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Mafia Pokemon Generation Spin-Off Mafia [ENDGAME]

I wonder if anyone actually figured out I was the last Scum? :chansey:
I been eyeing you for quite a bit but a mix of burn out and being extremely busy this month made me hesitate a lot
I think if beryl hadn't gotten killed + lissi didn't pick me last second we could've shot you during the night and won but oh well lol

you played super well though
@Calvinッ when are you going to post those role PMs? It's been a week.
Sorry! Time on the forums been very limited recently

Dear coordinator lissi,

You are Eevee, from Pokemon Conquest!

You have access to the following moves:
Tackle: Name
This deals 1HP normal type damage to your target.

Your role comes with a unique effect, you have the choice to evolve into one of 7 options.

Choices at Night One:
Jolteon: 2HP Electric type move, healed by electric type attacks (Volt Absorb: Passive)
Vaporeon: 2HP Water type move, healed by water type attacks (Water Absorb: Passive)
Flareon: 1HP Fire Type move, has 2HP vote power

Choices at Night Two
Espeon: 3HP Psychic Type move. 2HP Random typing move (Hidden Power)
Umbreon: 3HP Dark Type move. 2HP Random typing move (Hidden Power)

Choices at Night Three
Leafeon: 3HP Grass Attack, Tracker
Glaceon: 3HP Ice Attack, vengeful (Passive, deal 5HP typeless damage on death if nightkilled, lynches will not proc Vengeful)

Your weaknesses are as follows:

You are sided with the Town, you win when all opposing forces have been removed from the game.

Lissi chose Umbreon
Dear StormyStinger,

You are Shadow Mewtwo, from Pokken Tournament!

You have the following moves:

Psywave Blast: Name
This simply roleblocks your target.
1x Dark Nova: Name
Deals 5HP typeless damage to your target. This is not affected by effectiveness. To use this move you will take 4HP damage.
1x Zen Headbutt:
Deals 2HP Psychic damage to your target.

In Pokken tournament, you take damage to use moves. For this reason every time you make a move you will lose 1HP, but will start with 12HP as opposed to the normal 10HP.

Your weaknesses are as follows:
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