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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Mafia - Day 4: Feeding the Flames of Firey Passion

Huh. I hadn't really noticed that Raven hadn't outright stated any suspicions; I think the subtle shade throwing they'd been doing kinda made it feel like they had been to me. I definitely agree, subtle suspicions are a lot worse because there's so much deniability as to whether or not you actually meant them.

Yeah I agree with this a lot; I pointed out that there were various roles that would be used on someone you trust and Raven just never responded that feels like it adds to this not being great.

I understood this a bit differently, but I agree the wording is poor (note that English is not Raven's first language though so the occasional poorly worded sentence has to be excused) and its still weird as hell (this does not have to be excused as much). I think what they actually meant was something more along the lines of "The reason I mentioned cop wasn't because I thought Dawning was a cop but to make the point of there being several roles that could benefit from fakeclaiming firefighter". It's still weird to mention; if he didn't think it really made sense for me to be a cop than mentioning cop in that list still makes no sense.
1. Yeah, I was kinda confused by that at first but I figured that not explicitly calling the shots maybe didn't count in that matter.

2. Simply forgot to, my bad. Since most of the people gave some kind of statement about me I figured not giving any kind of statement means suspecting me and getting thoughts together while figuring trying to figure out the picture.

3. Yup, that's what I meant.

Anyways I have a piece of advice, and please don’t take it the wrong way. Something I’ve learned from experience is that real life is best left out of mafia. Separate them. Mafia is meant to be fun and it’ll only be fun if you have fun with it. It’s why I joke around don’t stress too much about things during it Becaise that will just give me anxiety in real life.

It won’t always be stress free, but create your playstyle to be as stress free as possible. It’s a game where you can be someone else so to speak, so enjoy being someone else and avoid anything too stressful. That’s why you see me blatantly ignore Jinjo because I know she’s a factor that makes me stressed over enjoying it.

You’re doing pretty good and you have a good understanding of the game, but you’re definitely letting real life affect you too much in game and I’m concerned eventually it can cause you to not enjoy the game.
Don't worry, I can totally understand where you're coming from - it's just not that easy for me (for several reasons). Maybe I'll further elaborate that after the game or something.

Lol, I kinda have a different impression on that (just "shooting" around without thinking things through and stuff) but it's good to know that I at least manage to appear kinda like I know what I'm doing. Yes I probably do but so far I'm honestly really enjoying myself despite all that.

Because backtracking on an anti-3p claim would be a major pain in the ass, especially if I had to do it because of a different 3p flipping? I feel like people would scumread me pretty quick because of that.
I have to admit I didn't think quite as far in that moment, I just thought it would be a good way to keep the scum away.
AMOGUS and go join my game after this
What game?
Vote: HumanDawg
I take offense to this. How dare you mock my accent!
catching up

Arsonist in a small setup like this is extremely unlikely even if we had one less mafia to compensate it right 11 is a weird number
8-3? 7-1-3? 8-1-2? I guess 8-1-2 or 8-2-2 with one hostile indept could be a thing but I would not expect them to be killing based :notlikeduck:
Bad math.
I saw some people mentioning the possibility of Town arsonist and I think this is extremely unlikely because if that was the case we'd be expected to coordinate with it and not need another entire other role to prevent a mass murder
I think someone also mentioned that the arsonist could claim firefighter and I think it's a possibility since it's an usual role but it's a very ballsy move to start the game claiming it unless they were provided a fake claim lol
Or unless they’re positive the arsonist doesn’t actually exist.
oh that was a fairly fast catch up lmao
yea my bad lol
Go back to school!
yea it was a RVS vote, it won't stay there
you'd think me calling him dawg and saying amogus first would show it's a joke welp
You’re making fun of my accent again!
I mean
you can reveal roles (names are strictly forbidden though), but doing so for no reason will likely be harmful for your team
way too many new faces lol

which one of you are playing for the first time? do any of you need any help with the basics of the game?

it shares some similarities with among us and town of salem if any of you have some experience with those
miller claiming early on is debatable but yea here in bulba they usually claim asap
@Midorikawa is this also your first game
where are you we need you
Watching my dog have an identity crisis.
it creates a culture where scum can get townpants throughout the whole game if they claim uncountered milled, which sometimes happens when provided with fake claims or when deduce there's no cop (usually backed up when their team doesn't have a godfather)

so it evolved a bit into always lynching the miller claim into some communities
since it's a guaranteed mislynch if they claim the millers in these places sometimes they decide to take the risk and hope the cop just won't target them
Informative post
that's a really good point

depending on how the arsonist works the players could be warned they were doused which makes the firefighter claim not urgent

although if they're able to self-target they don't have a reason to fear the arsonist targeting, so this just WIFOMs 3p
A response to someone. +
two mafia and one non-hostile indept seems a bit too townsided

two mafia and on hostile-indept seems a bit too indept sided

three mafia seems a bit too scumsided

11 players is setup hell
Balance talk
ok so first you get your vote and place on mafia hand gestures all over space uwu

if you overthink too much ya brain gonna fry
jester is the only role I can see remotely benefitting from this but I doubt DW wouldn't be able to come up with a better idea lol
I guess for cop it also works because mafia would also be interested in having the serial killer disrupted and claiming something like this arguably puts them on a low priority on their kill list but eh I don't think it's what's going on here personally

also why even bring this possibility up honestly because if you're considering they might be a cop that kinda exposes their plan? :dead:
Why elaborate further on it?
a bit surprised yall pinning space as the 3p, she didn't really ping me and being skeptical of arsonist in a 11p isnt really the same as trying to dismiss it?

btw just a reminder that our main goal is to find mafia not 3p specially when they can likely kill each other during the night phase
This is a good point and aims to redirect towns attention in the appropriate direction.
does this have any special meaning regarding pairings or you just think we're like exactly the same level of towniness? lol
I can’t believe you question the love we apparently have for each other. Well according to everyone else.

Also why does it matter if we’re together or not on a read list?
hi so lost I'm dad

if he's scum trying to post as little as possible but still appearing a bit just a single post breaks the activity rule so I feel like the inactivity is likely NAI
@HumanDawn sorry if I missed something but why is Pika_Pika so high? lol

while I don't agree with jinjo on them being so low I'm not sure I'd agree with his super lukewarm post staying on the fence enough to be like among the top towns

imma be honest i don't remember this very well lol which game was it

I actually hate scumtheater and even though I prolly did it a few times this game would not be one of them because 1. scumtheatering d1 is dumb, 2. if we're to believe your claim it would be suicidal to bus everyone else in the team when town is stacked AND a hostile indept is around
I think we did it in archie mafia. Could have that wrong. But this post could be schmtheater to make us think you’re not doing scumtheater.
uh oh that smells like arsonist
Yet you didn’t vote her.
if you both are telling the truth this is an insane amount of firepower and either the arsonist or a mafia member must be bulletproof and that honestly makes me uncomfortable with space :notlikeduck:
Considering he previously didn’t think space was indep, I can see the transition here because it was a weird situation.
I've seen that variant more than anything?
Mechanic talk.
every setup I played with scum as vigilante has been harshly criticized as scumsided

so yea they exist but they aint likely since everyone* hates them
More mechanic talk.
I was hoping you but apparently HD is your go to
I just noticed this response! Don’t worry according to everyone you’re the daddy and I’m the mommy….I should not iso half asleep
they like punch other in the throat every time
Basically yea
*each other
I do not like this suggestion because it's a waste of power roles plus space being bulletproof plus mafia can probably disrupt this
….He wasn’t wrong they just chose to disrupt others instead.
do the people who got shot and doctored get notified they got shot?
Why didn’t we try asking the host directly?
I think that might've just been poor wording of his part since he said he has no experience with mafia, he likely meant lynch?
This was about Bigfoot using the word shoot. Suppose it kind of defends Bigfoot in hind sight.
yea from mine it sometimes doesn't notify it which is silly when you consider that in technicallities doctor isn't preventing the person from getting shot but instead healing the wound

I thought of something that could clear them both that kinda depends on this part of the role being clarified
This doesn’t come off as bad.
nevermind then, I was hoping on you and space targeting the same person, but you doctoring rather than shooting

but doesn't work if no notification
It was a good plan actually. Least amount of casualties. I find this plan very townie.
yeaa that's why I didn't want to day the plan out loud and rather hope they figured what I was thinking
Makes sense.
I'd honestly not mind a CFD on Sushi or Pika since all I remember from them is them dropping a vote and bailing out
Idk what CFD is but lynching recklessly on more inactive people can cause town serious harm. People need time to defend.
why are you claiming for no reason
good thing it's not a typical role
Which ended up being his downfall.
are you going to elaborate on this threat or can we just hammer you
I also viewed it as a threat.
if his role wasn't mafia aligned I don't see why he would threaten us like that afterwards

Vote: Bigfoot
This was the third vote on Bigfoot and thus basically what sealed his fate.
can we get a votecount?
if I had felt threatened why would've I have voted them?

It's because they claimed something bad would happen and it didn't fit any of the interpretations of Interceptors that were posted that we could just conclude he was trying to fearmonger us which is dumb scummy
Explaining thoughts good.
I wasn't satisfied with any of the leading wagons at the time (aka you) since I feel like there must be a way to test space and your alignment. Pika and Sushi were players who voted with weak arguments and then bailed out which is a fairly common scumplay, so it bothered me enough to suggest them as alternative lynches.
Bigfoot was neutral to me before the claim. He seemed to be one of those zoomers that just kinda meme a lot but nothing had really seemed too scummy to me up to the unprompted claim and threat
So fluff galore is less scummy than inactivity? Unless they have a scummy role?
wasn't Pika voting you? I definitely remember his name in the votecount

also your point for Sushi is fine but in the end that's just WIFOM
nevermind you were the one voting him :notlikeduck:
I was tired from college and probably messed this up in my head my bad
So many mistakes.
haha big letters funny
witch i wanted to see if he'd claim something completely unrelated from his role just to fearmonger us what's the issue with this smh
Response to human asking for elaboration.
as scummier than you even lol
kinda funny he nows trashtalks me when he didn't have the BALLS to put his money where his mouth was at
This is honestly inappropriate. I think this is a response to human and I know that when you guys get into it that you get into it but remember to be civil.
since we suspect one of them is 3p isn't it better to let them choose by themselves?

picking a target for her could be messed up with bus driver/deflector plus might be influenced by mafia into shooting town
Ironically this happened to someone else. I’m surprised he said to let them choose, knowing how much riskier that is.
not picking a target for her at least lets them maybe shoot mafia

also why jinjo's shot specifically? what's so different from space?
Light not reading. And I don’t see how majority choosing a target means no hitting mafia?
college turned me into a bitter old man I no long panic like a little girl upon being voted (I do)
Good to know.
I'm just pulling his leg lol
If this is referring to that balls comment, it still not nice.
...what else would it be about?
Fair question though I don’t think human ever realized that Bigfoot made two comments and one was more threatening than the other.
lol I guess?
I did not read it like this at all
I didn’t read them as non threatening either.
"if you vote me you'll SUFFER and be SORRY" and I'm just like eh
Just another day in mafia right
eeeeeh more like a lightning rod than a bus driver right

also bus drivers are definitely more dangerous because random shooting at least can hit mafia but if mafia redirects it then it's guaranteed to hit non-mafia
Mechanic talk
n a r c i s s i m :enzap:

jokes aside as a beginner they prolly just feel pressured to be constantly contributing to the game and ran out of stuff to talk about so they start talking about themselves lol
it's fairly different from scum-intended CWAC honestly because noone is expecting them to say any more than they already said for now maybe
Not sure who this was about but it’s a fair point.
that would be extremely awkward for you lol

but whenever the doc claimed the target it would be two people cleared assuming we can prove they got doctored
which also requires us to know you didn't get roleblocked :notlikeduck:
we really need to lynch mafia and hope we get a roleblocker dead or something because that would prolly make our coordination infinitely better
Definitely….oh wait Doc is dead
if that was the case then Jinjo is the one who would've shot HD and I don't really see why she'd do that over some of her other reads

was she even scumreading HD?
Yes. We also banned Jinjo from shooting me.
also did anyone get doused last night? if it notifies the person then it would be better for them to say in-thread so Dawning can target them
Solid question.
very rushed day today but I'll definitely try catching up and making some better theories tomorrow

also just a thought but what about the possibility of arsonist being able to douse and ignite on the same night?

in any case as things are right now we have to be wary of space ever moving again (since they're supposedly out of shots)

@Space do you still have your bulletproof?
Not sure I like the distrust thrown on Space. Feels off.
I mean it would just mean it can also be used as a serial killer, it shouldn't affect the importance of the firefighter nor make it too OP.

Assuming the firefighter action would go between the dousing and the ignition it would just be sort of like a specialized doctor for these nights.
It also doesn't really make the arsonist much more OP because part of the danger in the role is how it causes uncertainty/paranoia on how many people might die out of nowhere. If they just keep dousing and igniting we're able to keep track of it plus the PoE reduces in a way that doesn't threat the game ending abruptly.

Sorry, what you mean by defense and offense?
that's a pretty good point

firefighters usually bypass doctor and bulletproof while SK's often don't, so I guess you're right about it

surprised you know that
that's a bit strange, why would anyone redirect an arsonist :notlikeduck:

maybe a bus driver?
Think he meant firefighter here but it’s a good question.
if someone bus drove space and the person you targeted then jinjo definitely didn't shoot space right? otherwise we'd have another kill :notlikeduck:
Poor light confused again.
and it makes no sense for her kill to not have happened if she got bus driven because a doctor would've only stopped her if they had protected space but space is bulletproof so that would make no sense :notlikeduck:
Congrats on solving.
woops yea I meant firefighter
there's no pointing redirecting you
why was it redirect to space specifically were they afraid the arsonist would attempt to bypass the bulletproof if the ignition is strongmanly? :notlikeduck:
Seems weird to redirect it at all and why would they put priority on her over others?
just woke up gonna catch up soon
that's an unusual sub-in
welcome back Jinjo

@TheCapsFan are we allowed to discuss her actions from her precious role?
Solid question
there was suprisingly little to catch up to

I see pika claimed doctor and I'd appreciate if yall got here so we can verify if it's legit :nottoday:
It’s legit
I'm honestly not paying much attention to newcomer votes because they're usually very random/weird or just sheeping so I don't feel like we can get as much wagonomics from it as we would from a veteran's. And they're so much more likely to scumslip/derp clear themselves doing literally anything else but voting, lol. If they vote in the wrong spots it's probably our fault at failing to guide proper discussion.

Speaking of wagonomics I'll trying to post a mini-analysis soon.
He never did post that analysis.
yea the new player's votes

they often don't understand the game well so it's common for them to overthink or make logical gaps or just sheep so it's extremely hard to read their votes, if they do any alignment indicative votes as scum it will probably be because they're being coached and if that's the case then they must have a veteran helping, and vote-wise it might be easier to spot the latter

Me suggesting a CFD on Sushi wasn't because of her vote logic, it was because she voted and bailed out; because while her vote is NAI to me due to her being a new player the bailing out is something a scummy player would've done

I think the way to catch up newcomer scum is to put pressure on them so they derpclear/scumslip honestly
or sometimes trick them with bluffs and role stuff
You gotta be careful when suggesting massclaims to newcomers because often they end up derping and claiming character too and end up getting modkilled.


I'm fine claiming my role if it comes down to it but I think D2 is super early and with the full scumteam and maybe a third party still being around I think they might still be able to disrupt us, specially since we seem to have roles that block and redirect around and at least one of them is mafia.
So this can be read two ways. Either as him truly believing it’ll harm town to massclaim or as him being mafia not yet ready with a fake claim.
also I've been thinking a bit and I'm a bit confused as to how Dawning can claim he got redirected because I firefighter is kinda like doctor (more similar to doctor poison really) and shouldn't tell who the target was, right? just whether it was successful or not like pika said which makes me think either pika or dawning are lying, but leaning a lot more strongly towards dawning
I can understand the confusion.
I think this setup might swap some roles for less usual ones, and because we had like bulletproof and JOAT with doctor shot I wouldn't be surprised if it was enough protection in a 11p setup and we ended up not having a doctor and I'm confused as to how we'd have a firefighter when we have an ascetic because this causes a mess regarding how the arsonist would interact with you (they can only kill you but their actions are spread in a non-killing and a killing part)

having cop shot and a secondary investigative role like watcher/tracker might also not be enough to not have a cop, specially with two scum the less likely to stay in the setup would be godfather which is the usual counter
Mechanic talk
blue for person who proved their claim at least partially

Raven not voting despite being overly suspicious of everyone is a bit annoying. Benefit of the doubt due to them being new players, and a no vote is just another type of vote, which as I explained earlier to Jinjo is fairly NAI.
No it’s not unless you’re abstaining because you don’t agree with the wagon. Abstaining because you can’t make a decision is different. Interesting how he gives Raven leeway but not sushi.
Pika doesn't really have this excuse. They provided some reads and were present in-thread but still extremely passive. I'm not sure how to interpret them dropping a claim like this before bailing out without even trying to propose a counterwagon, but it ends up rubbing me the wrong way because if they're mafia that could be working as both a doctor-bait or as an attempt to claim a role they might've figured out is less likely (as I said considering we have both bulletproof and a JOAT com doctor shot)
Pushes the idea of pika being mafia.
Midorikawa being early on the mislynch and kinda MIA so far is a red flag to me. I'm fairly sure he also claimed to have been roleblocked as scum before too so this is making me extremely uneasy.
Have I claimed that? I don’t think I have unless it was some elaborate plan.

Anyways I find it interesting that that he talks about my vote being “early” on the Bigfoot wagon. People did not have to follow my vote. He placed the third vote that is generally considered a fate sealer. So it looks like he’s trying to twist my position.
Vote: @Midorikawa

where are you
If you want a girls attention, voting isn’t the way. Chocolate is.
while I don't like Pika's claim for many reasons (forgot to mention one but being able to self protect when there's already a bulletproof seems busted unless there's strongman around but I guess HD could work as negative utility for that) there's a lingering thought in my head that jinjo 1.0 might've shot them and if they don't want to push a pika lynch here there's a possibility it's because they might be verified and I'd probably want more time to have stuff clarified before that
Two vigs and self protect is broken? Seems like more let’s lynch the doctor.
yea you lost me here too

reminder that flavor text usually doesn't hint at night events in bulba too
uh considering jinjo 2.0 just now was willing to vote pika I guess I was wrong about the shooting stuff? :notlikeduck:

I might be fine with a pika lynch in this case
More pushing for pika
Yea, I personally really dislike Pika's claim, but Jinjo backing out without hesitation right after he claimed made me think Jinjo 1.0 had shot Pika on N1.

Makes sense, right? would explain the lack of kill from her previous role, and why she backed out without hesitation despite the claim being fairly strange considering the roles we have already (bulletproof+doc shot plus self-protecting doctor in a 11p is super weird)

but her showing she was willing to vote him just now kinda makes me rethink that
Not epika pushing I think.
I don't really feel comfortable doing this due to us having newcomers, but entering flavor discussion Ascetic could definitely be a scum role considering it somewhat fits Cyrus and is probably immune to stuff like trackers and cops which we're prolly to expect at least one of them due to Looker
(!!!! Newcomers, please don't say anything/react in any way that might hint at your character, even if you see people assuming stuff correctly/incorrectly. Doing so counts as flavorclaim and will get you modkilled !!!!)

I did not like Sushi's slot and while Jinjo seems a bit better due to promoting discussion and suggesting stuff like massclaim and claiming without hesitation (from my experience jinjo often is paranoid regarding claims when she's scum so this would go against the meta I have) I'm still not townreading it as much as I would like
Speculative post but not in a bad way.
Sushi The Enby


Vote: Pika_pika42

oof I thought I had submitted this but it was in my draft
I guess it was completely wrong any way :notlikeduck:
Orange? Don’t you know my name means green River?
I'll have it updated based on pika's flip later but I'm sorry I was one of the people that kept pushing it yikes
At least he admits to it
I do, I have no idea why I said he I think it's a typo :notlikeduck:
Sure you’re not imagining human instead of me?
also I might take a while to pop here cuz I got hacked in one of my games and I'm kinda trying to find a way to fuck the hackers/sellers over
Get those scum back!
I'm assuming this is referring to me speculating you shooting Pika?
How would I know that if I were scum? Only a scum tracker/watcher would know this lol

Light is very….NAI honestly. Like he hasn’t don’t anything that particularly stands out too much. He had some good plans during day one that came off as townie but day 2 the push for pika comes off scummy and the fact that he wanted to lynch the most confused new player.

He kind of just exists.

I suppose his aversion to hunting the indep could mean he’s it, but…..

@Elementar can we discuss our wincons?
Light is very….NAI honestly. Like he hasn’t don’t anything that particularly stands out too much. He had some good plans during day one that came off as townie but day 2 the push for pika comes off scummy and the fact that he wanted to lynch the most confused new player.

He kind of just exists.
Didn't see any points that I particularly felt like stood out to me and were worth responding to in this but, I also agree with this summary. (I'm pretty sure I've kinda said the same thing about him previously so I guess I'm just repeating myself though.) Kinda strange.

. Yeah, I was kinda confused by that at first but I figured that not explicitly calling the shots maybe didn't count in that matter.
Can you try rephrasing 楽this? I don't think I understand.

Simply forgot to, my bad. Since most of the people gave some kind of statement about me I figured not giving any kind of statement means suspecting me and getting thoughts together
I think I explained this earlier to Eternal; generally speaking, if someone doesn't give any statement one way or another on someone, it should be taken as a null read; i.e. not particularly suspecting nor townreading. If you are suspecting someone, this is usually something you're expected to mention; same with a townread.
Sorry, I was trying to say that I thought that I actually did make suspicions but since I did it more through the backdoor instead just directly saying so I figured they might've not been recognized as solid suspicions.
And thanks for clarifying, I immediately wanted to ask you where you've seen that kanji in my post.
so there's 7 of us left right

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

assuming there's 2 mafia and an arsonist, that leaves 4 town. and if the arsonist decides to strike tonight, how does that work. there's a lot of what ifs here, considering we dont know who DawningWinds will end up being able to protect, but could arsonist possiblly kill 3 of us tonight, or does the arsonist first have to target someone else this night before being able to kill 3 the next night? hopefully I'm making any sense here
assuming there's 2 mafia and an arsonist, that leaves 4 town. and if the arsonist decides to strike tonight, how does that work. there's a lot of what ifs here, considering we dont know who DawningWinds will end up being able to protect, but could arsonist possiblly kill 3 of us tonight, or does the arsonist first have to target someone else this night before being able to kill 3 the next night? hopefully I'm making any sense here
I wouldn't expect them to be able to douse and ignite the same night unless they had limited ignitions because then they could just kill someone every night, making them effectively a Serial Killer that needs a special counter. If they are limited to like one or two ignitions its possible they might be able to kill two people tonight?

Sorry, I was trying to say that I thought that I actually did make suspicions but since I did it more through the backdoor instead just directly saying so I figured they might've not been recognized as solid suspicions.
And thanks for clarifying, I immediately wanted to ask you where you've seen that kanji in my post.
Why wouldn't you want them to be recognized as solid suspicions though?
I suppose his aversion to hunting the indep could mean he’s it, but…..

I'm not trusting Exlight at all but I do kind of think it's more important to focus on finding scum rn since that's probably easier to do anyway. If we find the independent then cool, but right now we've probably got to be focusing on scum moreso

also i just realized that Exlight asked the same thing about the dousing and igniting on the same night oof
Night 3: Let's Do The Time Warp Again
Night 3: Let's Do The Time Warp Again

  1. @DawningWinds
  2. @ExLight
  3. @RavenRaziel98
  4. @Space
  5. @Jinjo
  6. @EternalPokéFanGirl
  7. @Midorikawa
At the top of the Spear Pillar, Cyrus stood. Face to face with him was the legendary Pokemon Giratina, who stared at him in anger. "Who...or what are you??" Cyrus stuttered, but did not let fear overtake him. Reaching for a Pokeball, he threw it at the enormous monster. "Giggaogogogogwowogogooh!!!" it screamed, and vanished into thin air. "Honchkrow, be on your guard!" Cyrus yelled, his fingers clenching into a fist. Suddenly, Giratina reappeared and attempted to slash at Honchkrow with its spiked wings. "DODGE!!!" Cyrus yelled, as Honchkrow managed to get out of the way. Back and forth and back and forth they exchanged blows, until Giratina had been beaten.

Suddenly, the entire world shifted, as if time was slowing down, then speeding up. Bewildered, Cyrus looked up to see that the sky was transitioning from night to day, then back to night again, despite the world seemingly moving in slow motion. When he got to his feet again, the corpse of Giratina was gone, and the moon shone high in the Sinnoh sky once more.

Dear RavenRaziel98, you are Giratina.

You are a mysterious Pokemon in these games, as you are yet to have your story expanded like it is in Platinum. You are encountered in Turnback Cave, where a dark version of you is fought at Level 100 in Ramanas Park. You can change forms with the Griseous Orb. You are part of the Creation Trio of Legendaries (with Dialga and Palkia), representing antimatter.

You have your own goals, and live alone in the Distortion World. As such, you are an independent, and are an Arsonist. Each night, you can choose to steal someone from the Sinnoh region and bring them with you into the Distortion World. You can do this by replying to this PM with Steal: [PLAYER]. After however many players have been stolen, you can then choose to use antimatter and annihilate them all. You can do this by replying to this PM with Annihilate Tonight. Note, you cannot use both of these abilities on the same night.

You are independent, and win when all other players have been eliminated or there is one other player left in the game.

RavenRaizel98 has whited out! They were Giratina, the Independent Arsonist.

It is now Night 3. Please send me your night actions. Night 3 will end at 11:59PM on Monday, April 11, or in approximately 24 hours.
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@TheCapsFan Is this a night phase again or is it day phase? On the wu it says it is now night 3.
oh. welp there goes the looking for the arsonist thing. damn I really thought Ravenraziel was town

at least Dawning is fully cleared now
Nice. Arsonist is dead and that should clear whatever lingering doubts there were about my claim unless you guys think I made an absurdly lucky guess at the indep?
I get to nothing at night for the rest of the game, huzzah.

I trust Space for sure after her proving her shot, and Mido is most likely town with the roleblock happening? Mafia's roles probably aren't both blocking based so that makes Jinjo also town.
In which case.
Scum would be ExLight and Eternal. I'm slightly shakier in calling Eternal scum I have gotten some vaguely towny vibes from her posts and that's not been the case nearly as much with ExLight.
Vote: ExLight
The Night 3 doesn't seem like a mistake but hmm

I get to nothing at night for the rest of the game, huzzah.
same :(

So I'm not sure if this is the right time for someone to claim if so, but -- does anyone have an investigative role of any kind?
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