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Pokemon Legends: Shaymin (signups and discussion)

Well, yeah, I know. But I want Kaku to be much larger than the average Torterra, if that’s okay.

That would make the most sense during a huge battle--or even the final fight.
Of course, I could still use it beforehand. Perhaps I could have the power unlocked during some huge fight, but have to work to fully master it. Kind of like how Ash and Greninja did it in the anime.
They unlocked the power, but had to work to fully master it.

I will have the normal drawbacks of it, where any pain Greninja gets is shared by Kyo and if not careful, Kyo could pass out. Much like what happened to Ash in his first battle with Alain. If I recall, he only blacked out one other time (during the battle with Diantha). He did collapse after the first battle with Walfric, but did not pass out. Ash does master the power before the rematch.
@LightningTopaz Now that Kai has a Steelix, how does Mega Evolution work in this universe, if it exists at all? Also, just so I understand how type matchups work, Kaku’s Earthquake and Tafu’s Dig would still be supereffective against Rock and Steel Pokémon despite them all being “Earth” in this world, yes?
Character's name: Satoshi Naganume
Character's age: 16
Character's physical appearance: Tall (5'11), black flowing hair, which he keeps in a bun for the most part, he wears a green vest with a white, long sleeved shirt underneath it, he wears black pants with many pockets, in which he carries random things he finds
Character's personality/known history: Satoshi was always a gifted child, at least when it came to intelligence, he never was great at fighting, and would often cry to his father for support, but when his father went missing when he was 10 he decided he needed to find him, so he went searching, always it seemed answers were just out of his reach, he still searches, passively, however, often you could find the boy with his nose borrowed in a book, and even still, the young man holds a great fondness for such intelligent endeavors. He carries a lot of books in his trusty backpack, and he thinks this whole Jade Flower/Shaymin quest could help him find purpose in his life or find his father
Character's known Pokémon, if any: Spheal (Kori) and Axew (Firaga) (if thats allowed)
Character's preferred style: one-handed axe
Character's school/sect: Wandering Warrior
Will we find weapons that have been powered up by elemental Ki? Like in Final Fantasy games where there are weapons that do elemental damage (Fire Sword does Fire Damage, Icebrand does Ice damage and so on).
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