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Pokémon:Blasted Medddling Kids!

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Bandit Keith

Jan 5, 2011
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Here's the Idea: A bunch of teens, solving Pokémon mysteries Scooby-Doo Style!

Setup(all questions should be PM'd to me):
Mysteries will start after I PM the Opening to the Kids.

A Clue will be given via PM to a Random Meddling Kid once every 24 hours.

The group will be split up into 2 sub-parties after I give the signal to do so to the group leader. The split must be 3-2 way

I will also occasionally declare a Chase Scene, and during that time, the group must vote on what song to post within 30 minutes, or I'm choosing(but you'll still have to link it in). It must be an clean(nothing foul, violent, or suggestive, and only fully legal drugs are allowed to be directly mentioned:Smoking Tobacco and clean levels of Alcohol are clear, but Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana, LSD, and other drugs of the time have to be approved by me via PM), 60's or 70's pop song that has nothing to do with the matter at hand.

PMs of ALL conversations related to the RP will have to be given(I'll assume good faith, until I stop getting them for a predetermined time)

The Monster(s) will occasionally have set Traps, so be warned now!

The person behind it all may also be a total unknown, so be ready!

One Kid will be kidnapped during each Mystery, and will have to be rescued via trial and error before the Mystery can be solved.

The Solution must be posted in-thread after all these have taken place, in this sample order:Opening-Enter LOTD(Location Of The Day)-Meet COTD/Suspect#1-Monster Appears-Clue-COTD-Suspect#2-Split Up-Monster's Trap-Clue-COTD/Suspect#3-Chase-Kidnap-Rescue-Clue-Trap Monster-Unmask-Solution

The Rules:
Be nice! It's just a game, not a Hunger Game!
Be clean(No sex, drugs(unless otherwise stated/part of story), cursing, violence, nudity(partial or otherwise), or other censurable qualities)
No instasolving the Mystery(godmodding)
Making Traps for the Monster is allowed, but the must be made of things available in the area that the Meddling Kids are in, and must wait until at least 3-5 Clues are obtained.
No Deaths(No one really dies in Meddling Kids stories, except that which is truly inhuman)
The group leader is the boss!(Under me!)
In-Character at all times, unless OOC(out of context) is typed, followed by a colon.
No using the other member's powers.
Family members/friends of the group or celebrities of the Pokémon Multiverse, played by invited guest players, will be given a PM about their role.

Roles and their limitations:
Stupid, Over-Eating, High-Metabolism Coward(The Norville "Shaggy" Rogers)Powers:Unable to be kidnapped, finds more Clues than the others, though must reveal them after 48 hours Meat-Time, Ventriloquist, 50% of the time will activate Capture Trap, but Monster will be caught anyway, can eat anything!

The Good-looking, chunk headed leader who dates the Hot, Rich Girl(The Fred Jones)Powers:Leader, makes Traps, has a resistance to Kidnapping, strongest physically, finds clues at average rate, can find secret passage(ways)

The Hot, Rich Girl who's Danger-Prone(The Daphne Blake)Powers:Most likely to be Kidnapped, activate Monster Traps, has money for whatever needs, fashion Sense/Skill, skilled investigative reporter, finds clues at average rate

The Nerdy Female Skeptic who solves the mystery with Science and Technology(The Velma Dinkley)Powers:All things computers(including scanning, analyses, and hacking, among other things), must be first to propose Solution, finds clues a lot, loses glasses/contacts every 48 hours Meat-Time, can activate Monster Traps and Secret Passage(ways), is secondary leader should The Fred Jones be incapacitated, Must have 1 non-real word catchphrase

The Pokémon Pet who acts like his partner, but has more bravery and steals his food(The Scoobert"Scooby"Doo) Powers:Eat anything, Average Kidnapping Rate, Super-Senses, can speak to humans and Pokémon, guaranteed the last post, must have hyphenated catchphrase, must have unique speech pattern(not necessarily an impediment, but be creative), NEVER EATS POKéMON FOOD(the kibble things)

Form for Joining:

Which role?
What's your character's First and Last Name(The Shaggy, Daphne and Fred)/First and Last Name and Catchphrase(the Velma)/Species, Nickname and Catchphrase(The Scooby-Doo)?

Once all roles have been claimed, It's time to name the group of Meddling Kids and the Van.

Have Fun, you Blasted Meddling Kids!

The Shaggy:@Cartmanland, with Ed White!
The Fred:@Kona-Chan, with Edgar Night!
The Daphne:@Kagamine Len, with Lady Jennifer Robinson!
The Velma:@Alphaphlare, With Pike Knight Metanerd!
The Scooby:@Axl, with Hope the Riolu!
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Which role? The Scoobert "Scooby" Doo
"A-A-Are you sure?"
The Velma even though he's a dude
Pike Knight
"You need some Rawst Berry for that burn?"
The Daphne Blake
Jennifer Robinson
Lady Jenny or just Jenny
"That's a very fine idea if I do say so myself"
I still need a Shaggy and A Fred, So Come On! Be A Meddling Kid Today!
The Fred
Edgat Night
He doesn't have a catch phrase. He thinks they're cliche.
*Note: He always carries a police officer's badge.

If I need to take Shaggy to start this, I will. Or can Eddy just fill both roles?
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Eddy would be a better Shaggy. Welcome aboard...and we'll keep our disputes in other threads.
Yeah, I'm having a hard time choosing between playing a reformed-delinquent type Fred who solves problems with his fists, or a Shaggy who is kinda silly, but is good at Pokemon battles with Hope. Hence why I asked if I could merge the rolls.

What dispute?

Also, changed my SU a little bit.
Last edited:
I'll edit accordinly, since that sounds more like a Fred now!
Does Ed have to date Lady What's-Her-Name? She smells weird. I think that he and Pike would be a better fit.
While a homosexual relationship would not be for"Everyone" and untrue to the spirit of the original show, this is a modern world where being gay is no longer a NC-17 issue, so I'll allow it.(Unless you didn't know that Pike was a guy...)
Okay, so what about a kind of menage a trois type thing, with Pike, Ed, and Jenn? Would that be okay? Sharing is caring.
Which role? Shaggy
What's your character's First and Last Name: Elbert "Teddy" Nixon-Fraies
Other: This is his appearance: http://images.wikia.com/megamitensei/images/5/51/Teddie.jpg
He had a heart attack when he was scared to death by a man dressed as a monster. He decided he wanted to stop something like that from ever happening again. He worked as a mascot for a chain of restaurants, and possessed the suit he wore on the job, and now helps his friends solve mysteries.

I may or may not have someone willing to play. So maybe wait a day or two? I'd rather not play two characters if I can help it.
Wait 3 days.

Shaggy-type role's still up for grabs! C'MON!
@Kona-Chan, at 12.00 AM EDT, if no one else signs up, you'll have to do both The Fred and Shaggy.
I'll be the Shaggy.
Edgar White.
No catchphrase.
His nickname is Ed.
Human species.
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