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Player Characters Discussion

I don't think that the design is becoming "less edgy" as time goes on considering how Archie looks in AS and a lot of the character design in SM in general. I think the reason for changing the art style is to show how the franchise is evolving with SV, though I think they did a poor job. You can't have Pokemon without it's iconic art style imo.
That's what I meant - the designs are becoming less edgy with this installment. ORAS is Sugimori's style at its best. You say that as if I am a genwunner. Lmao, no, I prefer 3ds era games but Legends Arceus and SV make designs more realistic and not as sharp. Did you like sparse,overly detailed trees of Legends Arceus? That game is not bad but environments still don't look too good
That's what I meant - the designs are becoming less edgy with this installment. ORAS is Sugimori's style at its best.
I agree with you somewhat though I think S/M were peak Pokemon design. However it's true that Sugimori's style shined especially in ORAS though overall Pokemon design goes to S/M.
SW/SH played it safe in a lot of aspects anyways which I hope is not where the series will be taken from now on. The story especially is a massive downgrade from S/M and while Legends is an improvement and I enjoyed it a lot there's still room for something more.
I think people are forgetting that for the past couple of generations some, if not most, of the human characters weren't really designed by Sugimori. He may have done the character art, sure. But he didn't design them.

Before now, the character designers were sticking really close to his style that you couldn't really tell that they were designed by diffrent people. But it's pretty obvious that even from the art that was drawn by Sugimori, they're using a new character designer that probably couldn't emulate the classic Pokémon style well.

The more time goes on and my hatred for the protag's beedy little eyes continues...the more I feel sorry for the person who designed them. Once their name gets out, there's going to be so much unnecessary hatred directed towards them.
Personally not a massive fan, but surprisingly enough it’s the female protagonist I have a problem with, and I outright dislike her. I don’t like the beady round eyes on the protagonists but I think it looks worse on the female protag. The male protagonist I can somewhat tolerate, but I know that character customisation is guaranteed here of course I’m going to utilise that.

Also, folks worrying about game designers being harrased just over character designs? If such then well, it’s the problem of the complainers who wish to go out of the way to do something related to a franchise targeted for children. Yes, I know this franchise is actually more family oriented, but still!
but that has nothing to do with a school theme in modern times, it is common for school uniforms to be mandatory and if the plot will be at school there is not much to say to deny it.
Counter argument: Fiction set in school usually doesnt care and just lets kids walk in without the uniform and do nothing about it.
but that has nothing to do with a school theme in modern times, it is common for school uniforms to be mandatory and if the plot will be at school there is not much to say to deny it.

I'd say so is a formal organisation uniform like Galaxy Team. But there's no point over arguing some unclear thing, so I'd rest it here.
Also it could just be like the gyms in Sword and Shield where you only have to wear the uniform when you're taking part in the 'big school thing' of the game or something.

Though I'd at least hope they'd learn from Sword and Shield and let us have SOME ability to customize our uniforms or something. The concept of school uniformity and sameness is soul crushing to me enough as a concept I don't need it in my fantasy hyperfixations, thankee.

Let me put pins and bobbles on my school hat, at least. Oh damn. Put my badges on the decorative band around my hat. Yes. Yes I like this idea already...
I hate when they force you to wear uniforms of any kind. I have never met anyone who actually like the outfits in SM when you ride the Pokemon.

I wonder why they are so stubborn with the school setting. The SM anime was set in a school, the beginning of the Journeys anime tried to tell Go to go back to school. But I don't think anyone likes the school setting.

Maybe if the characters were a little older like high school. Then there might be some more drama and deeper relationships happening. Could tie into the whole plot of "finding your dream" that they seem to like bringing up with the female characters. Although I must admit it worked better for an older character like Bianca. Why would a 10-year old worry about the future?
Probably a Japanese cultural thing or something? That's my best guess.

Also I like to make a joke that characters in a japanese game/anime don't have correct ages like real people do. Toddlers=children. Children=tweens/teens depending on their level of main character. Tweens=16-18. Teens= Early 20 somethings. 20's=28 or 29. 30+= damn son you already got one foot in the grave old man do you need help crossing the road?
I... like school setting. I will admit these SV uniforms are on the blander side of things, but also I'd be surprised if they forced us to wear it for the entire game. I think a situation like the Galaxy Team in PL:A is much more likely, where you're given a set of uniform but once you unlock more clothes you can just wear other stuff instead if you wish.

Alola games and ride Pokemon probably had a case of reducing work in animating the clothes so they can focus on animating the 'mon instead, but even then the ride outfits were isolated in that mechanic and not what you wear for most of the games.
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