Colza & Arezu from Legend Arceus), half of them are related by blood. These would be Roark, Gardenia, Byron and Maylene. The latter, I actually see her as Mars's younger sister and they have a healthy relationship despite, you know, one of them being a Commander of Team Galactic. I also like to think Mars had helped Maylene become a Gym Leader through simulating interviews and memorizing the Pokémon Trainer Guidebook to the point where Mars knows the thing by heart and can tell you on which page to find what rules you're looking for.

If I have more, I'll post more !
the big ones for me are all from my PLA au (which is also basically my canon now), lol! in short, in my au rowan's-assistant-dawn is the protagonist (and from an alternate universe), and akari + rei are siblings, which are the major changes to canon. volo & dawn, dawn & akari & rei, and akari & rei are all my beloveds!!! i love them to bits and even though my au & their relationships aren't super fleshed out at the moment, i still enjoy thinking about them and sometimes have the Autism Moments come on about them. i enjoy some other platonic stuff, but nothing big enough that comes to mind to write down now.
Time for me to drag my Anipoke stuff into this...

My main one is that I love platonic Pokeshipping more than any other interpretation of it, tbh. There's just something about Misty and Ash being true-blue besties, ones that argue about dumb stuff but are totally inseparable and comfortable around each other... that kinda thing makes me happy. I definitely get where the more common perception of the pairing comes from, but nowadays their friendship is perfect to me just the way it is.

Also, while I'm usually not super invested in found-family dynamics and hardly ever seek 'em out, I do have a big soft spot for the idea of Tracey being an older brother figure for Gary. ;_; They do live in the same house together, after all. My headcanon can mostly be summarized by the latter starting out as an annoying little pest towards the former, before Tracey eventually realizes "ah crud, I actually care about this jerk and need to look out for him" lmfao.

Oh, and I also really like Gary & Tokio's friendship. Maybe just because it reminds me of myself & my own best friend, but it made me sincerely happy to see them getting along so well towards the end of JN (even getting a cameo during the finale showing them hanging out together!). I wish more people took note of it though, 'cuz surprisingly I've still hardly ever seen anyone mention 'em.
I think that some of the family relationships depicted in the franchise?

I mean, my heart always warms when I see the tenderness with which Delia treats Ash, and her unwavering support for him. It's especially remarkable how, with the exception of the comic content of some episodes of the original saga, she respects both his physical and mental boundaries, allowing him the personal space he needs to flourish. I also greatly appreciate the dynamics and the lovely interactions between the sibling duo, Bonnie and Clemont, which are always entertaining and endearing. But are these perhaps so obvious and expected to be considered?

Moving forward, I would like to highlight the relationship between Kojiro and Jessie, and also Meowth. This inseparable trio has already proven, more than once, their enduring bond and the genuine sense of care and support that underlies their interactions, and it is certain that they see Team Rocket, or rather, themselves, as a family.

Furthermore, without a doubt, the most "illustrious" platonic bond portrayed in the Pokémon franchise is the extraordinary connection between Ash and Pikachu. This shared love is a shining example of purity, authenticity, and unwavering common effort to endure and overcome any difficulty or circumstance together.

Beyond, as previously mentioned, it is worth emphasizing once again the authentic bond formed between Ash and Misty. This relationship was built in an extremely organic and natural way, from the initial clash of personalities to the exchanges of friendly banters demonstrating a profound understanding of each other. Their reunion in the second episode of To Be a Pokémon Master is marked by a deep shared esteem and comprehension that is even difficult to describe.

In its turn, I dare say that the connection later shared between Ash and Dawn is not behind the ones previously mentioned. Their natural compatibility and dynamics, characterized by encouragement, support, and an authentic desire to see each other succeed, are truly inspiring and heartwarming.

When it comes to games, it is worth mentioning the deep friendship that we were introduced to in Pokémon Legends Arceus between Palina and Irida, taking into account the last one seems to see the first one as a big sister. Sophocles, in US/UM, also has a very strong relationship with Molayne, who, unless I'm mistaken, he calls Big Bro.

Lastly, in my opinion, it is worth pointing out the relationship between Sonia and Leon, given that the former cares deeply for the Champion and is genuinely happy for the success he has achieved. However, she seems to be bothered by the fact that, in her own perception, she has not achieved the level of success she expected and believes others expect from her. This perception, at my point of view, created difficulty in her communicating with Leon, as Sonia seems to feel a sense of frustration and struggle to express her own aspirations and concerns to him, as she believes that he, as the prodigy that he is, may not fully understand the challenges she faces. I don't know, but I think that at the end of the game, after the completion and success of Sonia's own personal journey of self-knowledge, she will be able to readjust her ties with Leon.

Well, I'm not sure their relationship is absolutely platonic, but I believe it fundamentally is. That is, I understand that they have mutual respect and affection for their shared story and for being who they are, regardless of any physical attraction.
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yesss a spot for talking about our favorite friendships

for me, i absolutely adore what i personally call the kanto trio (ash, misty, and brock), though i have seem this term be used for red, blue, and leaf. maybe indigo trio would be a better name?
anyway, i love these three goobers. they are the perfect found family to me
I love platonic ships so much!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :bulbaLove:

Current favourites:

All of the eighth Gym Leaders (okay it's maybe a little more complicated for some of the individual couplings of friends, but in general they are friends) - I think there is so much chaotic potential for these goobers, especially (at least in my interpretation) playing with the theme of expectations and stuff.

Lenora & Steven - Lenora has a history museum, iirc. And Steven is ronk man. Something something Steven gets hung up on the science of rocks and forgets the history part, but this is still pretty interesting to Lenora.

Steven & Roxanne - Steven and Roxanne are friends in canon I think, and I waver on whether it's a regular friendship or a mentor and student friendship. Probably the former; I think they're on pretty equal terms and can just discus rock stuff and maybe business stuff but Steven would rather not

Lenora & Cynthia - I forgot the exact post, but there one this one post (semi-related to the above) that Cynthia and Steven both like rocks, but in different ways. In Cynthia's case, it's specifically the historical and cultural context of the rocks. And so she,,,,, and Lenora,,,,,,,, friends????

Lenora & Burgh & Elesa - Lots of Lenora friendships today, I suppose. But like,,,,, so much potential with them.

Brawly & Wallace - "This is where I watched my parents die, Brawly" "cowabummer"
Ohhh i have a bunch 4 these !!!!

blue and leaf r so silly 2 me. besties worsties sibbies whatever u wanna call them. they tell eachother 2 go explode then five minutes later theyll sit together and giggle at some bug catcher that tried 2 challenge the viridian gym with nothing but a caterpie

also also i rlly liek the idea of blue being like a big bro sort of figure 4 the johto quartet!! i have like my hcs 4 his relationship with each of them individually. for ethan and lyra canonically depending on who u play as both of them remind him of red so i think of that a lot. kris she wants 2 get into research in pokemas and all and blue has his ties 2 the research field thanks 2 oak which i can see her pestering him over that lol and silver has his ties 2 viridian gym thanks 2 giovanni but if i ramble on thisll be too long lol

also also also !! leaf/green is liek super focused on completing the pokedex in evolutions and kris is interested in research and all so i can totally see her looking up to her a lot too !!esp since like a gen 2 manual mentions how the protag starts their journey being inspired by red so i want leaf 2 have some role too even tho she got left out of gen 1...

also also !!!penny and arven theyr so silly 2 me. The besties in haterism of all time.he slides in a single veggie into her sandwich and ends up cursed out in his dms with 180 pings afterwards. they proceed 2 then cry Together because of juli/flori leaving 2 unova again

also ALSO Also. Cheren with Rachel and Sawyer they def plan surprises 4 lear together. The #1 lear support club they'll show up 2 any one on one battles he has together to cheer him on

Another one i have is yancy and curtis!!theyr both coworkers and And they both also mention having siblings so i like 2 hc them as found family lol. They mention eachother as though theyr actual blood siblings because thats how they see eachother then when u see the other ur like HUUH?BUT U LOOK NOTHING ALIKE? Despite appearances yancy is the older one
Oh boy! These relationships are mostly just from my current PLA fic lol

Volo and Rei: Volo starts treating Rei as a lil brother and then by extension, treats Akari as a lil sister

Adaman and Rei/Akari: they're siblings your honor

Ingo and Rei: Ingo treats Rei like a brother as they have a kinship, being fellow space-time outliers

Irida and Adaman: they argue like siblings your honor. Irida is also secretly concerned for Adaman when he shows affection towards Volo (you know he's a criminal right adaman why do you want to smooch him)

Laventon and Akari: He quite literally adopted her from the wilds after her parents were killed by pokemon. Then she got her pikachu out of the trash. Like father like daughter lmao

Laventon and Rei: He is his son. His feral son but his son nonetheless.

Cyllene and Rei/Akari: Please stop calling me mom it's weird. (She secretly likes being called mom)

Volo and Melli: Melli will punch Volo if they make eye contact. Sibling bonding, obviously.

Mai and Volo: she's chill with him cause he makes Adaman happy. Also she can just get Wyrdeer to trample him if he upsets Adaman :3

Ginter and Volo: Guy knew Volo as a kid (Volo was a little hellion as a kid). Volo wasn't the best merchant but he was a good guy. He treats Volo like a son but also like a younger brother.

There are probably more but that's all I can think of atm lol
I really like to write about Volo and Cynthia. Happy they seem to be getting some canon interactions in Pokemon Masters. Up until now I have been using my wild imagination lol. Younger Cynthia ending up in Hisui and training with Volo to become OP is a fun headcanon/origin story. I like to imagine that her Pokemon are the descendants of his Pokemon too and that she hatched them from eggs that she received from him. You can have a lot of fun with the Hokkaido setting while writing them, Cynthia connecting with her history/culture. Then there is the Hiker theory too...

Ingo and Emmet are great too. PLA kind of leaves you hanging so you're left wondering what happened to them, if they were ever reunited again or if Ingo choose to stay in the past. Emmet meeting Ingo's descendant if he choose to stay is good bittersweet angst.

I like writing about Arven and Sada too. I think the games don't explore his grief after losing his mother enough so it's interesting to expand on it in fanfiction.

Another weird relationship that I like is Mr. Fuji and Blaine since they both made Mewtwo and used to be friends canonically. It's unfortunate that when one of them gets development in the adaptations (the anime and CD drama for Fuji and the PokeSpe Manga for Blaine) the other doesn't do much. I would have liked to see some interactions. Amber and Mewtwo's relationship is also heart breaking but cute.

Bede and Opal are so much fun. I like how they chose to focus on fun interactions despite how angsty his backstory lol. This kind of makes Bede stand out among the other angsty rivals like Silver and N.

I also really like Gengar and Gardevoir from PMD if I'm allowed to count Pokemon/human relationships (or is it a Pokemon/Pokemon relationship? lol). In Explorers of Sky I really like the relationship between the player and the partner as well as Dusknoir and Grovyle's intense conflict/rivalry. I also like to imagine Celebi and Dusknoir being friends after the ending since their energy is kind of the opposite lol. Chatot and the Guild master are also adorable.
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There’s a lot of potential for a Zinnia & ORAS protagonist (take your pick for gender) friendship and the scenarios & dynamic it can lead to post-Delta Episode! There’s Salamence vs. Lati racing, Secret Bases, the protagonist introducing Zinnia to Contests, and everything that comes from Zinnia meaningfully socializing without the apocalypse hanging over her head for the first time in who-knows-how-long. And of course, both of them having to process the fact that the protagonist, a child, is now Rayquaza’s “chosen one”.
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