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Mafia Pokemon Generation Spin-Off Mafia [ENDGAME]

i didnt want to have to sub out of this game bc it is clearly in the endgame but i am going on forum hiatus and i doubt having an inactive slot will be of much help so unfortunately i must request to relinquish my spot
we might not coordinate the actions out loud cuz I think scum has a roleblocker left right

so if we coordinate who we will attack they might be able to just stop the ones targeting them
but what if it's beryl or you :stunfisk:
(or beryl or me from your PoV)
Berys game state right now is up in the air right now. (Hoping Calvin with clarify if she's been eliminated.)

And if it's you then your probably going to win at this point. But I think I trust you not to be scum.

I’m not a roleblocker and I’m not scum

Just saying

Neither am I, I'm a copycat.
You should probably vote for exlight to take him to 2 HP, just to be safe.
So does this mean Bery's dead? (in-game)
Not officially, but I fear finding a sub at this point in the game would be difficult and negligible, so it may result in a modkill, but then a modkill at this point of the game is ehhhh, so I ain't really sure what to do there lol
I'll allow it as a one off on account of the forums being slow for me, but next time I won't be able to accept any votes past that post next time. Not telling you off though lol just saying. The forums are being dead slow at loading pages for me so hence the delay.

1. @coordinator lissi
2. @JamieIsBored
3. @beryllium
4. @Potato-2.0
5. @Itsjustmudkipz
6. @Midorikawa
7. @StormyStinger
8. @ExLight
9. @helperman

Final Votals:
coordinator lissi: I (StormyStinger)
beryllium: II (ExLight, beryllium)
ExLight: I (coordinator lissi)

beryllium took 2HP damage from votes and died!
Dear beryllium,

You are Chikorita, from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Your moves are as follows:

Razor Leaf: Name
This will deal 1HP Grass Type damage to your target. It has a 50% chance to critical hit and double damage before any type effectiveness is applied!
1x Sweet Scent: Name and Name
This will force two targets to target each other, instead of whoever they were going to target. Even if target one does not use an ability, they will still be targeted by target two, however target two won't be affected as no input has been given by target one. Hopefully i've explained this well enough!

Your weaknesses are as follows:

You are sided with the Town, you win when all opposing forces have been removed from the game.
beryllium was sided with the Town!
beryllium's role consisted of pre-game involvement when choosing a number between 1-19 that affected what role they had.

coordinator lissi took 1HP damage!

ExLight took 1HP damage and died!

Dear ExLight,

You are Jigglypuff, from the Smash Bros series!

You have access to the following moves:
1x Sing: Name
This simply put will roleblock your target.
1x Puff Up
This move will puff you up to a gargantuan size, making anybody who targets you take 2HP typeless damage in the night phase you use this.
Roll-Out: Name
This will deal 1HP rock type damage at first, however the more it is used the more damage it does. The first time you use this it will be 1HP, the second 2HP, etc etc. This applies even if you use a different action in between nights. For example, if you Roll-Out on night one, and then Sing on night two, then Roll-Out again on Night Three, it will deal 2HP damage.

Due to being a light character in Smash Bros, you start with a lower amount of 8HP.

Your weaknesses are as follows:

(+ Ghost type moves having zero effect on you due to your Normal typing)

You are sided with the Town, you win when all opposing forces have been removed from the game.
ExLight was sided with the Town!

This means that town is equal to the amount of mafia members remaining, meaning Mafia (StormyStinger) wins the game!


Got a couple of comments i'll make about the game in due time. As I say every single time thankyou everyone for joining! For this game in particular I know it dragged on a while and I appreciate everyone taking part, i'll have a couple questions written up when I can but for now you guys can discuss the game as you see fit!
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