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Pokemon Legends Arceus Travelog Thread

I wasn't able to play PLA for a while since I went to visit my family on one of my rare visits for Easter. Yesterday, I was able to evolve Eevee into Umbreon (and Umbreon's entry) and I got the Cherrim evolution line entries. I'll be working on getting Grotle's entry today. I just need to find a Pichu so I can complete Obsidian Fieldlands's dex. I may also complete the showdown with Dialga (I've been holding off on it because I love the scenery....however, the soundtrack is depressing and anxiety inducing).
Yesterday I was Unown hunting in the Cobalt Coastlands & Jubilife Village. I realized I'd been neglecting that part of my dex. I love the way they handled Unown variations in this game, it's so much fun. I got another quarter of the Unown variations completed for a total of 14 out of the 28 variations.

I also got Grotle's entry and I'm now working on Prinplup's. I need to get Mantine and Basculegion's entries and then I'll have the Cobalt Coastlands dex mostly wrapped up. I still looked for some potential Pichu RNGs in Obsidian Fieldlands, but to no avail. I haven't finished the last battle with Dialga so I have quite a few baby Pokemon that I need, namely Bonsly and Cleffa. I'm guessing I'll maybe unlock the ability to get baby Pokemon after (please don't spoil if reading this) I complete the main questline, who knows.
I got so much done this weekend! I caught all the Unown, got every completed entry for each Pokemon in my dex that I have seen so far, and I finally finished the main story. I'm going to have to see what the post game is. I am hoping I can finally find an easy way to get Pichu and the other baby Pokemon. I also still need Magnemite....every time I've seen them in a distortion, I've accidentally fainted them and I wasn't able to see any in the distortions I got in Obsidian Fieldlands over the weekend. Yay! I'm a little traumatized by the droning soundtrack, lol. I don't know why I was so allergic to getting the actual game completed while I was still getting the entries done.
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