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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Time.. Now Space!

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Jan 2, 2012
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The Pokemon world is a calm and peaceful place. All it's Pokemon are as happy as ever, the crime rate is low. But when the legendary Pokemon of space seemed to vanish, the whole world broke out in fear. With space being unstable the galaxy is calapsing in to our world and there's only so much time until our stars and planets crush together as we all die on imact. Some say the the world will die of too much firey heat from the sun before any other plantes reach us. Either way we'll need the prophecied heros to come save us from our hopless dispair.
Many years ago it was said that there would be guardians of this world, to fight and to find a answer to our problems. To recognize these guardians they would also have ended up with unidentified crystals that could only be obtained from these warriors.
Who will these saviors be?
Team Leader
Pokemon: Charmander
Name: Phlaren
Description: He is a average Charmander, though his eyes have more of a dark navy hue and his tail is flaming high since he is so healthy and fit. His sharp fangs occasionally show while he wears the Guardians Crystal around his neck on a chain necklace.
History: When he was born his parents had given him a crystal they had found along the beach, as a keep sake. The crystal was glowing bright one day before his birth. Since then he had kept it, as it's still mysterious to him til this day.
Personality: Quiet, calm and quick to think. Not trusting of others besides his team mates.
Gender: Male

Pokemon: Eevee
Name: Lucion
Description: Normal Eevee except has blue eyes. Wears a orange scarf.
History: Lucion was born as a septuplet and always had to wear an orange scarf so people could tell him apart from his siblings. Once while exploring a cave with his brother he found a crystal and kept it secretly, not wanting any of his siblings to take it.
Personality:Random, often refers to others by the first letter of their name, and isn't very self consious.
Gender: Male

Pokemon: Shinx
Name: Alexander (Alex)
Description: His blue fur is slightly darker than average. Rarely smiles, unlike an average Shinx. He wears a black winter scarf.
History: Was born an orphan and bullied for being the smallest of the kids at the orphanage. He has been living alone for a little while. Not long after being born he found a strange glowing crystal in an old abandoned room in the orphanage's basement. He decided to keep it, and it became something of a comfort object with all of the taunting.
Personality: May seem somewhat apethetic or tired, but is very loyal to his friends. He is very honest, almost blunt, and believes that it is very important to fufill your promises.
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Vulpix

Name: Vyyn
Description: Always has an indifferent expression. One long sharp fang, and an armband written in a language no one can understand.
History: Nothing is known, except that she was found unconscious in the sea. She was saved by an unknown Gardevior. She didn't wake until a gang of Exploud screamed at her, two months later. For another three months, she searched for a friend. She was once shot in the leg by an arrow with a crystal on the end, and took the crystal for herself.
Personality: Never shows any sign of emotion, usually speaks in monotone, and refers to people by their full name, if it is known. Can sometimes be found gazing into the stars, lost in the endless darkness.
Gender: Female

Pokemon: Natu
Name: Noriko
Description: Noriko is a female Natu who uses Psychic type moves. Noriko is a rather young Natu, having just left the nest but Noriko is very wise and mature for her age. Noriko chooses to join the guild because she is seeking something to do. Noriko often questions her purpose and her role in life. Noriko is constantly questioning the meaning of life and becomes very ansty when she isn't able to figure out all the answers. Noriko is slightly tall for a Natu although she is only slightly taller than other Natu. Noriko's number one desire to evolve into a wise Xatu. Noriko is constantly honing her psychic powers, preparing herself for evolution.
History: Noriko is the youngest in her nest and has only recently left the nest to find her purpose in life. The rest of Noriko's siblings were either captured by trainers or pursed other interests such as becoming Partner Pokemon to Pokemon Rangers. Only one of Noriko's siblings joined a rescue team like she did. Noriko's brother is alternately colored and has already evolved to Xatu. He currently leads his own rescue team. Noriko was traveling through the forest when she stumbled upon a small crystal.
Personality: Noriko is surprisingly wise and mature for someone as young as she is. Noriko is constantly questioning life's biggest questions and often wonders what her purpose is in life. Noriko is not satisfied with simple answers and is constantly seeking the exact answers she craves. Sometimes this can get her in over her head and she realizes that not all questions can be answered.
Gender: Female

Pokemon: Zorua
name: Zera
description: she's not a shiny, though she already has some of Zoroark's features, such as the Black tips on the red parts of her fur and the tufts of fur in her ear are red instead of black.
personality: Zera is very mischeivious and playful, and has trouble being serious. But when she's serious for once, she become somewhat stubborn.
History: Zera used to belong to a trainer, but when that trainer decided to trade her for another pokemon, she became furious and jealous. Before she was about to be traded away she destroyed her pokeball and ran away, wishing to never have contact with humans ever again. She found a mysterious glowing crystal shortly after running away, she keeps it with her as a small treasure.
gender: female

Pokemon: Pikachu
Name: Notch
Description: Just a regular Pikachu, except he has a fluff of fur on his head, and a notch on his left ear (Just like the Pikachu in this picture) http://images.wikia.com/pikafanon/images/c/c4/Mewtwospikachu2.jpg
History: Ever since he was a little Pichu, he loved battling. He constantly trains to become stronger. He also searches for legendary Pokemon, as his life-long goal to find at least one legendary Pokemon. During one of his journeys to find a legendary Pokemon, he stumbles upon a cave where he catches a glimpse of the legendary Entei. When Entei sees Pikachu, they stare at each other is awe. Entei flees into the cave. Pikachu follows Entei, and finds a strange crystal. Pikachu attached the crystal to a string and hung it around his tail and keeps it for luck. He believes it gives him the ability to find legendary Pokemon. However, it really doesn't give him and luck at all. Just his "stupidity" acting up, according to most Pokemon he tells about the crystal's background. He wants to find the Entei who lead him to the crystal, because he never did find it in the cave.
Personality: Always fun. Even in bad situations, he's rather positive. He's not very bright though, and he sometimes doesn't understand when bad things happen, which is why he's positive a lot.

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Riolu
Name: Symon "Sy"
Description: Looks like a normal Riolu but his fur is a slightly darker than normal and wears a green scarf.
History: Sy lived with his parents and older brother, Saph. The two brothers were extremely close and did everything together. Saph always stood up for Sy whenever he was bullied and was always there for him whenever he had a problem he needed to talk about, and even gave him his green scarf. Sadly, one day a forest fire raged killing, Saph and their parents leaving Sy utterly devastated. Since then Sy lived alone the best he can. Sy developed a morbid fear of fire as a result. Not long after the event Sy found a crystal in a small cave, Sy remembered how much his mother loved things like this so he kept it in rememberence.
Personality: Sy is rather shy and modest, but also extremely loyal and won't leave a friend behind. Sy also has a tendency to be over-protective most likely due to the traumatic event of losing his family. Sy doesn't anger easily, but when he does, look out!

Pokemon: Shinx
Name:Tristan Lyoes
Description:He is tall for his kind.He wears a red scarf that his mother gave him.
History:Tristan lived with his mom,dad, and 2 brothers and sisters,but when he was 5, he was kidnapped.When he was nine,he escaped and started to live on his own.While finding shelter,he found a beautiful crystal that led him to shelter.
Personality:He can be stubborn at times and is a great leader.He doesn't trust anyone he doesn't know.

All of the members will be of Team Guardians. Please follow forum rules! The RP is rated Everyone. This means no cussing, and obviously no sexual themes... Please don't get too rediculously violent. But hey, it's Pokemon, small creatures will get hurt. Just a warning.
If you want to talk out of character use '(( ))' ((like this.))

May the RP begin! --

Phlaren was standing in the town waiting for his fellow team members to arrive when ready. To set out on their first adventure.
the sun was rising over the small town while there was a faint chill in the air. Their mission is to find out how space is slowly being warped in the wrong direction, and if we as Pokemon can change that future.
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Returning from his errand, Alex walked over to where his leader was waiting.

"The Kekleon brothers didn't have any sitrus berries. Other than that, however, I believe that we are ready to go."
Tristan was busy packing his backpack.He made sure he packed a lot of berries, Iron Thorns,apples,and some TMs he might need.As he closed the main part of the pack,he opened the upper pocket.Then he gently put the gem in there.He thought bringing it will bring him luck as it did when he found it.He walked into town,and saw Phlaren."Hey,Phlaren" he said to him.
Sy looked around then studied his map.

"OK, I'm supposed to meet everyone right around here."

Sy then spotted a Charmander and two Shinx.

"I guess that's them."

Sy then walked up to the group, feeling very nervous. He's had very little contact with anyone for some time now.
Tristan noticed a Riolu coming,and he went to say hello."Hello,I'm Tristan,Tristan Lyoes."
Sy saw Tristan and waved shyly.

"Hi I'm Symon, but I prefer Sy."
Nodding to the other two, Alex took a few moments to rearange his backpack, then took a position next to Phlaren, waiting for the rest of the team to arrive.

((any idea what levels our pokemon should be at? I was planning on having Alex know |Tackle, Leer, Charge, Spark, Bite and Flash| which would make him Lv 17))
Lucion dashed up to the others and skidded to a halt. "Hi!" he exclaimed.

((Do we know each other or not?))
(( @CyberVoltage I'm assuming that we do))

"WAIT FOR ME!!!!!" Yelled Notch as he hurried to his team, "I got lost, heheh....".
When Notch reached his team, he looked around and said, "Phlaren, Lucion, Alex, Sy, Tristan....we still need Vyyn, Zera and Noriko." Notch paused, thought about it, and then complained, "Why is it that the only ones late are the girls?".
Noriko slowly and calmly made her way toward the team. She saw a group of Pokemon.

"I forsee a great future for this team." Noriko then spoke to the team. "Hello, I am Noriko. You are Phlaren, Lucion, Alex, Sy and Tristan, correct?"
Notch became annoyed after he was forgotten by Noriko.
"Forgetting someone?" he complained.
"And your supposed to be the "wise psychic type" team member."
Alex doesn't even bother to respond, instead passing the time practicing charging up electricity and letting it dissapate, further refining his control.
Sy studied everyone around him.

"I wonder if eveyone's here yet."
Notch looked around.
"Zera and Vynn should be here soon.....only two left"
He saw a few leaves flying loosely in the breeze. Bored out of his mind, Notch decided to chase them aroud until the rest of his team arrived.
Noriko perched herself between her team members and began meditating.
Vyyn walked amongst the Pokémon so casually, they didn't notice her. She began to stare at the stars.
Notch looked around, and noticed that Zera still hadn't arrived.
Alex fell asleep and started snoring quietly - it wasn't noticable unless you were listening for it.
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