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PMD: Liberandum Academy CLOSED~

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Jun 13, 2010
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You wake up in the morning to a loud *CLUNK*.

The first thing you do is yawn, then rub your eyes, and then finally get out of bed and open the door.

You walk outside your small hut and see a familiar Pelliper flying away with a bad full of mail around it's wing.

You look in your mailbox to find a decorated letter addressed to you with first class postage.

You try to think what it could be, and then you remember the contest you entered.

Could it possibly be, could it be that your biggest dream is coming true?

You quickly brush off the idea, there is no way you could have won seeing as thousands of pokemon had entered.

But that possibility still lingers in your head, it bothers you like a mosquito in your ear.

After standing around for a few minutes staring at the letter, you finally gain the courage to open the letter and read whats inside....

Dear New Student,

You have won the chance of a lifetime to attend the top Rescue Team academy to date, Liberandum Academy. Here you will learn the the skills necessary to become a Platinum Rank rescue team and save pokemon everywhere. Some of these skills will include navigating dungeons, item uses, and battling effectively. These skills are only a few out of dozens offered at the academy. Also, at the academy, you will find your partner for the team you will be creating after graduation; so keep that in mind. With this letter, a single first-class ticket for the Diglett Express is packaged, which will be departing in exactly one week from this letter's arrival. You not being on the train will be accepted as a denial on this offer, in which we will invite another entry. We hope to see you in one week!

Head Master Swellow


Your face lights up with joy and you jump in the air.

You run into your hut and begin to pack your bags.....

Hey guys, so I decided to create this RP combining two popular types of RP's; PMD and Academy roleplays. So without further a do, lets get to business...


  • [*=center]No godmoding without the other players consent.
    [*=center]This is a mature roleplay with relationships allowed, I hope people utilize this to its potential.
    [*=center]Swear with taste, this is PMD so dont be off the wall with it.
    [*=center]Put an emote in the other category if you read this.
    [*=center]Please dont be so random that it doesn't make sense.
    [*=center]Please put a little meat in your posts ;-)
    [*=center]Inactiveness for 3 days without letting me know will result in removal from the RP

Age: (15-19)
Pokemon: (Only first stage or second stage, you will get the chance to evolve during the RP)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Appearance: (Anything special about your pokemon's appearance. No shinys.)
Personality: (What is your character like?)
History: (Whats your pokemon's past?)
Moves: (Keep it tasteful, only basic moves.)
Other: (Anything else?)

My Sign-Up
Name: Devon Allen
Age: 16
Pokemon: Treeko
Gender: Male
Appearance: Devon wears a red bandana around his neck that he never takes off, unless he is washing it.
Personality: Devon loves to help people, which is why he entered the contest. He likes to make friends and is really nice to people unless they give him a reason not to. He is hard to anger, but when he is angry he gets very enraged.
History: Devon has lived by himself since he was 10 years old. Treecko's always leave their parents when they are 10 and live by themselves onward, rarely ever seeing their parents again. Though, on his own he has learned valuable skills about gathering food and defending himself from angry uncivilized pokemon. One day he was buying some supplies from a nearby town, which he spent a little bit of time in everyday when he saw a little booth off of the town square. It was a contest for a top notch rescue academy that people who wanted to be in a rescue team only dreamed of going to. Devon decided that he would at least try, it couldn't hurt him so why not. Devon had always wanted to form a rescue team and devote his life to it, now he can.
Moves: Pound, Quick Attack, Absorb
Other: :-D

@Derier44- Devon Allen (Treecko)
@TobiasMoon- Alexander Hunter Pari (Sandshrew)
@Terra Solidum- Flynn (Vibrava)
@Cartmanland- Sandi (Sandile)
@Malice Calvin- Camari (Emolga)
@Slendermodio- Captain (Oshowatt)
@Oblivion- Falchion (Pawnard)
@CyberVoltage- Veran (Cyndaquil)
@Kagamine Len- Alice (Eevee)
@Chocolate Bones- Royal (Yamask)
@Volcarona- Grace (Kirlia)
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Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Sounds Cool!

Name: Flynn
Age: 18
Pokemon: Vibrava
Gender: Male
Appearance: Looks like an ordianry Vibrava, except he wears a green scarf and a brown band on one of his wings.

Personality: An easygoing Pokemon, hard working and loyal. Once Flynn starts a task, he intends on finishing it, no matter how futile it may seem. His dedication sometimes gets him in dangerous situations. He likes making new friends and enjoys exploration.

History: Flynn was born as a Trapinch and raised in the desert region in the shouth. While the different evolutionary stages of Flygon tend to live together as a tribe of sorts, it isn't uncommon to see some leave and head out on their own, to join rescue teams, exploration teams or whatever else. This is exactly what Flynn set out to do after evolving into a Vibrava, he intended to join or form his own rescue team, but his attempts were unsuccessful. Flynn ended up working as a freelance explorer/rescuer, to which he was also fairly unsuccessful. In order to help build his expertise and experience, he sent an application in to one of the top Rescue Academys' in the area, eagerly waiting to see if he was accepted or not. Being from the desert and enjoys the warm weather, with him being a ground-type Pokemon.

Moves: Sand-tomb, Bite, Faint-Attack, Sand-Attack

Other: :-D
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Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

It may be my 3DS, but there is supposed to be something in your Other catagory. Also, could you tone down your moves a little bit by having lower level moves. Just because I intend for the beggining of the academy to be like the beggining of a PMD game, starting with the basics.
Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Please reserve me a place with Riolu.
Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Sorry, I didn't mean to pick overly strong moves, sand tomb, faint attack, and sonic boom are the moves that Vibrava learns from level 1 and then Dragonbreath is what it learns when it evolves, so I just kind of assumed......
Also, if I didn't put an emote in the other section, I'm not entirely sure what an emote is........
Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Age: 15
Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal besides a red bandana worn around the neck.
Personality: Veran is very shy and reserved, and he has low self-esteem. Despite this he is very brave and loyal. He is also smart and very logical.
History: Veran was picked on as a small child alot, sometimes by his brother, sometimes by bullies at school. The main thing that kept hi going was his two best friends, an Eevee and a Snivy, who constantly stood up for him and encouraged him. He was never really close to his father, but his mother was very close and sometimes they would go outside at night look at the stars and talk. He always wanted to join a rescue team but he didn't think that he had what it takes. One day he came along what he thought would be perfect for him, a contest for an academy that trains rescue team; he quickly entered the contest.
Moves: Ember, Leer, Quick Attack, Smokescreen
Other: an emote
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Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Reserve me. I'll finish this later since it's 1:40 AM here

Name: Tyrant Storm
Age: 16
Pokemon: Scrafty (It's Stage 1 with no further evolution, although Stage 1 is the first stage of evolution UNLESS there are no futher evolutions. Basic is unevolved)
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Anything special about your pokemon's appearance. No shinys.)
Personality: (What is your character like?)
History: Tyrant thought he was the tough guy back in the day because of his strength from constantly training daily, no matter what the weather.
Moves: (Keep it tasteful, only moves a lower to semi-medium pokemon would know.)
Other: (Anything else?)
Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Name: Sandi
Age: 17
Pokemon: Sandile
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sandi typically resembles the average Sandile. She has a white scarf tied around her neck.
Personality: Sandi is obsessed with dirt and digging and she is constantly going off by herself to dig or roll in dirt. Sandi has an unforunate tendency of digging in whatever area she's in. Sandi doesn't really say much and can't go five minutes without putting "Dirt!" in a sentence. Sandi's dirt obsession tends to make her come off as a little insane.
History: Sandi was raised by a Claydol and a Baltoy. Baltoy and Claydol introduced Sandi to dirt and inspired her love for dirt. Baltoy and Claydol taught her how to spin around in dirt and keep her balance. Due to almost drowning at a young age, Sandi has developed hydrophobia (fear of water) and becomes terrified at the very mention of water. Sandi grew in up a desert near Hoenn and has spent her entire life exposed to dirt, hence her obsession with it.
Moves: Dig, (Learned through TM), Sand Attack, Bite
Other: Dirt! :D
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Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

@Axl Reserved

@Terra Solidum You did have the emote, I just couldn't see it on the 3DS. And about your moves, the point is that your Vibrava wouldn't know all those moves upon evolving. If you could change a few to Trapinch's then your accepted.

@CyberVoltage Expand on your history a little more and take out Flame Wheel. Then you'll be good to go.

@Blissy What I meant by that was it shouldn't be at the final evolution, unless it doesn't evolve. So if it only evolves once, then use the basic pokemon. And Reserved.

@Cartmanland Your history doesnt tell much about your character, could you expand on that.
Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Name: Alexander Hunter Pari
Age: 16
Pokemon: Sandshrew
Gender: Male
Appearance: His coloration is slightly darker than average. He has a black stripe all the way down his back.
Personality: Hunter is very serious, rarely smiling and tends to be honest to the point of bluntness. He believes that it is very important to fufill your promises.
History: His father was was a criminal who left his mother after impregnating her, which caused Hunter to hate him from a young age. A few years later his mother died do to a sickness caught during childbirth, leaving Hunter further embittered towards his father, who he blamed for his mother's death. From that point on he was raised by his older brother. When his father was brought to justice by a rescue team, he vowed to learn to fight so that he could join a rescue team and stop people like his father from hurting others. Because he was named after his father, he hates being called by his first name and uses his middle name instead. When he saw the contest to join the acadamy he knew that he had to enter.
Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Rapid Spin, Fury Swipes
Other: This looks to be really cool. ;)
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Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Can you change his name in the original post to either "Alexander Hunter Pari" or "Hunter Pari" because he really hates the name Alexander and would have filled out the contest entry form as "Hunter Pari"
Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

@Cartmanland It doesn't make sense at all, but whatever. Accepted!
Re: PMD: Liberandum Academy

Name: Camari
Age: 15
Pokemon: Emolga
Gender: Female
Appearance: Has three spikes on her left ear
Personality: Camari is very enigmatic. She rarely talks, and is very shy around people, preferring to keep to herself. She fails to realize that by staying away, it only draws attention to herself. She tends to hang upside down on ceilings if she can to sleep, and hides in her cape if she is put on the spot. When she puts her shyness aside, she can be a very sweet and caring person.
History: Camari wasn't always quiet and shy growing up. She used to be very outgoing and social. Then, when her family had to migrate, she became an outcast, and was tormented because of the spikes on her ear that most Emolga don't have. This is why she became she became shy and withdrawn.
Moves: Thundershock, Charge, Quick Attack, Roost
Other: :cool:
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