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Mafia Pokémon Colosseum Mafia - Endgame - Town Victory, The Shadow Pokémon Plan Succeeds, Orre Belongs to Cipher!

What if m/lylo is not announced because in the event one of me or minish is mafia, our roles can both cancel each other out if we're both alive and Minish votes for me tomorrow? @DawningWinds would that possibly explain the lack of announcement or no?
@Rainbow Cloud
If a mislynch has the potential to make the game unwinnable for town but only if scum makes the correct nightkill, would it still be considered -Lo?
Endgame - Town Victory, The Shadow Pokémon Plan Succeeds, Orre Belongs to Cipher!
1. @Mint Elv
2. @DawningWinds
3. @Max1996
4. @RavenRaziel98
5. @TheCapsFan
6. @HumanDawn
7. @gentlefeather
8. @Minish
9. @alana
10. @Emmy
11. @Dragondg


1. @Shinywooloo

Day 4 End of Day Vote Totals:
TheCapsFan 4 - DawningWinds, gentlefeather, MintElv, TheCapsFan
Mint Elv 0
DawningWinds 0
gentlefeather 0
Minish 0

TheCapsFan has been lynched, they were:
Dear TheCapsFan


You are Rui, a resident of the Orre region with the ability to see the mysterious dark aura of Shadow Pokémon that have the door to their hearts artificially closed. Due to your ability to sense the dark auras of the Shadow Pokémon, Cipher the criminal organisation responsible for their creation attempted to kidnap you in order to prevent you from exposing their activities. The kidnap attempt failed however after being foiled by a former Team Snagem member called Wes who stumbled across your would be kidnappers and helped to free you.

Deciding to take the fight to Cipher in order to prevent their takeover of the Orre region and save and restore the Shadow Pokémon to normal you have joined forces with Wes and other allies to take down Cipher’s organisation, using your ability to sense the dark auras of the Shadow Pokémon to do this.

As you are able to sense the dark auras of Shadow Pokémon and those connected with them you are the Role Cop. Each night during the game you may submit the action Role Cop: <player> in order to reveal the role of the targeted player.

In short you are Rui, Mafia Role Cop, you are aligned with the Resistance against Cipher and win when Cipher has been eliminated or you equal them in number.

Endgame, Town has won the game, The Shadow Pokémon Plan Succeeds, Orre Belongs to Cipher!

MintElv has won the game, they were:

Dear Mint Elv


You are Gonzap, the Leader of Team Snagem, a villainous group of pokémon thieves known for stealing pokémon from their trainers through the use of a device known as the Snag Machine. Feared throughout the Orre region for their frightening reputation, Team Snagem have recently suffered a major blow to their operation with the betrayal of a former team member Wes who recently stole the Snag Machine and destroyed the team’s headquarters.

Unknown to most people in the region however Team Snagem is closely allied with the Cipher Organisation looking to take control of the Orre region and has been supplying Cipher with stolen pokémon to be turned into ferocious Shadow Pokémon. As such you have yourself as Team Snagem’s Boss been directly assisting in some of Cipher’s operations.

As the much feared and infamous leader of Team Snagem you name alone sends fear down the spines of many and as such you can easily intimidate others to prevent them from taking any actions if you believe them to be a threat, because of this you are the Roleblocker. Each night during the game you may submit the action Roleblock: <player> in order to prevent them from using their role.

In short you are Gonzap, Town Roleblocker, you are allied with Cipher and win when all threats to Cipher’s takeover of the Orre Region have been eliminated.

DawningWinds has won the game, they were:
Dear DawningWinds


You are Dakim, a Cipher Admin, known for your physical strength and short fuse you are the general enforcer of the Cipher organisation and are more than willing to resort to using physical violence against your opponents in order to achieve your aims.

As you have no qualms about using brute force to deal with an opponent if you deem it necessary you are the 1x Vigilante, once per game during the night you may submit the action Vigilante Kill: <player> in order to attempt to kill the target player.

In short you are Dakim, Town 1x Vigilante, you are aligned with Cipher and win when all threats to Cipher’s takeover of the Orre Region have been eliminated.

gentlefeather has won the game, they were:
Dear gentlefeather


You are Lady Venus, a Cipher Admin, known for your beauty and appearances on The Under’s TV Network. Considering yourself a Pop Idol and a Diva you are also Cipher’s tyrannical ruler of The Under, a subterranean mining town located deep beneath Pyrite Town. You use your beautiful Idol persona and TV appearances to propagandise the citizens of The Under to submit to your rule and the community itself is divided in those who believe in or see though this disguise.

As you still have many admires in The Under despite your tyrannical rule there you are the Loved, because of this your vote count will always effectively start a -1 and will always be 1 less than the number of votes that have been made against you making it more difficult for you to be lynched. In the event of having no votes against you or 1 vote your vote count will be shown as 0 in both situations.

In short you are Lady Venus, Town Loved, you are aligned with Cipher and win when all threats to Cipher’s takeover of the Orre Region have been eliminated.

Minish has won the game, they were:
Dear Minish


You are Es Cade/Evice, the true Boss of Cipher and mastermind behind the Shadow Pokémon plot. Disguising your secret role as Evice the head of Cipher you pose as you alter ego Es Cade the affable Mayor of Phenac City, allowing your activities to go unsuspected and unnoticed and being able to use your political power to help aid Cipher’s takeover of the region.

Disguised in your role as the Mayor of Phenac you are able to manipulate politics in the Orre and have afforded yourself an extra vote making you the Double Voter. When voting during day phases you’re vote will count as 2 votes instead of 1, however you may need to be cautions when voting as this will cause a discrepancy in the vote tally.

In short you are Es Cade/Evice, Town Double Voter, you are aligned with Cipher and win when all threats to Cipher’s takeover of the Orre Region have been eliminated.

Congrats Town and thanks everyone for playing!

Sorry for the balance issues with the setup, I didn't really think through having both Loved and Double Voter on the town team, though roles were being factored into MyLo/LyLo situations, mafia's win condition was still parity with the town players rather than votes to try to avoid these roles being too powerful late in the game, however these roles still resulted in the game becoming mathematically impossible for mafia to win with them both surviving late into the game and the other roles left in the game having already been confirmed as town. In hindsight if I could run this setup again I'd probably change Evice's Double Voter role to Miller instead.
Night Actions Log:
Night 1:

RavenRaziel98 Cop Checks DawningWinds - Successful, DawningWinds is Town!
Max1996 Kills HumanDawn - Successful, HumanDawn is Killed!
TheCapsFan Role Cops MintElv - Successful, MintElv is the Roleblocker!
Dragondg Protects Emmy - Successful, Emmy is Protected!
Emmy Roleblocks DawningWinds - Successful, DawningWinds is Roleblocked!

Night 2:

DawningWinds Vigilante Kills RavenRaziel98 - Unsuccessful due to being Roleblocked!
TheCapsFan Kills Dragondg - Successful, Dragondg is Killed!
TheCapsFan Role Cops Minish - Successful, Minish is the Double Voter!
MintElv Roleblocks DawningWinds - Successful, DawningWinds is Roleblocked!
RavenRaziel98 Cop Checks MintElv - Successful, MintElv is Town!

Night 3:
RavenRaziel98 Cop Checks gentlefeather - Unsuccessful due to being Killed!
TheCapsFan Kills RavenRaziel98 - Successfull, RavenRaziel98 is Killed!
TheCapsFan Role Cops gentlefeather - Successful, gentlefeather is the Loved!
MintElv Roleblocks gentlefeather - Successful, gentlefeather is Roleblocked!
gg guys and thanks for hosting :)

Personally for the amount of Town players there are against Mafia I don’t think the game was unbalanced. Vigilante and Double Voter are big threats to the Mafia for how much balance they give to the Town player number but neither ended up affecting the game much and Double Voter effect was public so it could be figured out from them voting. Mafia ended up killing the only Vanilla in the game in the first night. Maybe replace Cop with Tracker.
OK, now that this is over...
1. @Emmy I wanted to apologize once more for using a dirty move like that.

2. As @TheCapsFan mentioned, it's not unusual for the cop to look more sus - which is kinda fair, but the thing is... I didn't do this on purpose, I am that clueless and lost whenever I play lol.
Honestly, every time I play mafia it's like the following...

First few hours of the D1 star: Excited and smiling/giggling like a child who's hiding during hide and seek.
Mindset: This time you got it right, this time you participate, this time your reads will be solid and you will be more perceptive than ever.

Rest of the game (this phase usually starts after I screw up the first time): Why did I even join, I'm just a burden to my team, what the hell am I doing, I should've never signed up, I'm wasting a slot for someone who can ACTUALLY play, why am I such a fool, etc...
I had fun for the mort part, although i really need to seriously revise/improve my playstyle and my communication skills. If i ever play as a doctor again i need to do more research in the future.
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