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PMD: Liberandum Academy

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This was an absolute luxury for Alexandria. She was able to be alone, without being dragged into a conversation or harassed. She wondered why. Why it wasn't happening to her. She wasn't hiding herself like she usually would have in a situation like this. She was sitting on a couch, out in the open, in a somewhat small room with 11 other people for Christ's sake.

Maybe because they were all like her. Reserved, quiet, and unwilling to willingly participate in conversation. All her life she had grown accustomed to her environment being filled with people unlike her. Social, outgoing, and not afraid to speak their mind in front of others. People who don't have the uncontrollable habit of checking their appearance to ensure that they are acceptable to others.

Alexandria quickly combed through her bag to find a mirror and a brush. She had been so entranced in her thought since she had arrived that she had forgotten. She gasped as her mirror revealed to her the mass of auburn frizz mounted on her head. She frantically use the call to do her best to straighten out her bangs and mend her curls. In doing so, she accidentally threw her comb towards another Pokémon: a Treecko. Alexandria hurriedly ran over to him and promptly picked up her comb.

"I'm so sorry!" she apologized, shaking with anxiety. "Are you alright?"
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Royal, seeing that no one took him up on his offer of chocolate, shrugged and unwrapped a bar for himself, immediately chomping off half, chewing slowly but deliberately while he watched the other Pokemon around him, slowly but surely getting to know one another. He relaxed, clearly content, as he slid the other half of the chocolate bar into his mouth, chomping loudly as he sat back.
Veran saw Royal take out a piece of chocolate and start to eat it and he remembered the Yamask's earlier offer to give out some. He would have taken him up on it, but he was freaked out by ghost types. He relized that most ghost types weren't bad at all and he felt sorry for them, but still........
Now that introductions had been (mostly) completed, Hunter decided to take a moment to rest. He wasn't about to go to sleep, especially not with Falchion around, but he did take the chance to lie down on the bed nearest to the "ground" section of the cabin.
Alice opened her eyes slowly.I hope we're already there she hoped.She looked at the window and to her dismay,they're still not there.She couldn't do anything but just sigh and wait.
Flynn, not being overy aware of how sensitive the others were, then chuckled at the Emolga, "Haha, why do you keep doing that?" refering to the fact that the Emolga kept hiding its face in its wing. "Seems kinda weird to me..."
Camari froze, and glanced sharply over her wing at the Vibrava who had so rudely called her out on her shy tendencies. She was reminded of what her mother taught her about people fearing what they don't understand. She dropped her wing fully as a rare anger came over her. Her first instinct was to light him up like a neon sign, but then she remembered that he was immune to electricity. Instead, she folded her wings around herself, and walked away in her clumsy manner, charging electricity as she walked, while at the same time emitting a strong magnetic field.

Treecko who had been chewing on a piece of wild grass talking with Falchion fell off his seat. "What the..." he muttered and saw another pokemon was just entering the cabin. "Don't worry about it, welcome to our little party" he said, trying to make a friend.
Why is it so noisy... Alice thought and curled herself up,hiding her head with her fluffy tail.
Flynn shrugged, then returned to his seat, not really satisfied with the answer, or lack of, that the Emolga had given him. "Oh well" he muttered to himself. He noticed that some of the other pokemon were trying to sleep, Flynn wasn't tired at all, and thought that the others were just displaying anti-social tendencies. He spotted an Eevee, and approached it, saying, "Hi! What's your name?"
After picking up her comb, Alexandria looked up at the Pokémon who she had hit. A Treecko, somewhat taller than her. She began to blush after a sudden realisation: he was cute. Alexandria nervously brushed her bangs away from her eyes hastily smiled towards him. Then she remember what she had been using her comb for, and began brushing her hair quickly in an effort to make herself look as presentable as possible. The awkward situation that she had been predicting all along had finally come true. She was stuck in a conversation that would either ruin all hopes of making a friend, and fulfill her nightmares of making enemies. In a complete act of desperation, she gathered all of her courage, and tried her best to avoid ruining this chance to make a friend and to possibly be accepted somewhere where she would spend a lot of time in the future.

"Thanks," she said quietly, trying to avoid eye contact. Alexandria looked up. "Uh...What's your name?"
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Royal saw Veran eying one of his chocolate bars and smirked a bit to himself. He looked away and nodded, understanding that the other Pokemon may not trust him any, let alone well enough to take food from him. He couldn't exactly blame them. Not only was he a ghost, but even he found it hard to look into the sad, grave red eyes of his. He casually took a candy bar from his pack and, still without looking at the Cyndaquil, tossed it in the Fire Mouse Pokemon's direction, hoping Veran would be more accepting of the offering if it didn't mean he'd have to talk to Royal. Pretending nothing happened, he pulled out another chocolate bar from his pack, unwrapped it, and proceeded to munch on it contently while he watched the other Pokemon introduce themselves to the newcomer.
Wait...is someone trying to talk to me...? she thought.She peeped from behind her tail shyly and saw a Vibrava talking to her."He-hello,my name is Alice,a pleasure to meet you."she replied shyly still hiding behind her tail."Uhmm...what's your name?"
"The name's Flynn!" he said energetically, making a pose with his wings as he spoke. Still relatively unaware of the sensitivity level, he then asked, "so why're you hidin behind your tail?" tilting his head at an angle and making a confused face.
Alice didn't got to answer right away.She didn't know what to tell the newly met pokémon.Then she sat up and tilted her head a bit."Well,I'm just still not getting used with everyone here,I guess." she replied with a little giggle and smiled sweetly.

But that wasn't actually her reason.She was remembering her past,which was the main purpose why she came here.
Falchion, however, was quite suddenly sent flying across the room, being propelled away from Camari at blinding speeds and slamming into the opposite wall with a rather impressive THUD. Once he stood up, he found simply walking back towards his regular spot to be an exercise in futility as some force was pushing him back. At first he was bewildered, but he quickly identified the source as the Emolga, who appeared to be emitting some kind of magnetic waves or something similar. And he, having metal covering him, was adversely effected by it. And once he made this connection, he was definitely not happy.

"You!" he yelled, managing to point one of his claws towards Camari. "What kind of witchcraft is this? Release me at once, or so help me, I will slay you where you stand!"
Flynn left the Eevee and returned to his seat, to watch now appeared what appeared to be was going to be some action between the Pawniard and Emolga. He curled his tail closer to his body, feeling a bit nervous of the approaching conflict that could get all of them in trouble.....already.
Alice sighed in relief.That might have been the worst start for me... she thought and sighed.Then she curled back up to her position earlier.Her ears twitched.I sense trouble she mumbled to herself and covered her eyes with her paws.Then she covered herself with her tail and hoped for the best.
Sighing as he watched Camari magnetize Falchion, Hunter got up and walked over to the Emolga, doing his best to block the electro-magnetic waves that were being emitted.

"I don't know if you noticed this, but you're trapping the Pawniard over there and considering how trigger-happy he is I really doubt that it's a good idea."
Crap, this isn't going as well as I hoped... Grace thought as she saw the tension between Camari and Falchion. I need to do something! What would Meadow do? She thought of ideas to break up the soon-to-be fight.

"Uh..." Grace still couldn't think of anything, "Oh come on guys, we don't want to start a fight on the first day! Besides, we're all going to be on the same dorm floor and we don't want to be fighting for the rest of the year, right? Right?" She nervously said. Grace nervously laughed, hoping that it would actually work.
((I haven't mentioned this to anyone else, but Meadow is Grace's 21 year old sister, and she really looks up to her))
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