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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Were They Good?

What Did You Think of PLA?

  • Pretty good, only a few problems

  • It was an amazing game, no complaints

  • Terrible game, would not recommend playing

  • Not great but there was a few things I liked

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Dec 17, 2022
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At this point in time, most people have played PLA, right? Well, are they really that good?
Best Pokemon game since Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

It was new, exciting, incredibly freedom-orientated and even challenging in parts. Its not a flawless game, but they really nailed the concept and provided a unique game in a franchise that all too often finds it hard to break away from patterns and tradition.
Legends: Arceus is my least favourite main series game if I'm being honest. A lot of Pokémon games have been flawed, but at least I had some amount of fun with them, even if that was ultimately just because of the core concept that Pokémon is all about. PLA became stale, boring and repetitive for me really fast and honestly sucked out all the fun of Pokémon for me. I did finish it, but I haven't picked up again since, and I have no desire to whatsoever.
I’d say the gameplay is amazing but everything else can be lackluster. It can be really satisfying catching new mons and battling with them whilst you explore new areas. I really like the new battle mechanics and how you can change moves on the fly. Also the ride pokemon and how they can chain together smoothly. But I think the world is rather empty, the story is not great and thr side quests are fairly boring (with almost pointless rewards). Also the visuals, the game just doesn’t look polished. I think a lack of trainer battles (especially online) and more structures really hurt it. Because the gameplay can be repetitive at times and there isn’t much else to do outside of it, there’s no new postgame areas to explore either. But I still had incentive to backtrack for finding unown, new alphas, etc

I wouldn’t call the best games but they finally break the mold in a good way. I wish they were more polished though, bc SV make them feel kinda redundant too
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