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Start Ups Pokemon RBY RP

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If Miller decided to take the Abra out, he would be teleported to one of Team Rocket's bases. This one was only accessible by teleportation, and few knew its actual location. It was in a room many Rockets had seen: Giovanni's office. It was a large room with high ceilings. A tank of carvanha sat to the right of the Rocket leader's desk. Above the tank, Jesse and James were suspended by a chain.

"Miller. Good to see you." Giovanni said. He had healed after being shot and disappearing for a bit. Now he always wore a fez, though. "As soon as your new partner arrives, I can brief you on your next assignment. Good work assassinating Misty, by the way. You really picked up the slack when those two dropped it."

Meanwhile, back in Cerulean, a grunt with an Abra next to her would tap Agent K on the shoulder. "Agent K. Giovanni is recalling you back to base." She would say. A similar minion would contact Heather as well.
"Sir, I always aim to please." Miller replied with a smug grin, "I even got one of her Pokemon as a trophy. However, I daresay, I wasn't there because I had an assignment, I was a victim of circumstance when I appeared in that contest hall. I never received more equipment from the recruiter than my uniform and directions to find some fossils in Mt. Moon. Oh and speaking of which," he opened pulled out a Helix Fossil from his bag, "I didn't dissapoint you with that either, sir."
"Giovanni?" Agent K replied. Last time he had heard anything of the boss, several hours earlier, he'd been missing. Had Arianna been lying to him or was she mistaken? Furthermore, why would the boss want to speak to him directly? He was a Field Agent, not an Executive. He had to find out for himself.

"Yes, I think you should take me to him." When the Grunt was ready, he would be teleported away.
Silver waited for a few minutes, before seeing her large dragon-type padding towards her. Scratching the Zweilous on the heads, she grinned and stood up.

"What do you say we train up some more? It'd be ideal to evolve you soon. While we're at it, maybe we can evolve the others - though, Arashi requires a Sun Stone.."
"Agent K. Good to see you." Giovanni said. He was idly playing around with a switch on his desk that altered the height of the chain suspending Jesse and James over the tank. His focus was on the helix fossil, however. He turned it over in his other hand, examining it.

"Be that as it may, Agent Miller, I hear you were the last to flee." Giovanni continued. "It's an unfortunate fact that a lot of our members aren't the bravest. Like these two." He waved his hand at Jesse and James, who were holding each other and screaming as the Carvanha nipped at their feet. "They completely botched our plan for the contest hall. Did they take responsibility and try to fix things? No. They ran and shamed all of us. Now, there's a time for tactical retreats. But knowing when that time is is a qualification for being an executive. Hence why we have two positions opening." Giovanni flicked the switch, and the chain dipped the pair into the water. He flipped it back, and it slowly pulled them out, water-Pokemon clinging to them. Giovanni propped his legs up on the desk, either not noticing of caring that he was not wearing pants.

"What do you say? If you agree, K, this is your new partner Agent Miller. Miller, meet Agent K. Should you accept, your mission is to assassinate select gym leaders so we can insert sleeper agents in their place."
He glanced at Miller then back at the boss. He was offering another promotion. He was honoured, of course, that he would be considered for the rank of executive but it all seemed a little too good to be true. It was clear what might happen if he refused. He just had one question.

"Sir," he said. "What happened to subject M2?"
Grace joined the other agents in the room, followed by her navy-blue Tyrunt.

"Sorry for being late, boss. There was an issue I had to deal with."
Giovanni touched his hat. He opened his mouth to answer when Grave was teleported in.

"Grace." Giovanni said. "How would you like to be Cerulean City's new gym leader?" Giovanni asked.
"Well, I work with fossils. Water types aren't my thing." Grace replied, voice seeming casual as she lifted the Tyrunt into her arms.
"The gym is now a crater. They're going to rebuild it after they choose a new one in one month's time." Giovanni said, spinning in his chair. "So you can make the gym any type you like if you complete this mission. You wouldn't even need to stay at the gym. You could set up a proxy to run it while you continue to work for us. The point is, if we run the gyms, we can use them to recruit more people."
"There's already a rock-type gym leader here in Kanto - but, we'll see. If Brock is assassinated as well.. Then I'd be happy to step in." She smirked.
"Ah huh...." Donna nodded slowly as the awkwardness began. Donna was a very confident person generally speaking, a lot more so than Mina. She could tell that Mina wasn't the most outgoing social person out there, she was a decent reader of body language. "Anyway it worked, like really worked out. I'm so not doing contests anymore. The pain is totally there." Even though she was a dancer kind of, the pain wasn't something she wanted to deal with going further. "Team Rocket seem to be everywhere, I kind of think I'm their target."

Donna recalled the past where she was protecting an Old Amber from Team Rocket. "Yeah something about a fossil but I'm the least of their worries." She was a very confident person which I guess why she was sought after by a guy who was in the know with the Elite 4. Could she tell Mina? Doubtful. "So you going on the luxurious S.S. Anne?"
Grace had appeared before he could receive a definitive answer. Now they were discussing taking over the Cerulean Gym. All gyms, in fact. Again, there was that sense of unease. Why, all of a sudden, had he been promoted? Twice? He hadn't done anything worthy of note recently apart from abiding to his orders, which he was expected to do anyway. Something seemed very off about the boss, too. It wasn't so much the hat or the lack of pants, it was his demeanour. His gut was telling him not to accept the promotion, go back to Cerulean City. Leave Kanto all together if it came to that. But then, what choice did he really have?

Besides as an Executive, he'd have access to the answers he was looking for. In the end, that is what won him over.

"I'll accept." he said. "I expect, however, that I --" he glanced at Miller again. "...that is, we will have the freedom to go about this task as we see fit."
"And another question?" Miller asked the boss, "What should we do about that one girl that calls herself your daughter. I believe her name was Silver."
Trainer - Mina

Maya - Mawile
Ryu - Pancham
Gamera - Squirtle

Mina could tell by Donna's body language that she was probably starting to be awkward again, she kept a straight face, but decided that it would be best to move on before she completely embarrassed herself. She was surprised that Donna was not planning on doing any more contests, "O-Oh, um, t-that's unfortunate. Y-You were pretty good y-yourself." Mina reminded herself to act natural, and tried to stop pausing and stuttering. She felt kind of bad for Donna's situation with Team Rocket, even with how little she knew about the situation. Mina had been trying to avoid Team Rocket as much as possible, it must be a completely different story to have them target you. "Y-Yeah, I know the feeling, I want nothing to do with them, but I still always find myself in the middle of their attacks." She could still see the Contest Hall and crushed Gym in the distance, she hoped to Arceus that nobody was inside when it was destroyed, but deep down, she knew that was probably not the case. Mina was brought back to the conversation when the S.S. Anne was brought up. "The S.S. Anne? Well, um, it would be nice I guess, but I, um, don't really think I could afford a ticket, but it looks like it would be fun."
"My body is just not up for it," Donna explained "And I got better plan...Anyway it's really heavy like when someone is totally out there to capture you and I don't think about the consequences to others, you just don't want to." The blonde teen pondered before shaking it off. "S.S. Anne is totally the hip place to be later, you should totally go. Here!" Donna handed Mina a ticket for the S.S. Anne. "Models are totally in the know," She was a little boastful but hid it well under her voice and that she referred to herself as a model which was true but she had done no work at all, yet.


Donna smiled as she walked into the Pokemon Center. She noticed that it was frantic, very frantic after the whole contest hall crushing Gym fiasco. She walked to the phone and typed in a number private. Suddenly like a secret agent movie the phone booth just turned around pushing Donna into a secret hallway. The phone switched back immediately like nothing happened. No one noticed it at all, no one.

"Miss Donna Abbott, welcome!"

Donna walked down the dark hallways, following the voice until she saw Mr. Jeff Rockingsmith and Bill, the Computer dude. "Huh?"

"You have been chosen as a potential Elite 4 member, Miss Abbott but first we need to take a personality test to see which type is compatible..."

"I don't have a pencil..."

"This is an oral test."



What actually happened was that Donna walked into the door without realizing and was out cold for a couple of minutes. She shook it off and looked around. "It's been a long day...anyway enjoy your ticket." She rubbed her forehead and finally walked inside the Pokemon Center. "You going inside?"

Next stop was Vermilion City and the SS Anne
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"Silver?" Giovanni asked, blinking. He paused for a moment. He spun in his chair. He adjusted his Fez. "Ask her to join. Oh. And that reminds me. That Donna girl. She has another fossil. Get it from her." He held the fossil he had in his hands.

"It's unfortunate, but those two are major threats to us. We need to put the fear of Arceus into the population of Kanto. So now that you have long term goals, when Heather gets here, we can discuss our next mission." As soon as she arrived, Giovanni would flick a switch under his desk, turning on the projector. The wall lit up with a picture of a luxury cruise ship.

"This is the SS Anne. It's a well-known cruise ship. And you're going to sink her." Giovanni said. "Let everyone know that Team Rocket was behind it. Once this mission is through, everyone in Kanto will be scared of Team Rocket. As an added bonus, the captain is delivering some Mega Stones to Professor Oak for study. Think of them as a bonus. If you steal them, you can keep them." Giovanni flicked off the projector.

"If none of you have any questions, you're free to go."


Outside of the contest hall, a battered Brock burst out, barreling towards Silver and Hiro.

"Hold up, hold up." He said. He had a notepad in his hand with various numbers. "Even if the hall was destroyed, we can still tally our votes and have the ribbons sent to the winners." He said, handing the two each a piece of paper.

((Each judge will rate each contestant 1-10. There are three medals, plus one for participating, as well as honorable mentions. Those are things like "Best Costume" or "Best Musical Performance". So Ravio, White Raven, I need you guys to PM me the scores your characters have each character, as well as an honorable mention for each one. Medals will be awarded based on score, and I'll randomly generate honorable mentions. The contestants were:

Jane (There's technically no rule against hijacking the contest hall, so she wasn't disqualified.)
Donna ))
Trainer - Mina

Maya - Mawile
Ryu - Pancham
Gamera - Squirtle

Mina was almost rendered speechless by Donna just giving her a ticket to the S.S. Anne, "W-Wow! I-I, u-um, I don't know what to say, t-thank you." But by the time she finally managed to get that out, she saw that Donna was knocked out. Mina was concerned and looked around for something that could have caused it, before looking at the door. "Did she walk into the door? How fast was she going?" But Mina stopped thinking about that, as she remembered slamming into a Pokemon Center door herself, and awkwardly stood there, wondering if she should, like, get a nurse or something. Donna quickly got back up, and asked if Mina was going inside as she walked in. "O-Oh! Right, um, thank you again, and one second." She whistled, and her Spearow gracefully flew down from the roof of the Pokemon Center, dropping her bag on one shoulder, while perfectly landing on the other. She stood there for a moment, trying to look cool, as if she planned to pull that off, before going in to heal her Pokemon, while slipping the ticket into her bag. Once her Pokemon were healed, she figured she should head back to the Contest Hall/Ruined Gym and see if everybody's okay, and help out if necessary.
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"There's a gala being held on the S.S. Anne coming up." Agent K said. "If we want to maximise the effect, this should be done then."

This was a piece of information he recalled from the Team Rocket database. What he didn't mention was that the esteemed Dr. Fuji would be on the ship at the time. If he could find him, he'd be able to have the mega-stone he already had in his possession identified. That is, of course, if the ship didn't sink first. Then there was Ceres to contend with. He suspected that she might have something against he and his team mates sinking a ship she was on.

These were all things he would deal with. He didn't see how how any of it was relevant to mission. Or, at least, chose not to.
"Hmm. Come to think of it, there is one Mega Stone I'm interested in.." Grace smirked, mostly to herself.

"If you need me boss, I'll be training my fossils." With that, the teenager vanished out the threshold. Her navy-blue Tyrunt stared back at the other agents with his jaws agape, then turned around to follow his trainer.
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