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Pokemon Legends Arceus Travelog Thread

Finished the Hisui dex in my first file and started a new playthrough last month. For the first file, Spiritomb was the last Pokemon I needed since I held off collecting the remaining wisps until after I'd captured every other Pokemon. Also did the daybreak sidequest.
As for the second file, I've been running this party:
  • H-Samurott
  • H-Lilligant
  • H-Arcanine
  • Gliscor
  • Froslass
  • Electivire
Took a break after beating Volo and doing daybreak again. Playing through both files concurrently really burnt me out - capturing Arceus will have to wait. Unsure whether I want to complete the dex again for the second file, Pokemon like Cherubi and Munchlax are a pain to spawn :annoyedVoltorb:
I have finally perfected every non-Legendary and non-Mythical Pokemon, it took such a long time. I'm also one satchel upgrade away to have every slot unlocked, I just wish it didn't 1 million Pokedollars to unlock. Also, I finally did all of the Battle of Solitude requests.

But for now, I will finally get on with the post-game story.

EDIT: After perfecting the Forces of Nature, including Enamorous, I finally went after that final slot. Once I unlocked it (it took letting go of a bunch of Pokemon to get the Grit stuff to sell), it was so relieving to see that there weren't further upgrades.
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I know I mentioned starting another Violet playthrough in the coming weeks, but I've actually decided to start Legends: Arceus again, this time with Oshawott as the star. Something about that game already feels nostalgic, so I'm kind of in the mood to revisit it. I'll probably update the thread as I go along!
I started pokemon legends few weeks ago i choose cyndaquil as starter and for now i have three 6 tables of arceus ^^
With Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin, Manaphy, and Phione (caught all three as well) now all with perfected entries, it's finally the Lake Guardians' turn.
Might be a good idea to bring some Dark Types.
I actually already caught them, I just need to do their research tasks through battling.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I have also perfected Heatran and Regigigas.
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Okay, this is most likely my final travelog for Legends Arceus.

I perfected all three Lake Guardians, then the Creation trio. This not only completes my Pokedex, but also perfects it. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Professor Laventon basically told everyone on the Galaxy Team about the Pokedex being completed.
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Honestly, my playthrough of Legends: Arceus was probably one of my favorite playthroughs of any Pokemon game ever, I got really attached to these guys:

One of my favorite teams ever, no doubt.
I was playing through my first mass-mass outbreak where you could see what the Pokémon was. I was spamming great balls on cyndaquil and an alpha appeared! Obviously I caught it and evolved.
I bought this game a few days ago and started my adventure through the Hisui region... Picked Cyndaquil as my starter but with no real intention of using it since I already have these in the Scarlet version.
Right now I'm doing various quests in the Obsidian Fieldlands the latter being about beating the alpha Kricketune. My Pokémon are a "wannabe Flareon" Eevee, Heracross, Rhyhorn and a "wannabe Glalie" Snorunt (already have Froslass in Scarlet)... the other two (for now) are Cyndaquil and Bidoof. All of them ranging from level 13 to 15.
Started a new playthrough because I felt like it. I picked the girl character this time (the blonde, to be exact) and named her Darkness (no points for guessing where the name comes from). I tend to alternate between the male and female PC, depending on my mood and to see the differences in dialog from the NPC Rei/Akari. I started with Oshawott since it gets the best coverage moves (and False Swipe when necessary). Plus it's not weak to the large amount of Mons that have Rollout early in the game (like Mai's Munchlax). I've long since completed quelling Kleavor and have been completing various tasks, like catching the shiny Ponyta, spending a TON of time trying to get an Alpha Buizel so I can complete that annoying "Big Buizel, Little Buizel" request, among others. Also went into my first space-time distortion, catching some Mons and gathering up some rare items. In the process, most of my team has evolved and my rank has gone through the roof (I was able to Rank Up twice in one exploration because of how thorough I was working). Now I'm off to the Crimson Mirelands to complete that part of the story. I'm currently Rank 6 (I can use up to Ultra Balls and Mons up to Lv80 will obey me), though I'm out of Iron Chunks to make Ultra Balls.

My Team:
H-Samurott (Esumi, male, Lv39)
Infernape (Torchfire, male, Lv37)
Alpha Leafeon (Mint, male, Lv40)
Alpha Wyrdeer (Mysti, female, Lv42)
Toxicroak (Junko, male, Lv39)
Scyther (Hacker, male, Lv33)
Doing quests in the Cobalt Coastlands right now.
Caught a decent number of Pokémon in the wild just to increase a bit my rank... but, in particular, got hit plenty of times by Golduck's water pulse which I can't seem to be able to avoid, no matter what I do. Waiting for the night to come at the moment, to catch a Dusclops.
My Pokémon are Flareon, Carnivine, Heracross, Rhyhorn, Glalie and a Golbat which I need to evolve into Crobat for the Pokédex. All of them ranging from level 35 to 40.
Meant to post earlier but had a lot of errands to do.

Continuing my journey. I've since completed pretty much all of the Crimson Mirelands, including quelling H-Liligant. Caught a bunch of new Mons for the dex, including a good two dozen Alphas, and completed several requests. I've since swapped out Toxicroak with an Alpha Honchkrow since I needed a Flying type and my Scyther evolved into a Kleavor thanks to a Graveler dropping the Black Augurite (and then I'd find a good 5 of them via Ursaluna's dowsing function after I spent all that time beating up Gravelers for one...). Also managed to evolve an Alpha Ursaring into an Ursaluna thanks to a Peat Block the ride Ursaluna found (and found another Peat Block shortly afterward), though I won't be using it this time around. Now I'm at the Cobalt Coastlands and starting my mission there, though I plan to return to the village after I get Basculegion so I can upgrade the shop by giving the petty old crank the Pop Pods I've collected.

My Team:
H-Samurott (Esumi, male, Lv59)
Infernape (Torchfire, male, Lv58)
Alpha Leafeon (Mint, male, Lv58)
Alpha Wyrdeer (Mysti, female, Lv57)
Alpha Honchkrow (Luna, female, Lv59)
Kleavor (Hacker, male, Lv55)
Forgive the double post (though it's been a while since last time) but I got a ton more done in LA. I've since quelled both Nobles H-Arcanine and H-Electrode. H-Arcanine I managed pretty well, though I did take a few hits, while H-Electrode was a bit more work, largely because I mistimed some actions, but both were done in one try. I've also swapped out Honchkrow for an Alpha Gliscor for better type coverage/diversity (from the Alpha Gligar near the ruins, as I did catch two Alpha Gliscors in that grotto area but they had terrible natures, and I got plenty of Razor Fangs from the regular Gligars). I've since spent time complete side-quests and going back to previous areas to fill out dex entries and go through space-time distortions for items and Mons. While in the Coronet Highlands I returned to the village to give the grumpy old man the Crunchy Salt so I could expand the store, and after completing the Highlands I already had the Sand Radishes to upgrade the shop to its final form. I spent some cash on new moves and used many of my Seeds of Mastery to master them before selling the rest (since I mastered all the moves I wanted). I'm spending time raising up my Alpha Gliscor since he's the lowest leveled right now, so I've been using him in battles and for farming materials to quickly raise his level. I'm currently in the Crimson Mirelands, taking care of a few things, doing some space-time distortions, and hunting down Mons that I missed previously like Grotle and ones from distortions like Porygon.

My Team:
H-Samurott (Esumi, male, Lv79)
Infernape (Torchfire, male, Lv78)
Alpha Leafeon (Mint, male, Lv79)
Alpha Wyrdeer (Mysti, female, Lv76)
Alpha Gliscor (Nightwing, male, Lv66)
Kleavor (Hacker, male, Lv77)
I finished Togekiss's and Monferno's entries today. Togekiss is so cute, but I still prefer Togetic's design. However, Togekiss's special attack move animation is adorable, spin spin. I also got the balloon quest finished for Alabaster Icelands. I caught a high level Stantler so I can work on Wrydeer's entry tomorrow. I expect I'll have all of the Obisidan Fieldlands dex finished by Wednesday at this rate.
Yesterday (I forgot to post), I got Wrydeer and Kleavor's entries completed. I also evolved my Petil. It's interesting how I feel like majority of the Pokemon I have left are the region specific evolutions or variants. Lilligant's Hisuian form is adorable and I wish I had added her to my main party when she was more appropriately leveled.

When I get home from work today, I'll be working on Lilligant's entry and on my last Eevee evolution, Umbreon. I haven't seen any in the the space-time distortions, so it looks like I'll just have to make friends with an Eevee. I have continued to look for Pichu each day I'm playing as I really want to specifically catch a second one as I was able to manage catching one, but it looks like catching a second in the wild is unlikely.....I found my first Pichu in a "grey" area between Nature's Pantry and another location. One I get Pichu's entry completed and the Cherrim line, I'll be done with Obisdian Fieldlands!
I got Liligant's entry, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find any Eevees to evolve into an Umbreon until the end of the night when I found an Eevee in a space time distortion. I was able to get him to the "little friendly" level, so I expect I'll finally get him evolved tonight and finally come complete the Eevee evolution line. I kept on trying to find Cherrim and I eventually did after respawning a few times into the Obsidian Fieldlands, but since the tasks to complete their entry are so focused on catching, it looks like tonight I'll need to try and catch another Cherrim to complete his entry. I also did some Pichu hunting, but alas, I did not find any.
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