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PMD: Liberandum Academy

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Captain's ears pricked up, not having being paying attention to anything in particular. "Huh? Oh, no fighting. Seriously. Uuh... yeah." he realized now that both this was awkward, as he had not payed attention to vital parts of any conversation past, and that now others would try to talk to him. Landlubbers. He buried himself back into looking for shiny things. He had noticed the sparring that had occured due to a certain antisocial mon- Falchion, was it? And another mon by the name of Camari- another name for a squid. Why they had started to fight, it was beyond him.
Royal hovered out of his seat to get a better look at the ensuing conflict. He tossed his half eaten chocolate bar to his seat before moving closer, making himself ready to intervene should a fight really break out. He occupied the unique position of being able to sustain pain and injury without his life being threatened, and he'd never been afraid of stepping in when he felt it was necessary.

"Grace is right, you guys," he said, talking calmly but assertively, shrugging and faking a smile. "Come on... We're all a team here. Even if we're not part of the same Rescue Team doesn't mean that we're not all here for the same reason. We all want to be part of a real guild. We want the chance to save Pokemon that need us, or explore the unknown in the world, and beating each other up isn't going to get us any closer to what we're looking for."

Royal once again smiled meekly, seeing that his negotiation tactics weren't getting him very far.

"So, I'm sure we can just order some sodas and snacks, break out some playing cards, and shrug this whole thing off." He felt a bit ashamed that food was always his number one recourse in solving problems, but he couldn't deny his insatiable appetite and love for food.

"And... Heh... who knows..? We'll probably just laugh about this one day... right..?"
Camari looked up in confusion, and gasped when she realized what she was doing to Falchion. "Oh my goodness!" She cried, dropping her magnetic field and flying over to him. "I'm so sorry! I hope I didn't hurt you! Oh, I completely forgot there were any steel-types here, plus what he said really upset me." She pointed to the Vibrava who had insulted her just a few minutes ago. "I assure you, I meant you no harm."
Veran was surprised by the chocolate bar that Royal had thrown at him and barely managed to catch it. He noticed a fight that seemed to be brewing between Falchion and Camari and immediately unwrapped the bar and dug his head back into the book and pretended to read, not wanting to get involved.
Flynn pointed at himself with his wing, "Me?" he said, a little surprised by the accusation. He frowned, then said, "If I did something to upset you, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to"
Falchion took a rather noticeable step backwards, giving a rather agitated scowl. "Try that again, little rat, and I will see to it that you don't live to see another sunrise," he growled. "I am not one to put my life into the hands of someone that I do not know or trust, and that little stunt of yours is certainly not putting you in a fair light. I'm going to warn you right now that my tolerance is reaching its limit, and my honor will not allow another insult of such magnitude."

With that, he quickly turned around and returned to the corner of the room he had been standing in previously, still giving Camari an infuriated glare.
Camari turned to watch Falchion walk away, and returned his glare with a smile and a wave. "Okay, have a nice day!" She chirped jovially. Although she was somewhat bothered by his threats, she didn't let anyone see that.
Thank Arceus, no one got hurt. Hopefully that doesn't happen again. Grace thought to herself. She was relieved that her quick thinking saved Camari, and she was also greatful that Royal helped her statement.
"Thanks, Royal." she said.
"And once again I get ignored" thought Hunter as he wandered back over to his bunk and sat down, waiting for the next development, whatever that might be.
Royal smiled and winked confidently at Grace, glad he had been of at least some assistance. "No problem," he said, before chuckling nervously, rubbing his neck anxiously and smiling coyly, "But... Haha, I wasn't kidding about the soda and snacks..."

He went back to his seat and looked around his seat and in the overhead compartment, searching for a menu or an attendant page button of some kind.

"Anyone know where I can get some food..?"
"U-um, I have some snacks." Camari offered. She went over to her bag and pulled out a bag of cashews. "Would this do?"
"Umm... I've got some ummm.. sodas." Veran mumbled as he dug through a cooler. "Who wants some? Um... I've got almost every um.. flavor." He proceded to pull out several sodas of different varieties.
Flynn began his inquisations once again, flying over to the Cyndaquil, and saying, "I'll take one, but why do you keep saying umm? It's kinda weird if you think about it" he added, then humming, "ummm umm umm umm"
"I packed a few crackers" Grace said as she reached for her bag. It was still extremely heavy, and she still couldn't remember what's in it thats making it so heavy. She opened the bag and found... a rock... "What the-?" and on the rock was a note.
Hey Grace! We thought this would make a good "going away" prank, but it's not as good as the other ones we pull on you. Anyway, we'll miss joking around with you, so, bye!

Oh yeah, those guys. The Meowth and Scraggy, they always pulled pranks on Grace back at home. Though she too found the pranks to be pretty funny so she always laughed along with them. Grace just ignored the rock and searched for the crackers, and surprisingly they weren't crushed.
Camari approached Flynn, and tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me, but could you please not make fun of other people's idiosyncracies?" She asked, looking at the floor nervously. "People like me and him have problems and we know it; we don't need others to remind us, and I don't know about him, but I don't appreciate it at all. So please, don't do that."
"I don't mind." Veran lied, not wanting to make Flynn feel bad. He grabbed one of the sodas, walked over to Flynn, and handed it to him.
Flynn was taken aback by the Emolga's criticism of himself, which wasn't a commonality in his life. "I simply asked a question" he said with a blank expression on his face, "I'm not trying to make fun of anyone, I just like to find out things I don't know yet" he added. He thanked the Cyndaquil as he brought him a soda then said with a smile, "look at that, he doesn't even mind!"
"Okay, so, m-maybe he didn't mind." Camari said. "But that doesn't mean the next person won't. A lot of people take offense to people asking about their problems in such a blunt manner. For some, like myself, it hits very close to home. Just please watch what you say and how you say it; that's all I'm asking." She subconsciously ran her paws over her spiked ears, and let out a melancholy sigh.
Hunter face-pawd. Could Flynn really be that naive? He walked over to the Vibrava and smacked him upside the head.

: He's just saying that to be nice, moron. Listen to Camari, she has the right idea here.
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