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Pokémon:Blasted Medddling Kids! Start up thread

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Yes, you were supposed to do that anyway. And I write the 1st part of the story, so the above post's exposition is null and void. And can somebody find a replacement for @Axl?

@Kagamine Len

Your thoughts?
In the Telekinesis-Powered Air-Skating Rink in West Grumpig Town, a Officer Jenny convention began to lose members, one by one...after entering the Ladies room...And the Jenny of HopHopHop Town decided to investigate...using the excuse that she needed clean hands to touch a display, she entered into the room...and saw her...The Serperior Queen's Ghost! Before she could scream, a vine-wrapped hand grappled her mouth, and...we cut to the Investigation Team driving to the Telekinesis-Powered Air-Skating Rink, not knowing of the convention or the mystery at their destination...
"A Serperior queen's ghost? Really?" Ed asked himself. He was honestly surprised anyone believed that. Why would it be a Serperior ghost anyway? Wouldn't it be a Gastly? All these thoughts went through his head as he drove toward the rink.
"The term ghost could be an esoteric reference perhaps they are trying to get someone's attention or scare someone off"
"A ghost?" Edgar was shaking from head to foot. "Maybe it's just a Duskull causing some trouble?"
The group arrived, and saw a creepy-looking lady who vaguely resembled a Mismagius , who stopped them and decided to talk.

"You kids here for the air skating? I'm sorry, but the place is booked...plus, somthing scary is going on...the Ghost of The Serperior Queen! She was the greatest model of gijinka fashion ever...when this place used to be the modeling capital of Kanto...but unfortunately, the place was converted into a air skating ring, powered by the Telekinesis moves of the local Grumpig after the Serperior Queen, while modeling a dress based on her namesake...was strangled to death by Vine Whips coming out of her dress, that weren't supposed to be there! Some say she was murdered, others say Pokémon don't like people dressing as them, personifying them in human forme...or something like that...by the way, I'm Selene de Nuit. I run Nuithole next door. It's a club for those who like the macabre side of life...and I'll have Rodrigo let you in the door, as long as you don't go in that horrorfest next door! It's not safe!"

She then walked back to her club, with her flaunting her pendant, which resembled a Shiny Serperior...
"Don't worry. Just sit back and let your big sis take care of everything." Kitty said to Edgar.

"Where is she? Don't worry ma'am, I'll talk to her. I ain't afraid of no ghost." Ed said, cracking his knuckles and grinning.
"Gijinka fashion...I've read one of those in a magazine once..."Jennifer said as she grabbed a magazine and started flipping the pages.
Traipsing around the rink, the group had a funny feeling that someone was around the corner...THE SERPERIOR GHOST then lunged out of the closet they'd just passed, and spoke this warning...


The group then ran out, into a nearby room marked "Psi Room"...
OOC: Naw, Ed's not scared, he ain't gonna run.

"I'll violate your fashion!" Ed yelled, and swung his fists at the "ghost."
She then began using her Vine Whips to draw Ed towards her... Ed's friends, not wanting him to antagonize the ghost any further, grabbed him by the shirt hard, and pulled him with all their might into the room...
@Mouthful of Pi, I think you should talk to @Alphaphlare:he might have something for your team...HINT! And notify players in-thread of a name change from now on please...

"Guy come over here!" Pike shouted "I think I found a clue." He then showed them a news paper clipping with a headline reading "WEST GRUMPIG COUNTY WISHES TO OPEN SERPERIOR QUEEN FASHION MUSEUM: OWNER OF LOCAL BOUTIQUE OPPOSES DUE TO FAMILY RIVALRY". "Think about it that ghost did mention fashion so there is only two possibility someone is trying to get rid of the boutique or someone is trying to frame west Grumpig"
"Hey! Ghost lady! We're gonna burn down the boutique!" Kitty yelled from Ed's shoulder.
"Yeah!" Ed yelled. "Then we'll step on it." He high-fived Kitty.

The Serperior Queen then floated out the hallway door, apparently furious at the suggestion...

Just then, an old woman who looked likeshe had once been as beautiful as the Serperior Queen herself came into their room, and said this...

You kids alright? The ghost try to kidnap you too? I'm the owner of this place, Wendy Wilton. That ghost is killing my business, as all the parties I had booked have dropped out because of it....You can come out now, Grumpig!

Suddenly, 10 Grumpig came out of a series of well-concealed holes!

These Grumpig use Telekinesis whenever they pick up thoughts or emotions of someone wanting to float or air skate. Earlier, they all told me that they heard rustling coming from the Psi tunnels, which run under the actual rink! They hid in their personal tunnels, and tried to catch the source of the noise, but it moved too fast, like it had nothing to lift...you kids look like you could use a pick-me-up...well, here we go! COME ON OUT, MILTANK!

She then produced a Poké Ball, and a Miltank appeared, and 25 minutes later, Ms. Wilton had 4 glasses and one bowl of MooMoo Milk for the group!

The team was thus refreshed, Miltank went back into its Poké Ball, and then they prepared to keep up with the search.

Before you go, You might want to check out Morris & Mitzi's Fashion Boutique...but they only allow girls in! Goodbye!

She then walked away, with the Grumpig hiding as she left, her Shiny Serperior pendant glistening for a second as she left...
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"Thank you,Madame Wendy."Jennifer said refreshed.Then she noticed the Shiny Serperior pendant glisten."Weird..."she mumbled to herself.
"It's probably her. The pendant is pretty suspicious...Let's go ask her about it." Ed said, following. "Pardon me, ma'am? Where did you get that pendant?"
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