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Mafia Pokemon Generation Spin-Off Mafia [ENDGAME]

Day Seven Start

Dear Potato-2.0

You are Gengar, from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red / Blue!

You have access to the following moves:
Shadow Ball: Name
This will deal 2HP Ghost-Type damage to your target.
1x Curse: Name
This will put a curse on your target, dealing 3HP typeless damage to your target after two phases. If you die before the phases happen the curse will be lifted and will not affect your target.

Due to your tricky nature and being an antagonist at first but then turning into somewhat of an ally, any possible investigative abilities on you will return a null read (should they exist).

Your weaknesses are as follows:

You are sided with the Town, you win when all opposing forces have been removed from the game.

Potato-2.0 died during the night! They were sided with the Town.

It is now Day Seven, this phase will end at 22:30 GMT on the 29th December.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone as I know the game has gone on for a while, wasn't my intention to have it go on for so long but I do thank everyone for sticking with it haha :)
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