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BDSP Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl General Discussion

Do you literally want me to compile every quote, every request, go through numerous forums to gather all of that up?
You didn't say your source was from analyzing people's posts in the forums.

Conversely, where is your source that it isn't. Did I just take it that you have no source to dispute my claim?
I was just pointing out you repeated something rather than clarify, I didn't actually disagree with you. Even if I believed you were right, I would still point out when you repeated yourself.
It doesn't work that way. Battle Frontier and Following Pokemon are the most requested features, and for a moderator of a Pokemon forum, you should already know that. And I respect your opinions of the game, but for me and for a lot of people, what you want isn't enough. Gamefreak designed and created the battle frontier. Something we all love, and they removed it. Despite it being a popular feature. They also brought back Following Pokemon, removed it again and brought it back and removed it again. Gamefreak have created these brilliant features and its time they actually keep them in the game. Any Pokemon game that has Battle Frontier and following Pokemon is a better Pokemon game.
It absolutely works that way. You’re just going to have to accept that everyone else is just as entitled to their opinions on what is and isn’t essential as you are.

Being a mod has nothing to do with it? It’s pretty clear that this forum is only an extremely small sample of the fandom at large and even then I couldn’t even begin to officially quantify what features are most important to every last user on here. You’re free to make the claim that you’ve seen it a lot, but claiming it’s the most requested feature is disputable unless you can give me a source. Otherwise, you’re just projecting your own opinion onto a vague amount of people.
I think for legends, they might have gone for Rowlet and Oshawott due to it being a very uncivilized region (a world that's 90% wilderness) with Rowlett representing a hunter and Oshawott representing a melee-focused warrior (in this case, a samurai). I'm not sure what role Cyndaquill represents in a region that's mostly wilderness though.

That is actually a interesting question. I read somewhere that Cyndaquil was put there alongside Oshawott and Rowlet, because the japanese name for Typhlosion isn't just called " Bakphoon" but apparently also means or relates to the word "Shogun", a japanese milltary commander/chief in Feudal times.
That is actually a interesting question. I read somewhere that Cyndaquil was put there alongside Oshawott and Rowlet, because the japanese name for Typhlosion isn't just called " Bakphoon" but apparently also means or relates to the word "Shogun", a japanese milltary commander/chief in Feudal times.
Iirc it can also be read as such, so it's basically a pun. Not so surprising really (M-Ampharos)

I wonder if BDSP will have connectivity with Legends and/or SwSh. I have my doubts, but I guess we'll see. Also I wonder how much going with thus chibi art style has to do with it being made by a third party. There are plenty of reasons for them not to use the SwSh style, but something lije having to license assets might play into it.

Mind you, that's all speculation
Second PSA
Hey guys,

Right now I want everyone to take a step back from their keyboards, take a sip of water, something like that.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and everyone is entitled to express their opinion. You don't have to like it, you don't have to agree with it... but you do have to respect it. If you want to counter someone else's viewpoint, you must do so in a respectful manner.

Carry on.

Your faithful Video Game moderator,
Man, they always lavish the remakes with these cute little details and Easter eggs. It's fun to try and spot them. I remember LGPE had some of the original menu sprites appear on wall calendars throughout the game:


And of course there was the joke referring to the scrapped Oak boss battle.
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Can anyone from Japan or so here, provide feedback as to what's going on on Masuda's Twitter? Is he getting backlashed for the head-to-body ratios? Or where-ever else platform.

I don't actually know Japanese but if you machine-translate this Yahoo News Article, it gives some tweet stats from Feb. 27. I'm not sure how accurate it is but it gives some demographics (64% were in the 20-30 range which makes sense) and gives positive reaction at 26% and negative at 2.6%. It says most of negative tweets is about the graphics.

That said when I was googling for this article using "ダイパリメイク" ( what they call the DP remakes) the first google suggestion was "ダイパリメイク 炎上", 炎上 meaning controversy lol.
What was it?

When you're battling the Elite Four and beat Lance, he does the whole "Congrats you're the Champ now!... or, you would have been, but it's not so simple. You're next challenge is..." and then Prof. Oak comes in, and Lance says that Oak is your next opponent. But then it's revealed he's joking. (I suppose this may also double as a reference to Kukui revealing himself as the final boss in Sun & Moon... which might've itself been a reference to the scrapped Oak battle...)

Video of the scene
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