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Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

Personally, I still prefer for Liko's first capture to be either a Paldea Pokemon or a Pokemon with a Paldean evolution. I wouldn't be against her getting a Hatenna. It's cute and I think it could fit as a first capture, but I would still rather have them use Liko and Roy to feature new Pokemon while the rest of the crew can get older Pokemon instead.
Yeah, after Journeys' mistake of having most of the Galar mons be severely undefocused (with many of them not even getting so much as a background cameo) I really hope that Horizons doesn't repeat the same mistake with the Paldean mons, particularly since I personally overall like the Gen 9 roster MUCH more than the Gen 8 one. So, yeah, Liko and Roy's captures should be made up primarily of Gen 9 mons in my opinion.

For similar reasons I'm a bit frustrated that Amethio is so far the only Explorers member to be shown having a Gen 9 mon. I was expecting Spinel to have a Gen 9 mon too seeing how he was built up as superior to Amethio who until then had been the most prominent Explorer, but all three of Spinel's shown Pokemon are from older Gens (seriously, his Beheeyem could've easily been an Espathra or a Rabsca instead). Hopefully the other three Admins rectify this...
It would be a surprise to see Bede in the anime at this point. Not necessarily impossible since they are going to feature Kabu in a few episodes, but given that Bede's storyline ties in heavily with Chairman Rose, I'm not sure if I could see them adapt Bede into Horizons. If they were going to use Bede to feature Hatenna, it definitely would have been featured in promotional posters/summaries by now.
Admittedly, it wouldn't be impossible that Liko is just going to help Hatenna without capturing it. It wouldn't be the first time where an episode setup/summary gave the impression that it would lead to a capture only for that not to happen. I remember some speculation on Liko capturing Paldean Wooper awhile ago too. It's a reasonable assumption to say that she'll capture Hatenna based on what we've seen, but it's still an assumption. I don't know if that's more likely to happen than Liko making her first capture, but I don't think it's a guarantee just yet either. I can already see the potential backlash if the episode airs and doesn't lead to a capture though.
Well, this week's episode did have Orla give Liko the idea of expanding her Pokemon party, which she does seriously consider by the end of the episode.
I agree! I really hope Liko and Roy don’t catch any Pokemon that have already had it’s fair share of appearance. So far I like that Roy has a Fuecoco and Wattrel on his team. And I’m okay if Liko catches a Hattenna since Galar never got a lot of focus in Journeys (although I do wish it would’ve have been a Toxel instead, since the Hatterene line has had a few appearances already).

I do beg the writers to not give Liko and Roy any of the following Pokemon:
Pikachu (I’m okay with Raichu)
Kanto Starters
Hoenn Starters

These Pokemon have had alot of appearances since their debut generation, and would hate to see them take a slot in the main protagonists party
Decided to quote this here as it feels more on topic (no offence) but I have to agree with these ones I don't want Liko or Roy catching.

I hope they'll catch a Pokemon that later evolves into a Paldea mon
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