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Mafia Pokémon Colosseum Mafia - Endgame - Town Victory, The Shadow Pokémon Plan Succeeds, Orre Belongs to Cipher!

Still short of 3 confirmations at the moment, will start the game at 8 pm GMT tonight and try to resolve if subs are needed during the game.
I poked Minish and alana on Discord, hopefully they'll show soon, don't have a way to contact Dragondg outside of the forums though unfortunately.
I'll probably join in next round
You won't be able to join in the current game as a player as you're added in as a spectator now, but there will hopefully be another game played in the section after this one that you can join as a player but it might be a different user hosting the game :)
Day 1 - The Battle Begins!
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Man, it's been well over a year since I last played a Mafia game, how does this go again?

I think people who can corroborate identities due to paired Roles (assuming we have any) like the Twins or whatnot need to claim that before being accused of anything, since it'd be too risky for a Mafiosi to declare themselves that way in case they get caught out and thus both go down in flames. :unsure:
I'm not a hundred percent sure on that move, especially if it were something like Lovers. Mafia can get two-for-one in a Lovers situation and that would be... not ideal. And if it were something like Neighbors it wouldn't really tell us anything... I think the only one worth claiming might be Masons but I think standard practice for that is actually to wait till one dies? Could be wrong.
(I've never heard of the Twins role before, can't speak for that one.)
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